How old is Omega

Star Wars is full of clones with varying importance to the story. One of the most interesting ones is Omega. One of the things about Omega that makes her interesting is her age.

Clones rapidly age since they are intended to become mass-produced soldiers. But Omega is different – she is an unaltered clone of Jango Fett, and hence, she ages naturally. That said, Omega is 12 years old.

That makes you think of whether she was born before other clones. Find out who’s younger between Omega and other clones below.

how old is omega

How old is Omega in Star Wars?

Clones in Star Wars are made to mass-produce soldiers. Their aging is modified to become faster to make them ready for battle as soon as possible.

But in The Bad Batch, the heroes found a rather special clone – Omega. Omega is an unmodified yet enhanced female human clone created from the DNA of the Mandalorian bounty hunter, Jango Fett.

Because she is unaltered, she grows up just as fast as normal human beings do. Thus, like Jango Fett’s “son,” Boba, Omega ages naturally. 

There’s no confirmed age of Omega. But we can speculate based on different things in the Star Wars universe. 

Clone Force 99 is the first batch of clones. So, the Bad Batch clones are likely born at the same time as the clone batch that included Rex. They are about 12 years old.

Omega is revealed to be older than the Bad Batch. So, she could be at least 15 years old.

How old is Omega in The Mandalorian?

Is Omega in The Mandalorian? That is not yet confirmed, but there’s a fan theory that claims she could be.

The Armorer from The Mandalorian is said to be in her 40s. Looking at the timeline, that seems to be the appropriate age for Omega in that year. And the theory claims the Armorer is Omega in disguise.

how old is omega

That said, Omega could be 40 plus in The Mandalorian.

Is Omega older than the bad batch?

If you look at physical appearance, Omega seems to be the youngest member of the bad batch. But that’s not technically the case since she does not have accelerated aging, unlike her brothers.

In the episode “Bounty Lost,” Omega was revealed to be one of the only two Jango Fett clones that are pure. So, she ages like a normal being.

In “Return to Kamino,” Omega, with the Bad Batch, visited a secret laboratory within the Kaminoans’ cloning facility. There, she revealed that she remembers seeing the Bad Batch clones getting modified into super-soldiers. 

Thus, even if she looks physically younger than the Bad Batch, she is actually older than them.

Is Omega older than Hunter?

Hunter is part of the Clone Force 99, unofficially known as the Bad Batch. In the last episode of “The Bad Batch,” titled “Kamino Lost,” it was revealed who is older between them and Omega, the female clone.

“I spent most of my life in this lab. I was alone down here until you four were created,” Omega told the Clone Force 99. That confirms that she is, in fact, older than Hunter.

Is Omega the same age as Boba?

Boba Fett (originally code-named Alpha) and Omega are the only two “pure genetic replications” of Jango, according to Tech. Unlike most clones, they are not modified, so they age at a normal pace.

However, that does not mean they were created at the same time. Omega was grown years later after Boba was created as a possible solution to the issue of the degradation of Jango’s DNA sample. Perhaps, that’s why they did not modify her.

Is Omega older than Echo?

When Obi-Wan Kenobi visited Kamino in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Prime Minister Lama Su explained that they use a growth accelerant to speed up clones’ aging. If they don’t do that, a mature clone will take a lifetime to grow, meaning it would take long before they can be used in the war.

It’s why Rex looks like a strong adult in “The Bad Batch” and “The Clone Wars” but like a 60-year-old man in “Rebels” set 15 years later.

how old is omega

However, Omega is an exception. She does not have accelerated aging, so she looks younger than her brothers. But in actuality, she is older as she watched them get created and modified. 

So yes, Omega is older than Echo.

Is Omega the oldest clone?

Omega appears to be the youngest member of the Bad Batch. However, as it was revealed in “Kamino Lost,” she was actually the oldest of the bunch.

Omega revealed that she witnessed the creation of the Bad Batch, and she was also there when they received genetic modifications. That means she is a lot older than other clones.

However, there are still missing fragments of the puzzle. Omega’s actual age is not yet confirmed. But it is highly likely that she and Boba are the first clones to ever be created.