Does Jotaro die?

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures franchise is considered as one of the most mainstream anime ever released. Its current season featuring Jotaro Kujo, son of Holy Kujo and grandson of Jonathan Joestar was considered as the most commercially successful season of the franchise. So, you bet that Jotaro was one of the most popular Joestars in the fam.

In Part 6 of the Stone Ocean arc of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Jojo almost met his end. Faced with Enrico Pucci’s stand, Made in Heaven, Jojo chose to save his daughter from Pucci. He received fatal wounds but was saved by the time reset done by Made in Heaven. Jotaro lives but the universe he’s thrown into was altered.

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo is the offspring of Sadao Kujo and Holy Kujo. He was introduced as the main protagonist of Part 3 and also appeared in Parts 4-6 of the anime series.

Unlike other Joestars, Jotaro Kujo only learned about his stand when Dio Brando, a common enemy of the Joestars, was resurrected. Upon the resurrection of Dio, Holy and Jonathan also received their stands.

Unfortunately, days after gaining her stand, Holy became ill due to her body’s inability to adapt to the suddenly gained power. To cure his mother, Jotaro began his journey to kill Dio.

In the forty sixth episode of the Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro finally finished his mission. He successfully killed the Joestars’ archenemy, Dio, and with it, cured his mother.

The repercussions of killing Dio, Jotaro will meet Pucci, a loyal follower and friend of Dio who will steal his memory disc and stand for killing Dio. And later on, will execute the reset of the universe. 

In the Diamond is Unbreakable manga series, Jolyne Kujo, Jotaro’s kid was born. She will be a great aide of Jotaro in the Stone Ocean battle as they attempt to kill the main antagonist, Enrico Pucci.

Enrico Pucci

Enrico Pucci is a loyal follower and friend of Dio. He believes that Dio’s principles are the truth. During his teens, he was a good-hearted man, a series of bad events caused him to deteriorate from his good deeds and become a follower of Dio. 

Little did they know, his brother, Wes Bluemarine, who he thought died when they’re still infants, is alive and currently dating his sister. Both didn’t know that they are related by blood, and Pucci didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, attempt to break up the two by hiring a P.I. group.

The group found out that Wes’ father was African American and proceeded to lynch him. Upon hearing the news, Pucci’s sister took her own life. The death of his sister made his pursuit of Dio’s ideology stronger. 

Enrico Pucci became the main antagonist of the Stone Ocean arc, and he wields the Made in Heaven stand, which became the endgame for Jotaro’s squad. 

How did Jotaro die?

In Part 6 of Stone Ocean, he was killed by Pucci as he attempted to protect his daughter, Jolyne from him. His attachment to his daughter stopped him from killing Pucci and putting an end to their battle.

Enrico Pucci was the main culprit of Jotaro’s misfortune. On the day that Jotaro kills Dio, Jotaro also burns Dio’s diary, which contains hidden instructions meant for Pucci to execute. Pucci needs Dio’s memory disc to learn the instructions in the diary, hence the plan of throwing Jolyne in the prison he works at then be rescued by Jotaro Kujo was formulated. 

In the Stone Ocean manga arc, Pucci’s plan was executed successfully. With the help of one of his comrades, Johngalli A, Jolyne was framed for manslaughter and thrown into prison.

Days later, Jotaro went to rescue Jolyne, not knowing he was walking in a trap. Minutes after the attack of Jolyne, Jotaro finally found out that there are two enemies present in the prison, forcing him to sacrifice himself in order to protect Jolyne.

In this scene, Jotaro loses both of his discs (Memory and stand discs).

Thanks to Jolyne’s efforts to bring back the discs, she recovered his father’s stand from Whitesnake, Pucci’s stand. Now Jotaro can finally battle with Pucci and stop him from executing his true plan, resetting the universe.

During their battle, Pucci controlled Stone Free, Jolyne’s stand, ordering it to kill its own user. Jotaro counters it by stopping time but loses enough time to attack Pucci as he pushes his daughter away from the attack. During this scene, Jotaro’s head was split in half by Made in Heaven, ending his life.

Does Jotaro die permanently?

No, he doesn’t. He lives in another universe created by Made in Heaven. During this time reset, everyone killed in the original world has their names and lives altered.

As the battle continues, with Jotaro dead, Jolyne was heavily wounded too by Pucci’s attack. She wanted to save Emporio from being killed by Pucci, and this honorable deed caused her death.

After killing everyone except Emporio, Pucci executed Made in Heaven. Made in Heaven is a stand wherein the user heavily speeds up time, after a certain amount of time has passed, the universe will reach a singularity point that will result in the creation of another universe.

Luckily, while Made in Heaven was rolling, Emporio outsmarted Pucci, killing him by his own stand, Made in Universe. Emporio led him to the ghost room and using Weather Report’s disc, he manipulated the oxygen level of the room, causing Pucci to be paralyzed and unable to move. In this state, Weather Report beat Pucci to death.

After Pucci’s death, Emporio was thrown into a universe where Pucci doesn’t exist. In this alternate universe, the crew was given the chance to live again, but with their memories erased and personalities altered. It was a happy ending after all! 

Was Jotaro’s death in the Stone Ocean worthless?

Jotaro’s death in the Stone Ocean was not worthless in the slightest. He saved his daughter from being killed, even though Jolyne chose to die at the end.

Jotaro Kujo was shown to be an aloof person, it is seldom to see him caring and displaying strong emotions to his family. He was also never there during the important years of Jolyne’s growth, because he was scared of them taking part in the dangers of being in the “stand” business.

His action that led him to his death only showed how deeply he cared for his daughter, he sacrificed the chances of saving the world to save his daughter, a blameless action indeed.

It is lucky for Jotaro Kujo that his failure to kill Pucci was saved by Emporio, as mentioned above, Emporio was the one who put the final blow to Pucci. This action of Emporio would not be possible if Jolyne didn’t sacrifice her life to save Emporio.

She has given her trust and bestowed the responsibility to Emporio to kill Pucci, which greatly encouraged Emporio to successfully accomplish the death of Enrico Pucci at the end of the series. Well, what can I say, the good will always prevail, folks!