Can You Play Multiple Cards in UNO?

Uno is a classic family game invented by an American barber from Ohio, Merle Robbins. Players take turns matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck either by color or number until you have one card left. You must say “UNO” before getting caught by another player. Once a player has no cards left, the game is over.

The rule of Uno is pretty simple. In a regular game, you can only put down one card at a time into the discard pile. However, as time goes by, there are many Uno variations made. There are some versions where you can stack two or more cards together on the same turn.  And since it is a family game, players can always customize their own house rules to allow playing with multiple cards.

What are Uno variants that allow multiple cards?

After the huge success of Uno from 5,000 game cards sold to barbershops and local businesses, to becoming one of the most successful international games, many versions of the game have been made. In the original version, playing with multiple cards is not allowed. However, there are Uno versions that allow you to play multiple cards, including Uno Throwdown, Cut-throat Uno, Give Two Uno, and Speed Uno.

Uno Throwdown

This Uno version allows players to discard multiple cards in one turn called “throwing down”. Cards with the same type or number regardless of the color can be played at once. Also, some cards are interchangeable and can be played together like 6’s and 9’s, two 3’s can equal to 6, two 3’s, two 3’s can equal to 8.

Cut-throat Uno

The Cut-throat Uno allows players to put down multiple cards as long as it is the same number and color except for Draw Two and Draw Fours cards. You can play in combo, of the same color and kind, without mixing the colors or sequence.

Give Two Uno

There are two Uno decks where players need to play two cards in one turn.

Speed Uno

This version allows players to play before the next player if his card is the same on the top pile. If the player has doubles of a card, the player can play both cards at the same time.

Can You Play Multiple Cards in Uno Original?

No, you cannot play multiple cards in Uno Original. The original version only allows a player to draw or skip their one at a time. But since Uno is customizable, players can make their own house rules to play with multiple cards.

What house rules allow multiple cards in Uno?

Uno might have its official rule that restricts players from using multiple cards in one turn. However, house rules are made by its players to allow players from playing multiple cards in one turn legally.

  • Uno Throwdown house rule-this house rule allows players to discard three or more cards with the same number or type in one turn. For example, a player has three cards with the number 8 in his deck, that player can put down all three at once.
  • Uno Double house rule -Uno double rule allows a player to play two cards in one turn. For example, a player has two yellow 7’s, then a player can discard the cards at the same time if the card on the pile is also yellow.
  • Play multiple cards of the same value- in this house rule, players discard multiple cards that have the same value. The bottom card must match the value of the card on top of the stack.
  • Same number house rule– this house rule allows a player to discard a card with the same numbers in one turn regardless of their color (i.e., a player is holding three 7s in his deck, the player can discard all three in one turn).

Can you play multiple reverse cards at once in Uno?

No, you cannot play multiple reverse cards in Uno Original official rule.  Two reverse cards can only be played by subsequent players in their respective turn, which will make no difference because it will bring back the initial game’s direction.

Can you play multiple skips at once in Uno?

The official Uno rule will not allow multiple skips in one turn. Players can only play one skip card on their respective turns. Usually, two skip cards from the same player only happen in a two-player game. One skip would make it your turn again. Therefore, you can put down another skip card to make it your turn again.

Are you allowed to discard multiple cards at once in Uno?

The official Uno rule will not allow players to ditch multiple cards at once. But some versions would allow playing multiple cards, like Uno Throwdown (i.e., a player with 3 cards of the same number regardless of its color can be discarded in one turn).