Who is Chad slater?

In a world where only a handful of professionals are recognized in their seemingly overcrowded fields, some are recognized but not for their handiwork but their sideshows. One such bizarre case was Chad Slater, a mildly famous gay erotic personality who was active between the mid-nineties up to the mid-2000s when he dropped out of the radar for reasons we’ll divulge in a jiffy. Before we get into the details, let’s kick things off by taking a quick look at who chad slater was and what he was most famous for:

What is Chad Slater famous for?

As I mentioned earlier, Chad Slater was an “erotic wrestler” who also doubled up as a gay porn star. While he was not as famous as his counterparts at the time, Chad Slater found huge notoriety when he mentioned that he and famous actor Tom Cruise had an affair. It wasn’t surprising that the scandal blew up and made him more relevant than his actual career did.

Chad Slater

In conclusion, it’s safe to conclude that Chad Slater is famous for two things; his career as a gay porn star and two, the huge scandal that followed after mentioning Tom Cruise as his lover.

What was the feud between Tom Cruise and Chad Slater all about?

Tom cruise and chad slater’s rather famous feud was sparked by the latter when he told Actustar, a once-famous French magazine that he and tom cruise had a long-standing affair. Normally, tom cruise would’ve brushed the claims off as he was already used to weird accusations at that point in his career.

Tom Cruise

But since chad slater’s accusations ended up ruining both his marriage and reputation, tom cruise felt he needed to make an example out of the gay porn star. No one expected tom cruise to come out swinging, figuratively of course. According to the case files that were leaked to the press, the megastar refuted claims that he was a homosexual, let alone having met with chad slater at any point in his life. Tom later indicated that the false rumors fueled the divorce from his then-wife of almost a decade, Nicole Kidman.

Tom Cruises’ then-lawyer, Bert Fields, also wrote to the Actustar magazine and they were ready to write a retraction to avoid a lawsuit leveled against them as well. Soon after the French magazine backed down, Tom Cruise and his lawyer shifted their focus on chad slater and the latter marked the beginning of the latter’s rapid downfall.

Did Tom Cruise win his lawsuit against Chad Slater?

Tom Cruise and his lawyer Bert Fields filed a defamation case against Chad Slater for a hundred million dollars. Since Chad Slater couldn’t afford that amount, the judge was lenient and lowered the amount to 10 million dollars. Chad Slater still couldn’t raise that amount as he wasn’t as affluent as the famous plaintiff.

Whether Chad Slater was able to raise the amount to pay Tom Cruise or not is still a subject of speculation. But it was undoubtedly a win for tom cruise because he managed to put a stop to rumors that could destroy his career the same way it did his marriage.

What is Chad Slater up to nowadays?

Ever since his loss to Tom Cruise, Chad Slater seemed to have gone underground never to resurface again. He was quick to change his name from Chad Slater to his original name and vanished into thin air. No one besides his close friends and family, not even his peers in the gay porn industry, know where Chad Slater is.

Chad Slater

That said, it’s safe to say that he learned his lesson and that the defamation case crippled his business to the point that he lost all passion and decided to do something else. Before his disappearing act, Chad Slater admitted that the claims he made about tom cruise were false and that he’d never met him before. The latter admission was in line with what tom cruise said as soon as the gay rumors went viral.

What happened to Chad Slater’s adult websites?

As soon as the lawsuit came to a close, Chad Slater went underground never to be seen again in the public eye. And from the looks of it, his adult websites, which had become quite famous especially after having an issue with Tom Cruise, also disappeared with him. Rumors had it that the gay porn star had to sell his domains in an attempt to raise the 10 million dollars he owned Tom Cruise.

But, no evidence ever came to the light substantiating such claims. Today, we believe that chad slater is still living a low-key life away from wrestling and gay porn, especially after it almost ruined his life. We still believe he is an avid Britney Spears fan like he once was when he reached the peak of his fame.