Gon’s Brother

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Gon Freeccs is the protagonist of the titular shonen anime, Hunter x Hunter. While being the protagonist and coming with the usual tropes thereof, Gon is not exempt from having a murky and mysterious family background. This is evident and will become a recurring theme of Gon’s struggles throughout the series prompting fans to eventually dig deeper to find some sort of explanation for it.

Gon comes from a very small yet broken family. His birth mother remains a mystery and his father, Ging Freeccs left him when he was young and never came back. The closest family he had growing up was his foster mom, who is also his aunt, Mito Freeccs. Gon is an only child as well and had had no siblings to speak of, even stepsiblings or the like.

Who is Gon’s Brother?

Gon is an only child meaning he grew up without any siblings to keep him company. The closest relationship to a brother he had in the series would be his closeness with his fellow hunter by the name of Killua Zoldyk.

Killua Zoldyk serves as the secondary protagonist to the series, alongside spiky-haired Gon. He is also featured in many arcs throughout the series which is how he and Gon were able to grow closer to one another. Sharing his experiences with Gon would eventually lead them into greater power and trust in the bond they share.

Is Hisoka Actually Gon’s Brother?

Hisoka is in no way, shape, or form related to Gon and his family. Many people speculate about Hisoka being a part of Gon’s family tree due to his creepy tendencies of getting closer to his objects of interest but canonically, there is no evidence to suggest that Hisoka and Gon are relatives let alone brothers.

That being said, we can also infer that there is no connection whatsoever between Ging, Gon’s father, and Hisoka. Hisoka’s backstory tells us that he was brought up by a traveling circus while Ging had his own family. Their strength levels are also incomparable as Ging was known as a prodigy of his generation with a great thirst for knowledge and a desire to unravel the world’s secrets.

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Is Ging Gon’s Brother?

Ging Freeccs is Gon’s birth father. He is known as a prodigy when he was you and was one of the strongest hunters of his generation, a feat that earned him the title of Zodiac with the moniker of “Boar”. It was because of his father that Gon decided to become a hunter.

Mito, Gon’s aunt and mother figure, and Ging used to be close when they were young. The two were able to foster their relationship through serendipity and even got a few rumors about it, something which neither of them minded. Due to their closeness, when Ging expressed his desire to become a hunter, Mito was hurt and retaliated by telling Ging to never return and show his face around her again.

Does Gon Have a Sister?

Gon grew up without any siblings so he also has never experienced what it was like care for a sister unlike his best friend Killua who had Alluka to look after. The closes relationship he had with a girl his age would be his friendship with Bisky.

Biscuit Kreuger is one of the side characters of the show being prominently featured in multiple arcs across the series as well. She is a professional treasure hunter that goes with both Gon and Killua on their journeys to become a hunter as well.

Is Hisoka Attracted to Gon?

Hisoka’s preference and sexuality were never confirmed by either the series or its creators but many fans speculate that he may be pansexual. There is also evidence to suggest that he might be gay since when he portrays acts of attraction, it was always towards men or boys but there are also moments where he can flirt with females albeit rarer and more sporadic in occurrence.

Many fans also observe that his sexual attraction is most likely derived from the feeling of power. This would explain his motivation to fight stronger opponents. The idea of beating someone stronger or more powerful than him is euphoric for Hisoka, especially if he can tap into their latent potential. That being said, we can also infer that Hisoka likes to play with the power dynamics and derives his pleasure from being able to conquer his objects of interest. This is to say that Hisoka doesn’t really care about how old you are or what gender you identify as, if you are strong, then Hisoka would want nothing more than to conquer you for his pleasure. This is the main reason why fans speculate that he would most likely be a pansexual.