Kelvin Wamalwa

Uno Official Rules on Stacking

According to official Uno rules stacking is illegal. You cannot stack a Draw 2 and a Draw 4. If a Draw 2 is played against you, you have to draw two cards. There is no counter. The same rule applies to the Draw 4.

Uno Last Card Rule

action card but Uno says you totally can. You can end a game with any card you like as long as you have a matching card and the card atop the discard pile isn’t a Draw 2 or a Draw 4.

Avengers Uno Rules

Avenger Uno follows many of the same rules as classic uno with just one slight twist: the addition of the Avengers Assemble card.

Uno Challenge Rule

The Uno Challenge Rule allows you to ask an opponent to show you their cards if you suspect them of playing the Draw 4 illegally.

Uno 50th Anniversary Rules

The 50/50 card is just a draw 4 card with extra steps. Instead of making the player next to you draw four cards, you can choose any two you like and let luck determine the loser.