Dan Charles Zukoski

If you are someone from the Millennial, up to Gen Z generation – you might have watched one of the most popular movies of all time, Home Alone released in 1990. This movie is for all ages, and it never gets old. While writing this content, I had the urge to watch it again, for the nth time.

Dan Charles Zukoski is an actor who played the iconic “Little Nero’s Pizza boy” in that box-office comedy hit. He was an actor who played various roles from movies in the 80’s until 2004. He may be someone not that relevant in the industry, but he did a lot of projects and movies indeed. 

Let’s know more about this Pizza Delivery boy.

Who is Dan Charles Zukoski?

Dan Charles Zukoski (also known as D. Danny Warhol) is an American actor born in Chicago, Illinois, December 13 of 1971. He graduated High School at As of this writing, he is 49 years old. Feel old yet?

He was the one who played as the delivery boy in the first movie of Home Alone franchise, who aside from knocking over the statue outside McCallister’s driveway multiple times, he was also the perfect delivery guy ever casted.

His acting was very natural. His iconic scene in the movie was when he was delivering a cheese pizza to the McCallister’s home, where Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin) is waiting.

The child home alone then played a scene from a fictional movie called “Angels with Filthy Souls” where the poor delivery guy thought he was being threatened and was about to get killed. He was so startled that he ran back to the car paying no attention to the garbage bins along the way.

The scene was superb! You will think that he really is a Pizza Delivery boy in real life!

Check out the scene below:

How much did the Pizza guy get paid in Home Alone?

The Pizza Guy working at a fictitious pizza restaurant called “Little Nero’s” (which was, by the way, a parody of the Little Caesar’s) was shown at the beginning of the movie. He was delivering a leaning tower of pizzas, 10 boxes in total.

That was a little too much if you are going to ask me! But knowing the family consisted of 15 (or more than!), it is safe to say the number is just enough for them. Actually, I initially thought the house was an orphanage, later knowing that it was an extended family set-up living in that grand house.

The total amount that was paid for the pizza to Dan Charles Zukoski (as a Pizza guy of course!) was $122.50 for the ten boxes of pizza. So that would be $12.25 per box.

The movie Zukoski was casted became a box office hit, despite the production team almost being left hanging due to the budget. Fox took over the movie and it grossed $476.7 million worldwide when the budget was for $18 million.

When it comes to how much Dan Charles Zukoski was paid during this acting stint, it was never disclosed. But knowing that the budget was low at that time the film was created, and the fact that he was exposed only for two scenes, it seems like he was not given much compared to his co-actors.

What are the other movies he starred?

Although his role in Home Alone was the most iconic one, he also had a lot of movies up to his sleeve!

Two years before Home Alone was released, he was casted in Poltergeist 3 as the “Teen in Red Sweater at Party”. The same year, he was a Stadium fan in the Red Heat movie.

A year after the block-buster movie, he was an extra train passenger in Backdraft. In the movie Dusk Till Dawn in 1996, he was casted as a vampire.

Would you believe he was also in the cast of Star Trek in 1994 and 1996? This time, as an Engineering Crewman running in the hallway. Also, on Holy Hollywood as Candy Warhol.

The last acting stint he did was in the 2004 short film called “Forever is a long, long time” as a Bowling Alley Patron. All in all, he had been in the industry for almost three decades, with more than 60 acting credits.

It may be small roles but the fact that he was able to be casted on these movies was very impressive! Seems like he was a go-to of some casting staff!

What is his net worth?

I have seen a lot of people in forums asking about the Net Worth of Dan Charles Zukoski. Although it was not really accurate, there was a website called networthpost.org that posted $950,000 as his Net Worth.

Though, I am kind of doubting as he stopped acting in 2004. There was really no official information about his current net worth. And knowing that he already ended his Acting career, I do think that the amount was kind of high, unless he had some businesses and other sources of income.

Where is he now?

After he ended his career as a film actor, many people had been wondering what had happened to him? Or is he ever going to come back?

It was told that he had worked in a pizza place in Chicago (what a coincidence!) but not as a delivery man, but as a Manager! While one netizen commented on one of the forums that he had worked with Zukoski in Home Depot from 2005-2010.

Wherever he is now, he surely has a lot of things to be proud of. It would be great if he would consider going back in the industry as he had a really great potential. One more big break and I am certain he will get the fame he deserved!