Eliza Butterworth in a Fling/relationship/Married?

Eliza Butterworth is a 28-year-old English actor, best known for playing the role of queen Aelswith in the ongoing Netflix series “The Last Kingdom”. She has gained fame through this role and has been showered with love from the fans.

Eliza Butterworth is currently in a living relationship with James Anton Valentine Moore. Eliza is not very vocal about her relationship status and has always kept it out of the media spotlight for reasons unknown. James is not from the film industry.

Is Eliza Butterworth Married/In Relationship/Having an affair?

In Easter of 2020, she posted a photo on her Instagram with co-star Alexander Dreyman. From then on fans have been speculating who Eliza is dating. But what it seems is that Alexander Dreyman and Eliza are not actually dating. 

Eliza Butterworth has not disclosed anything regarding her own personal life to the media. She posted photos with James on Instagram and that pretty much sums it up.

The couple has not made anything public news. Eliza seems to be very private and does not consider sharing her personal life details in the open. They haven’t shared any possible date of getting married. Currently, they are enjoying their living relationship in private.

Who is James Anton Valentine Moore?

James Anton Valentine Moore is not from the film industry and is currently in a long-term relationship with Eliza Butterworth. Both James and Eliza are secretive in regards to their relationship. 

James studied at the University of Greenwich. He is currently working as a content author at HSBC. He is permanently settled in London.

The couple shares very little information with the public in general. But the fans of the show The Last Kingdom are very curious to figure out Eliza Butterworth and want to know more about their favorite actress.

What do we know about the couple?

What we know about the couple is that they have been dating since 2017. Eliza used to post photos of them on her social media. But have stopped since the beginning of 2019. So, one can suddenly come to the conclusion that maybe she is single. 

But the couple has not provided any solid indication for that assumption. Although the couple has been together for some time they aren’t yet married. Both individuals are currently at the peak of their careers and don’t seem to be in a hurry to tie the knot.

How is Eliza Butterworth handling her Personal and Professional life?

Eliza started her career by making guest appearances in DCI Banks and WPC 56 in 2015. In the same year she began playing the famous role of Ailswith, In The Last Kingdom series in BBC, later the show was shifted to Netflix.  

Last year in April 2020 the fourth season of “The Last Kingdom” premiered on Netflix and the hype for the new season was very high. The fans of the show really loved the latest season and cannot wait for the fifth season. 

In 2017 she appeared in two short films “(A Very) Ham Feasted Steak Out” and “Sometimes I Miss Them”. In April 2020, season four of “The last kingdom” was released on Netflix. 

Eliza is a percussion player and is a ballroom and flamenco dancer. She is also an alto and mezzo-soprano singer. She has been active in the industry since 2014. She appeared in a miniseries named “The North Water” in 2020 with Colin Farrel

In terms of her personal life, Eliza Butterworth lets out very little to her fans. She is preoccupied with her professional and personal life. It very much seems like she enjoys keeping her personal life away from the limelight. 

Is Eliza Butterworth working with her partner?

It was very much speculated that Eliza Butterworth was dating her co-star Alexander Dreyman. Many fans of the show also wanted these assumptions to be true.

Eliza also posted photos of them together on her Instagram account. Which had her fans thinking that they are now together. Dating rumors intensified all over the fan base. Making everyone go over to their social media account frequently. As an upside, the frequent searches actually increased social media following for both of them.  

But the actual fact is that they are good friends on and off the set and that is pretty much it. Although many people wished for the rumors to be true, sadly it’s not. Both of them are from the entertainment industry, so who knows what is actually going on. All we can do is have our fingers crossed and hope maybe.

Eliza Butterworth has a very active social media presence. The passionate and hardworking actress has a very good relationship with her co-stars on the British history-based Netflix series “The Last Kingdom” As per her social media. She quite often posts photos on her Instagram account. She posts photos with her family, friends, and co-stars. She also has quite a big fan following on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She has 186k followers on her Instagram account and 17k followers on her Twitter account.