Basilisk War Droid

The Basilisk War Droid was a combat droid developed by the reptile-like Basilisk species native to the planet basilisk. It was developed 4000 years after the battle of Yavin and was primarily used by the Mandalorians.

The Basilisk War Droid was an effective semi-sentient class IV droid created for combat and very effective at that task. After the conquest of Basilisk in 4017 BBY, the Mandalorian pillaged the powerful war droids for themselves.

Basilisk War Droid

Let’s go deeper down into why the Basilisk War Droid was important.

What is a Basilisk War Droid?

Basilisk War Droids were six-legged armored behemoths, ranging in size from slightly larger than a Bantha to larger than some small starfighters. They were semi-sentient, about as intelligent as the beast of burden, and developed strong emotional bonds with their riders.

Basilisk War Droids were heavily armored and often featured Beskar plating, which their Mandalorian riders lovingly customized and decorated with ceremonial weapons. 

Basilisks were also armed to an absurd degree.

What was the Basilisk War Droid known for?

For Mandalorian people, Basilisk War Droids were known as the “Bes’uliik” or “the iron beast,” and in Mandalorian language, “Mando’a.” 

Basilisk War Droids also resembled a cross between a Karran beetle and a Zalorian rock-lion, but they resemble most of their reptilian Basiliskan creators.

The Basilisk War Droids are among the unique weapons in the galaxy because they became a frequent sight among other forces of the Mandalorian Crusaders. 

Another variant of Basilisk War Droids came up in the 2 BBY, named Chop’aa Notimo, who came across and possessed Basilisk War Droids in the past. They labeled Basilisk War Droids at that time as the ancient Basilisk War Droids of the past.

Basilisk War Droid

Are Basilisk War Droids powerful?

Basilisk War Droids have brandished claws that could shred Durasteel, rapid-firing laser cannons, launchers for concussion missiles and shatter-missiles, and most importantly, a forward shockwave generator assembly that could spew out starship-destroying plasma beams.

Basilisk War Droids could also carry mines or small nuclear bombs to meet the enemy. They were also like tank droids or droids gunships on steroids, capable of shrugging off a staggering amount of damage while simultaneously vaporizing entire villages.

What are the characteristics of the Basilisk War Droid?

The Basilisk War Droids closely resembled the fearsome lizard species with their long claws and powerful jaws.

Depending on its stance, the war droid can stand about 3 meters or 9.8 ft tall, making it about the height of a Bantha, but could be as tall as 5 meters or 16 ft, making it about the same height as the Rancor.

They could regulate on their own, and they formed powerful empathetic relationships with their riders.

The Basilisk War Droids are often colored green, but others see them as gray or red with gold. 

Despite their ferocious and beast-like looks, Basilisk War Droids acted more than or as often as gunships as a normal droid. The Basilisk’s rear armor wing plates could fly 550 kilometers per hour. 

What’s the greatest feat of the Basilisk War Droid?

The war droids possessed an advanced brain that gave them an animal-like self-awareness, and the droids were even known to howl as if in pain when the rider perished in battle.

The Basilisk War Droids often used their giant claws to rend great holes in the opposing ships and would often tow large bombs between two to deploy against larger bases that needed more firepower to destroy.

Mandalorian warriors also used the droids for air support and as bombers performing strafing runs while still participating in the infantry battle when necessary.

Basilisk War Droids could operate in space and atmosphere as well as on the ground, as they had powerful sets of high-boost engines designed for atmospheric combat.

Who used the Basilisk War Droid?

The first ones to use the Basilisk War Droids are the Basiliskans that they built in their image because Basiliskans at that time were advanced and technology-focused people.

After defeating and conquering the Basiliskans, Mandalorians crusaders salvaged all the Basilisk War Droid to use them in their expansion of troops.

And then, Basilisk’s War Droids were employed by Mandalore the Indomitable and Mandalorian Crusaders, who used them to conquer Kuar and the republic shipyards at Foerost.

Basilisk War Droid

Why did the Mandalorians stop using Basilisk War Droids?

When they finally defeated the Mandalorians above Malachor V, Revan made sure to neutralize the threat of the most powerful weapons. As part of the Mandalorians’ surrender, he ordered the clans to dismantle their war droids, an order the Mandalorians reluctantly obeyed.

Very few Basilisk War Droids survived the Mandalorians’ disarmament; most that did were seized by the Republic and put into museums, permanently disarmed and deactivated. 

A scattering of Basilisk remained operational and in Mandalorian hands in the centuries after the Mandalorian Wars, but they were never again deployed in such fearsome numbers.