Full Potential Anakin

Even though countless Star Wars characters are interesting and worth getting imaginative with different scenarios, Anakin Skywalker undoubtedly captures many viewers’ attention because of his emotionally complex attitude and inevitable fate in his beautiful yet tragic story. All those make people wonder about him more. 

Anakin was a very powerful character, even without reaching his full potential. In fact, he was an excellent strategist, which makes it rare to lose a battle. By being initially strong and powerful, it will be no surprise that full potential Anakin will be God-like and unbeatable. 

full potential anakin

At his full potential, Anakin Skywalker is always a great wonder to imagine. So, let’s put an end to those imaginations today and discover the answers. Amazingly, below are different what-ifs to describe how powerful Anakin could be if he had reached his full potential. Keep scrolling to learn them. 

How powerful would Anakin Skywalker have been if he had reached his full potential?

Anakin Skywalker, at his full potential, would have it easy to crush and beat his enemies. Anyone who gets in his way will experience total doom — he could have easily made the entire planet crumble, which can make the Star Wars fan base impressed and awed.

He would have great power to command anyone and command both light and dark side abilities. That to say, is enough to be considered enormous God-like power. 

So, Anakin would have been an unstoppable God in Star Wars if he had reached his full potential. 

How strong would Anakin have been as a Jedi? As Sith?

Had Anakin remained a Jedi and reached his full potential, he could be twice as powerful and stronger than anyone. It would have been uncomplicated for him to be the strongest in history. 

On the other hand, as a Sith in his full potential, Anakin will not be much different. With the help of his greatest capacity, he almost would have been the most outstanding force entity in the Star Wars universe — gaining the honor of being a full Sith Lord. 

Ultimately, Anakin reaching his maximum potential would completely unlock and beat standards on powers; either he settled for being a Jedi or Sith. 

full potential anakin

If Anakin is at his full potential, how many Jedi Council would it take to beat him?

Saying that Anakin would be God-like at his full potential is not a bluff. He would be extremely powerful. Given that he was initially a great strategist and rarely lost a battle, it would be easy for him to defeat the entire Jedi Council. 

Even the combined force of the Jedi Council will not be enough to beat Anakin Skywalker. To be precise, no number, even Master Sith and Jedi, would successfully crush him. By being at his full potential, he would totally be untouchable and unbeatable. 

If to duel and fight with anyone, Anakin will remain strong and standing as his enemy will suffer from a complete doom. 

If Anakin has reached his full potential, could he easily kill the Emperor?

Killing the Emperor is more than an easy task for Anakin if he has reached his full potential. Some viewers believed attaining that goal of beating the Emperor in one-on-one combat would be just a piece of cake. 

At his full potential, Anakin Skywalker can effortlessly overthrow the Emperor. Ultimately, killing the Emperor is no longer a question or challenge. With the combined skills and strategist mind power, Anakin would be the greatest. 

Is there anyone in Star Wars who could beat Anakin at his full potential?

Anakin Skywalker has exceptional fighting prowess and honor as a swordsman. Combining those abilities with his full potential powers would make him unbeatable. 

With only a glimpse of how powerful he can be, Anakin would have no one that could beat him — boasting immortality and all-power. On top of that, he would totally be comparable to Gods. Some less powerful than him can even have their knees in front of him. 

Could Anakin be most powerful in his full potential?

Having only his raw potential, Anakin can still dominate and count the number of battles he won. That alone is already impressive. For that reason, it has a strong possibility that he could be the most powerful in the Star Wars universe. 

Possessing unparalleled force abilities with only his raw potential, Anakin could handle every fight and battle if he had actually reached his full potential. 

What would Anakin Skywalker’s full potential look like?

Describing Anakin’s full potential is solely based on a glimpse of his raw potential. If he actually attains full potential it will look like God’s powers, making him the strongest and most powerful. Ultimately, there would be nothing that he can’t accomplish. 

Everything about Anakin’s full potential sounds good and impressive. However, we need to go back to the fact that everything said is mere imagination and what-ifs. Anakin’s inevitable tragic fate was the power of the authors. 

full potential anakin

Although Anakin is somewhat powerful, he has his fair share of flaws that block him from achieving his full potential. Primary to blame is his immaturity and failure to control his emotions. Nonetheless, all that happened was all because they were made to happen.