How Many Kills Does R2-D2 Have?

Who does not love Star Wars? Since its release decades ago, it has reached multiple achievements and gained popularity globally making it one of the highest grossing film franchises of all time. They broke the stereotype films in the 70’s- from drama themes to an epic space opera. It is not just about the effects, but the franchise introduced different species of characters- from traditional humans (like us!), to Aliens, and of course Robots! Do you still remember the iconic R2D2? 

He was one of the deadliest in Star Wars. R2-D2’s kill count is hundreds, from Stormtroopers to co-droids, the exact number was not disclosed but a lot was killed by the small hands of this droid to support his masters to success. 

R2-D2, pronounced as Artoo-Detoo and commonly known as R2 (Artoo), was a masculine-programmeder R2-series astromech droid. He was brilliant, feisty, and is someone who, despite being a supporting character on the series, has made a name for himself.

R2-D2 successfully established oneself as a crucial protagonist in the Star Wars franchise as a whimsical and faithful droid. He was the one who managed to repair the Royal Cruiser’s shield from being burnt to crisp, saving Obi-Wan, Queen Amidala and the rest of the heroes. 

This fearless droid also would risk his life to help Luke save Hand and Princess Leia. In the opening act of Return of the Jedi, Artoo seems to understand the situation, that Luke plans to give him and 3PO to Jabba to gain access to his Lightsaber to later save everyone. 

During the War of Yavin, he has been Luke Skywalker’s astromech. Whether he’s rescuing C-3PO as well as the Rebellion through his own, assisting a teenage Anakin Skywalker in combat, or encouraging an older Luke to pick up the mantle once more to rescue a young Jedi, R2-D2 played a significant part in most of the films that followed. And, almost always, there’s many people killed in his wake, and we’re not surprised given his abilities.

Fans of Star Wars may not actually realize it, but R2-D2 the astromech droid can be quite fearsome when he desires to be. And it’s downright lethal.

What is R2-D2’s Kill Count?

There is no exact quantity except the one fan calculated which is in the high hundreds. But, from a particular perspective, R2-D2 has been one of the Republic’s and Resistance’s deadliest killers— at least in the Star Wars droid history, including BT-1 & 0-0-0, trigger-friendly astromech droid with R2-D2 and C-3PO-like looks, respectively. His bounty should be almost the same as that of his human counterparts or masters.

R2-D2 is not a droid designed for combat, but its cleverness and strategies are very smart. A sage droid indeed. Despite being a support droid, he has been wreaking havoc, and does not hesitate to filth his parts (or hands) to honor and support the franchise’s warriors for more than six decades. 

If you are a member of the Empire and First Order, and you notice a white and blue astromech along the way, the best you could do is to turn back and leave! 

Who does R2-D2 kill?

One of Artoo’s kills is an astromech named R3-S6 (also called Stubby). This droid was originally designed to assist Anakin, but they later found out that it was a Separatists spy that helped opponents by sabotaging heroes’ missions. 

Both droids had almost equal strength, displaying all their abilities to see who will prevail- or death will come. However, R2D2 definitely is much stronger and wiser, defeating and cutting R3-S6 as they fought over the access port. The poor R3-63 fell over the sky, even collided to a piece of droid, destroyed completely. Artoo had done it, without any second thought, to save the galaxy. 

I can say, one of the best and memorable kills of Artoo was in Revenge of the Sith. While assisting Obi-Wan with the elevator, two fully developed Super battle droids went to stop him. The droids are way bigger and seem very advanced and modern compared to our little guy. Without showing any fear, he made a clever combination move. Artoo blinded them in oil and used his rockets to light them up on fire. 

The two war machines were left totally wrecked by R2D2, who was basically a tech support robot. 

There are also quite numerous deaths and kills, caused by the heroes with the assistance of Artoo. He may not be someone that can be considered a cold-blood, but he has a wise and efficient way of killing.

How does R2-D2 kill so many people?

As a support droid astromech, R2-D2 is not very combative. He focuses more on supporting his colleagues using his smart and clever ways- such as the way he killed the two Super Droids by blinding them with oil and lighting them on fire using his rockets.

In his fight against Stubby, he also used the same strategy. As the two droids were fighting in the catwalk where the Access port was located, they had shown both of their abilities to see who would win. This scene was shown on a stand-alone issue Star Wars #36.

Both droids released electroshocks to electrocute one another, however, Stubby seem to lose that specific fight as he was disabled for a moment.  He was able to recover though and tried to continue to fight but Artoo used his very own move – sprayed Stubby some old and released a rocket to lit him on fire. Stubby almost fell but was able to connect his tow cable to R2 to secure himself and avoid the fall.

In the end, as a wise droid, R2 ended it in his own ways. He produced a saw and cut the cable, making Stubby fall, and even collided with a debris- completely wrecked.

Why does R2-D2 kill so many people?

Artoo, with some weapon enhancements from Chewbacca, may have taken down a complete fleet of stormtroopers, fended off Darth Vader long enough to help Luke and the Millenium Falcon, still he has a kind heart. He indeed has killed many, but he is one of the good guys. 

He had been fighting for decades, supporting the heroes to obtain one goal – to save the Galaxy from forces of evil and darkness. He made his parts covered with filth and blood, though not to the point where he is considered cold blooded, to show his loyalty, to take care, and to save his masters and colleagues. 

As Luke Skywalker said, we have never seen any robot show as much devotion as R2-D2. The droid. The droid has always been a vital part of the film, others stating he was even more useful, and heroic compared to other heroes and protagonists. Despite being a robot or a droid, he was one of the reasons why fans loved the film, and he became a great model figure, gaining high popularity worldwide. 

In which situations does R2-D2 kill people?

R2-D2 kills when necessary. He kills each time his colleague, master or friend is in need of saving. He had become a lifesaver and had some scenes where he was at the place at the right time.

Aside from being able to kill his co-species Astromechs and droids, he also had caused hundreds of deaths of the Empire Storm Troopers alone!

In the 2015 Star Wars 36 Comic series, R2-D2 managed to save his best friend and best enemy C-3PO that was captured by the Empire. The rebel Alliance staged an operation of stealing an Imperial Star Destroyer, which they got successfully, but caused C-3PO to be captured in the process.

C-3PO was only a protocol droid, and the alliance thought it is not necessary to risk people’s lives just to save him. Which R2D2 did not accept and planned to save his friend from possible death. He went to Chewbacca to upgrade his weapon system and rode an X wing fighter and tracked the Star Destroyer where C-3PO was kept at.

He managed to get on the Star Destroyer, electroshocked some stormtroopers and get into their communication system to send mixed reports, managing to make them fight each other, killing almost two squads of stormtroopers.

He also managed to hack the computer system, turning the hallway defenses against stormtroopers and burning them alive.

In the end, he found his friend C3PO about to be dismantled and successfully saved him.

Who would have thought that someone so small and cute can cause a disaster like this? Indeed, R2D2 is one awesome and one of a kind droid!