Crystal Defanti

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Crystal Defanti taught fifth grade at Sacramento’s Isabelle Jackson Elementary in 2009. She “rose to fame” when she mistakenly included a pornographic clip of herself on a video of class memories she gave her students. 

The Crystal Defanti Incident

In July 2009, teacher Crystal Defanti sent her twenty-five students home with a DVD containing school memories for the school year. The problem was, she made some editing errors and accidentally included a six-second clip of her on a sofa. 

Crystal was pleased with her efforts of putting together all her class’ memories for the year in a DVD. But she suddenly felt despair when she received a call from one of the parents of her students. 

She hurriedly watched the DVD and discovered that she had accidentally included some footage from her “personal folder.” 

She immediately called one of the students’ parents to profusely apologize for her editing error and asked them to get rid of the DVD. 

She also asked them to call the parents they knew to warn them of the DVD’s erroneous content and to stop their kids from watching the DVD. 

The shocking x-rated video Ms. Defanti accidentally sent to her students became one of the most extraordinary stories of 2009. 

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Everything seemed alright at the start. The DVD titled Mrs. Defanti’s 5th Graders 2008/2009 opened with a menu screen displaying various school functions and trips. One of the options in the menu screen, though was not as it appeared.  

One of the videos in the DVD titled “Memories”  showed the students in the classroom wearing Santa Claus hats and sharing their stories and clapping.  All of a sudden the video switches to a disgusting 6-second  sex footage. 

The disgusting footage showed their teacher naked, with her legs spread having sex on a couch alternating with shots of the students sharing their favorite class stories.  

The children were confused and parents watching the DVD with their children were appalled. It was very clear that what they were seeing was Crysral Defanti, their teacher, pleasuring herself.  

This lead to most parents staying up all night explaining to their children, aged 10-11, about the birds and the bees. 

School officials decided to send the students a new and cleaned-up DVD. 

Is Crystal Defanti Still A Teacher?

CBS News reported at that time that Crystal Defanti was not likely to lose her job. The parents said she is a good teacher that made an honest mistake, albeit embarrassing and disgusting. 

Thankfully, Ms. Defanti had the chance to quickly call every parent, apologize profusely, and asked them to get rid of the DVD before the media caught up with the story. One parent said all the teacher could say was that it was a horrible editing error. 

The media anyway got hold of the story. While reports say that Elk Grove Unified School District, the local school district, was investigating Ms. Defanti’s case, it was unlikely that she would be fired. 

Most of the buzz on this incident when it caught the attention media was whether Ms. Defanti should continue to be a teacher – should she be fired, asked to voluntarily resign, or stay on. 

Ms. Defanti was a respected and well-liked teacher and everything was just a mix-up. Legal experts also said that the teacher was unlikely to lose her job because she did not intend for this fiasco to happen. 

While what she did was stupid, it was not a crime. The police did not press charges against her, too. Parents understood it was an accident. They were predominantly forgiving, especially the dads. 

 Lawyers,  however, suggested that the school subject her to some disciplinary action. Many parents also said they did not care whether Crystal Defanti could keep her job or get fired. They just wanted some help from the school such as counseling and asking how the children are doing. 

Since Crystal Defanti was considered a good teacher, the school board decided not to fire her. It was, however, made clear to her that she would no longer be allowed to produce any DVD for the Isabelle Jackson Elementary School. 

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What is Crystal Defanti doing today?

After her accidental sex video fiasco, Ms. Defanti was advised to avoid looking up her name in Google and go anywhere near YouTube for the next ten years. 

Nothing much has been heard about Crystal Defanti after the DVD sex clip incident. She was not fired by Isabelle Jackson Elementary, so she must have continued teaching. 

 For sure, she has learned her lesson the hard way, and that is to separate her personal and professional data or content. 

Some errors that can be acceptable when done by others, but may not be as acceptable when committed by teachers because the behaviors of teachers are always under scrutiny. 

Teachers are looked upon with a higher level of behavior than most professionals because they are tasked with molding the young minds of their students and being role models.