Does Sasuke love Naruto?

Naruto has drawn fans not just with its action packed scenes, great story and fancy visuals but also of how it hits us just right with the feels.

Sasuke and Naruto’s relationship was the most controversial bond in the series. As their love-hate relationship really confused fans on where they really stand, it was later implied in the series that Sasuke really does love Naruto. It was one bumpy ride, but Naruto’s patience and hard work paid off in the end as their relationship became one of the most special in the series.

Does Sasuke have feelings for Naruto?

As much as the other fans tried to make the Sasuke x Naruto ship sail, it sucked, I mean sunk. The sequel of the series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations which is the story about the adventures of Boruto, Naruto’s son with Hinata, made it clear that Sasuke doesn’t harbor any romantic feelings for Naruto.

But Sasuke actually does have some heartfelt feelings for Naruto, though he showed it rather late in the series. Sasuke’s aloofness made it really hard for the duo to express their love and care with each other, however after the Great Ninja War, Sasuke somehow came to the conclusion that Naruto’s feelings towards him are genuine and true.

In the sequel, they are seen to be protecting each other’s backs and with Sasuke not afraid anymore to show more emotion, guaranteed that Naruto’s hardships and persistence to convince his friend have paid off. 

Sasuke and Naruto kiss

This is it, the Sasuke x Naruto fans were all waiting for! Sasuke and Naruto smooch! They kissed on not just one episode, but two! Episode 3 of the original Naruto and episode 194 of Naruto Shippuden are the two episodes where Naruto and Sasuke kissed.

Episode 3 of Naruto original, Sasuke and Sasuke: Friends or Foes is the first episode where Naruto and Sasuke kissed. It was early in the morning when Sakura, Ino and among other girls in the class were fighting over who should sit beside Sasuke.

Naruto, who’s confused on why Sakura and all the girls want to sit beside him and at the same time jealous of Sasuke’s popularity, went up close to Sasuke and glared at him. Their classmate from the sit below, accidentally pushed Naruto closer to Sasuke, which made them kiss each other. Funny, right?

While episode 194 of Naruto Shippuden: The Worst Three-Legged Race is where their second kiss happened. It was a mission where Team 7 is after a group of thieves who stole a treasure from the Feudal Lord’s sister. As the trio succeeded in retrieving the treasure, Sakura was held hostage in the process while the two escaped with the treasure.

But they were both shot in their hands with a rubber bullet, gluing both of their hands together. In their series of trying to break the rubber from their hands, they accidentally kissed under a waterfall. How romantic! 

Does Sasuke love Naruto more than Sakura?

Sasuke loves them both unconditionally. It is impossible to compare the amount of love Sasuke has for the two.

Sasuke holds brotherly love for Naruto while he’s in love with Sakura. The same way he holds love with his deceased family and the village. Humans are all capable of experiencing different kinds of love in different relationships including romantic, family, and friendship bonds.

So the question of who loves more is absurd.

Does Sasuke love Naruto as a brother?

Yes, Sasuke considers Naruto as his brother. Even after the death of Itachi, he feels brotherly love for Naruto unconsciously and doesn’t admit it until the last  chapters of Infinite Tsukuyomi arc. 

In the last chapters of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke is shown to be understanding Naruto for the first time. He finally understood his feelings, on why he cared so much and went far lengths just to bring him back to the village. 

In his long pursuit of gaining power, he felt that creating bonds with others would eliminate the chance for him to gain power. He disregarded any attachment he received from others, and engrossed himself with vengeance and hate in order to achieve his goals. 

In episode 479, Sasuke quotes, “Naruto, I’ve been thinking…about what you once said to me. How when you’re with me, you wonder if this is what it’s like to have a brother. Now, finally, I think I know what you meant.” This further proves that he finally views Naruto’s feelings and also his own as a fact. 

It also helped that they are reincarnations of the legendary brothers of the shinobi world, Indra and Asura Otsutsuki, sons of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths.

Sasuke’s love interests in the whole series

Sasuke is known to be aloof and void of emotion, he never displayed attachment and caring for others, especially girls. But Sakura Haruno became an exception to this as she became the mother of his daughter and his wife in the series.

Sasuke’s relationship with Sakura was an unrequited love from the start. Sakura mindlessly pursues Sasuke and Sasuke treats her with the same treatment he gives with other fangirls.

Sakura’s feeling matured when Sasuke left the village for good in pursuit of power. Her feelings are no longer comparable with the other fangirls of Sasuke, who only loves him because of his character and good looks but became of deep devotion and caring.

After the Fourth Shinobi war, Sasuke finally decided to let go of his hate and become good again. To pay for the evil deeds he did during and before the war, he became the shadow Hokage of the village, protecting it from the shadows.

On one particular mission, Sakura accompanied Sasuke, and there they conceived their daughter, Sarada Uchiha.