Uno Stop Card

Uno Stop Cards are a new variation of the classic card game Uno. The game is played with two or more players, using a regular deck of 52 cards. The object of the game is to be the first player to score 500 points. The game is won by either emptying one’s hand, or being …

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Uno Switch Card

The beloved card game UNO® has four-color cards called suits, which are red, yellow, blue, and green. It consists of Number cards, Action cards (Draw 2 Cards, Reverse, and Skip), and Wild cards. The game is pretty simple; all you have to do is get rid of all your cards. However, things become more challenging …

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UNO Cancel Card

In Official Uno rules, players must draw cards and take turns matching a card in their hand with the card shown on top of the deck. But, if you wonder if there are cancel cards ever made for Uno, the answer is no. There is no card created specifically to Cancel the Card. However, some …

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Best UNO Card Game

In the card game Uno, there are a number of specific cards that can cause confusion for players. This blog post will clear up the meanings of each card so that you can play more confidently and strategically. Whether you’re a beginner or veteran player, understanding what each card means is key to winning! So …

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Is UNO Free on Xbox?

If you’re a fan of card games and Xbox, you’ll be glad to know that UNO is free to play on the console. In this post, we’ll tell you how to download and start playing UNO right away. We’ll also give you some tips for winning your matches. So whether you’re a seasoned UNO player …

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Best UNO Online Games

Think you’re the best UNO player around? Prove it! Check out these top UNO online game websites and see how you stack up against other players from around the globe. With tons of different game variations and difficulty levels, there’s something for everyone. So put on your shades and gather your friends for some fun …

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Uno Jurassic World Rules

Jurassic Park is famous for its exciting scenes which kept the audience amused and entertained for a decade. In order to catch that essence, Uno came out with the iconic Uno Jurassic World version. The rules of Jurassic Park-themed Uno follow the path of the traditional Uno where all the players need to finish the …

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Uno Reverse Card Rules

Uno has multiple cards starting from cards with numbers to “Skip” it has all. But besides the wild cards, the most interesting card is the “Reverse” card. The reverse card just changes the direction of the game. If the game is being played clockwise, after someone plays the Reverse card, the game will continue in …

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Uno extreme rules

The Uno extreme is the updated and latest version of the traditional Uno that everyone loves to play. Uno Extreme comes with a beautiful card shooter and a set of Extreme Hit cards. The game is continued, with the help of the card shooter. The shooter of Uno extreme shoots random cards which makes the …

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How to fix UNO crashing?

Uno is one of the most appreciated board games played all around the world. Players face different kinds of issues when games like these are played digitally. Up until now, creators are unable to find a permanent solution to solve the crashing issues faced by players while playing UNO. One of the common yet temporary …

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Best UNO reverse cards: Ultimate way of turning the game

Uno reverse cards have a special place in every player’s heart who has once played the game. When an Uno reverse card is being played, the rotation of the game changes from clockwise to counter-clockwise and vice-versa. Since the game came out, people have loved the reverse card so much that it started to flood …

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Uno Official Rules on Stacking

According to official Uno rules stacking is illegal. You cannot stack a Draw 2 and a Draw 4. If a Draw 2 is played against you, you have to draw two cards. There is no counter. The same rule applies to the Draw 4.

Uno Last Card Rule

action card but Uno says you totally can. You can end a game with any card you like as long as you have a matching card and the card atop the discard pile isn’t a Draw 2 or a Draw 4.

Avengers Uno Rules

Avenger Uno follows many of the same rules as classic uno with just one slight twist: the addition of the Avengers Assemble card.

Uno Challenge Rule

The Uno Challenge Rule allows you to ask an opponent to show you their cards if you suspect them of playing the Draw 4 illegally.

Uno 50th Anniversary Rules

The 50/50 card is just a draw 4 card with extra steps. Instead of making the player next to you draw four cards, you can choose any two you like and let luck determine the loser.

Uno Block Card

Several rules exist for Uno players to follow, and in some cases, knowing what goes where might be difficult. But rules on blocking cards shouldn’t be difficult for Uno players to grasp.   Blocking cards is a feature available on newer variations of Uno. Players can avoid drawing cards and pass on a turn to …

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Ultimate Uno

The classic card game Uno is a fan favorite and rivals other games in its era with its ultimate edition. Uno is an easy to play, fun game, and the Ultimate Uno Edition proves to be another excellent addition already.  Ultimate Uno is a new addition to the classic card game franchise. The Ultimate Uno …

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Uno Card Sleeves

Many gamers want their Uno cards to last forever. But sometimes, Uno cards may be subject to damage, and that’s why it’s important to ensure they get proper maintenance.  Uno cards sleeves make it easy to store your game cards and ensure they last longer. Card sleeves are available in different sizes and provide required …

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