Can Jedi Have Children?

Whether you admit it or not, you dreamed of becoming a Jedi Knight like the other Star Wars fans. However, there’s a catch regarding the life of a Jedi. They say that members of the order can’t have children, but is that true?

In the 2002 film, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, it was established that members of the Jedi Order could not marry nor have children. But one was exempted from the rule because of low birth rates in his species. Then, in the New Jedi Order, they trashed the rule because many members already had spouses and children.

Can Jedi Have Children?

Later on, Star Wars creator George Lucas clarified that Jedi Knights of the Old Order were permitted to have sexual intercourse. However, they should not form attachments or possessive relationships. That’s because those are believed to lead the Jedi Knight to the Dark Side of the Force.

This is such a complicated subject. So, let us take a deeper look to understand the subject better.

Are Jedis allowed to have babies?

After examining the different statements that seem to be contrasting, we arrived at the conclusion that Jedi Knights can have children. George Lucas has clarified this. He says that what’s forbidden is for them to have possessive relationships or develop attachments.

That said, Jedi Knights can reproduce. They are just not allowed to build families. 

One exception is Ki-Adi-Mundi. Due to low Cerean birth rates, he was allowed to have a polyamorous relationship and have babies.

However, despite the restrictions, some Jedis kept secret relationships, and some even openly defied the High Council. They married and made babies. There are even families made entirely of Jedi members.

UP to the Great Sith War, some Jedis were also allowed to marry and have children without repercussions. 

And so, in the New Order, they discarded this rule. Even the Grand Master himself has wed a fellow Jedi.

Why are Jedis not allowed to have kids?

The Jedi Order did not forbid having children specifically. Instead, it was emotional attachment and possession.

Can Jedi Have Children?

They believed these could lead to jealousy and fear of loss. Ultimately, it could lead the Jedi Knight to the dark side of the Force. Such a thing happened to Anakin Skywalker and Reess Kairn.

And that’s why Jedis were not allowed to marry. By extension, it seemed they were not allowed to have kids too.

That has changed in the New Order, where all Jedi Knights were finally permitted to have families.

Did any Jedis have families?

Luke Skywalker was the son of a Jedi, Anakin Skywalker.

Ki-Adi-Mundi was also allowed to have a family even when the rest of the Jedi Knights were not. He fathered seven daughters.

Ranik Solusar also married and fathered a child despite the Order laws. Likewise, Jolee Bindo married Nayama Bindo during the Great Sith War. 

Andur Sunrider had a family consisting entirely of Jedis. And there are the Koon family and the Diath family, which are famous Jedi families.

Several Corellian Jedi were also allowed to marry without repercussions. Meanwhile, Nejaa Halcyon married his wife secretly. It was not discussed why that is.

Then, the Grand Master of the New Order married a Jedi Master.

What if a Jedi gets pregnant?

From a Legends’ point of view, all the female Jedi would get is reprimanding. She will remain in the Jedi Order even if she gets pregnant.

If the child is Force-sensitive, they will be trained to become Jedi Knights. On the other hand, if they are not, they may get sent to relatives. That is the most sensible answer.

Can Jedi Have Children?

Are Jedis supposed to be celibate?

Celibacy is the practice of staying away from sex and sex-related things. That said, Jedi Knights are not supposed to be celibate.

They can have sexual intercourse if they want, as George Lucas said in a 2002 interview. However, they are not supposed to form possessive relationships that would override their duties to the Republic.

Is Anakin the only Jedi to have kids?

No. Anakin Skywalker was not the only Jedi to have kids. 

Ki-Adi-Mundo fathered seven daughters and was allowed to do so because of low Cerean birth rates. 

Ranik Solusar, on the other hand, fathered a child despite the rules.

Andur Sunrider was the grandson of Jedi Master Jev Sunrider, meaning Jev Sunrider also had kids. Likewise, Andur Sunrider had a daughter Vima Sunrider.

There’s also the Koon family and Diath family, which are both Jedi families.

Can Jedi Have Children?

And then there’s Ben Skywalker – son of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Legends. However, Legends is not canon, so it may not count.

There’s also a popular fan theory that claims Korkie Kryze is the son of Obi-wan Kenobi. The theory that Obi-wan fathered a child had floated even before The Mandalorian aired. And Korkie-s character design supports this idea.