Best UNO reverse cards: Ultimate way of turning the game

Uno reverse cards have a special place in every player’s heart who has once played the game.

When an Uno reverse card is being played, the rotation of the game changes from clockwise to counter-clockwise and vice-versa.

Since the game came out, people have loved the reverse card so much that it started to flood the meme world. 

10 best Uno reverse cards memes

When the Uno reverse card is played, the turn changes. People also call this the hint of karma or the comeback card. During the COVID-19 people started making memes like playing the Uno reverse card against the year 2020.

The trend of the Uno reverse card meme started back in 2018. There was already a meme going on called the “No U” one. People started to refer to the No U meme with Uno by saying that it’s in cipher. 

  • No U meme

After that meme, people exchanged the No U meme with the Uno card where they changed the Uno written on the top with No U. This eventually brought the Uno reverse card into the scene. The No U meme was ruling up until the reverse Uno showed up. 

People preferred the reverse No U meme more than anything as it was double entertaining.  

  • Uno reverse Thanos meme

 After the release of Avengers: End game, the Uno Thanos reverse card meme was thriving on the internet. Where Thanos says he’s inevitable and snaps. To his reply Iron man says, he’s Iron Uno Reverse man and turns the table.

  • Uno Death Reverse card meme 

This is another famous meme that people loved. 

  • Reverse card meme for water

In order to prove that the Uno reverse card actually reverses the turn, people placed it under the tap and made their sinks a fountain for drinking.

  • The famous cat meme

A heated discussion can change the face at any time. Don’t forget to keep your reverse cards ready!

  • The reverse card at crime scenes 

Are you being doubted for doing something mischievous? Don’t worry and just play the reverse card.

  • Reply to your doctor’s bad news

If your doctor is saying something you don’t want to listen to, keep your reverse card ready.

  • Uno reverse card animal meme

Animals also love the power of Uno reverse cards. It’s time they play it when needed.

  • Gauntlet reverse card meme

There’s no need for infinity stones when you can change everything with reverse cards. 

These are some of the best Uno reverse cards memes that will keep you entertained for a while. 

Some unique reverse card ideas

People easily get bored of regular and monotonous kinds of stuff. Uno reverse card is no different. You can spice up your game by adding fun and colorful Uno reverse cards. 

These tie-dye and colorful patterns of Uno reverse cards are easily available on e-commerce platforms like and eBay. 

Turn your losing game with a reverse card      

The Uno reverse card basically changes the direction of play. Once this card is played the rotation changes. This can turn into a losing game for anyone. 

For example, the player next to you has 1 card left and you do not have any wild card like “draw 4 cards” or “draw 2 cards,” but you have a “reverse card.”

Play the reverse card and this will prolong the player’s chance by rotating the turn. 

In this way you will be able to get rid of a card and if luck favors then that player might need to pick a card or two. 

Benefits of using the reverse card

The official rules of Uno state that when a player plays an Uno reverse card, the direction will be reversed. 

For example, if the game is being played clockwise then after the reverse card, the game will be played anti-clockwise. So, if you play a reverse card while the game is continuing towards the left, this card will change the turn.

The player sitting on your right will get the chance to play. In the case of only two players, the reverse card plays the role of a skip card. This means that when a player plays a reverse card, the opposite player will lose their chance. 

This rule is currently obsolete but yet people love this one as it makes the game even more fun. Uno has different variations. The super stacking is one of the famous variations of Uno.

In this variation, when “draw 2 cards” or “draw 4 cards” is played and the next player plays the reverse card, the player who played the wild cards has to draw 2 or 4 cards. 

Another fun rule is, a reverse card can defend another reverse card. For example, a player sitting next to you plays a reverse card. 

This will turn the direction of the game. But if the next player also plays a reverse card then the game will follow the previous direction.