Alvin Meshits

If you asked Mr. Meshits how he wanted to be remembered days before recording the loudest fart in human history, he would probably tell you a plethora of other things such as discovering the cure of cancer or ending world hunger. Unfortunately, his dreams did come to fruition, just not the way he wanted. Before we dive into the details, let’s kick things off by answering that one question that most of you might be asking; who is Mr. Alvin Meshits?

Alvin Meshits is someone who has the distinct honor of having the world’s loudest fart. Some people doubt he’s a real person due to his last name “Meshits”, which sounds a little too perfect to his claim to fame. However, based on our research, he is in fact a real person who lives in Texas! Who is this mystery man and how did he fart so loud? Keep reading.

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Mr. Meshits’ basic bio


Mr. Meshits, mostly known to his close family and friends as Alv, was born in a small town in Texas in the early 1940s. even though his actual date of birth remains fairly unknown, a lot about him as a man became public knowledge, especially after his inhumane feat.

Where does he live?

Today, Mr. Meshits still lives in Texas, the same place where he was born and raised.

How old is he?

Mr. Meshits’ age is estimated to be in his early seventies by now.

Where does he live?

Mr. Meshits is currently married to Pamela Meshits, the same woman he’d been married to for well over three decades, and according to close friends and relatives, their marriage is still going strong to this very day despite their old ages.

Does he have any children?

Alvin and Pamela Meshits have been blessed with three kids and seven grandchildren. The three children include two boys, John and James, and a girl, Emily.

How did the loudest fart affect Mr. Meshits’ life?

First and foremost, clinching the record for the loudest fart in history was the last thing Mr. Meshits ever expected. And when it did happen, little did he know just how his life was going to change. First, the entire town of Texas treated him like their very own hero. His name made headlines and Mr. Meshits’ face, just like his name, became synonymous with everyone in and around town.

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Mr. Meshits and his family would get free meals and drinks whenever they were out. While his wife wasn’t comfortable with the whole thing, and understandably so, Mr. Meshits decided to play along with his newfound fifteen seconds of fame.

His inhumane feat lead to his name being inducted in the Guinness Book of Records and to this day, no one has ever removed Mr. Meshits from the top spot despite countless attempts. And from the looks of it, his name has been solidified in the farting wall of fame (if that’s even a thing).

Unfortunately, not everything was all good and dandy. Several rumors were surrounding the fart. Naturally, most people couldn’t believe that a human being would produce a fart loud enough to record 194 decibels without having their anuses explode like a supernova. Mr. Meshits, God bless his soul for having a twisted sense of humor, would complain that he had recurring back pains after ripping that landmark of a fart.

Funny as Mr. Meshits may have been, scientists agree with his sentiments. For instance, sounds above 85 dB can result in immediate hearing loss. Anything between 120 – 130 dB can cause enough pain for any human to pass out. Now you can imagine 194 dB coming from a grown man’s rear end. Let’s observe a moment of silence for those in attendance during Mr. Meshits’ exploits.

Was Mr. Meshits’ fart the longest to ever been recorded?

While Mr. Meshits fart was the loudest in history, it wasn’t the longest, unfortunately. According to the records, Mr. Meshits’ fart only lasted for one-third of a second. The record for the longest fart is held by one Bernard Clemens. The Englishman maintained his fart for a jaw-dropping 2 minutes and 42 seconds.

The latter was recorded in London a few years back and, just like it’s the case with Mr. Meshits’ record, it’s highly unlikely to be broken any time soon.

Thankfully, Mr. Clemens didn’t suffer as much because his fart wasn’t as loud as Mr. Meshits. In my humble opinion, I think these two legends should be hosted in Joe Rogan’s podcast one of these fine days to share their experiences. I believe it would be hilarious to hear from these farting legends.

Was Mr. Meshits’ fart ever challenged?

While Mr. Meshits’ fart was the loudest, it sure wasn’t the last attempt at the title. Thousands of people came out to try and outdo Mr. Meshits the moment his feat went viral back in 1972. The only reason Mr. Meshits isn’t as popular as he would have been today is simply because they didn’t have the internet back then.

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That said, the second man to ever come close to challenging Mr. Meshits was one Herkimer Chort. His attempt came only five months after Mr. Meshits’ attempt. The Ripley, New York, USA native recorded a 113-decibel fart that left everyone in attendance convinced that he’d clinched the title from Mr. Meshits. But after replaying the recorded fart, they discovered that he had fallen short by about 80 decibels. But, it was such a valiant attempt nonetheless.