How Old Was Tobirama When He Died?

Tobirama is considered to be one of Konoha’s most powerful, smart, and fearsome ninja. He also learned all five basic elemental nature transformation techniques as well as Yin-Yang Release.

There are lots of misconceptions regarding the death of Tobirama. Before you continue reading the article, this is something that I want you to know, Tobirama died when he was 70 years old.

Who Was Tobirama?

Tobirama Senju is considered second only to Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, in power and prestige. Tobirama was known as Hiruzen’s teacher in the academy days. He was called one of the most gifted shinobi of his era. Tobirama was also known as The Second Coming of The First Hokage.

The battle against Minato and tobirama is the most epic battle in naruto. A fight between two giants of history taking place at epic speeds with super-powered moves is bound to be breathtaking. Tobirama has lived long enough to witness all this power shown by future hokages. He must have learned a few tricks along the way, and he used it against a legend to secure a victory for Konoha.

Was Tobirama A Good Person?

Yes. Tobirama was a very loyal person towards his village and he would do anything to protect it from harm, also he cared for the people in the village including the fallen ones.

How Did Tobirama Die?

Tobirama died from a disease when he was 70 years old. He uses the last of his strength to write “In the world of ninja, those with ninjutsu win”. There seem to be a lot of misconceptions regarding Tobirama’s death.

Some people think he died during the Kyuubi attack while others believe that his fight with Minato took its toll on him and eventually killed him, some fans argue that even if tobirama did die at some point, it wasn’t from the battle with Minato.

It was said that Tobirama died from a disease when he was 70 years old, this may seem like a simple fact but it’s actually quite controversial and open to subjective interpretation.

How Old Was Tobirama When He Died?

The answer to this question is quite simple, he was 70 years old when he died. Some fans believe that Tobirama died after the first Hokage during the Kyuubi attack but the story tells us what happened in more detail.

We learn from other characters, like Fukasaku about his death. We are told that Tobirama died from a disease. This implies that he was sick for quite sometime before his death. But how do we know how old Tobirama was when he died?

In the anime, episode 214 – The Fourth Hokage’s Deathbed Confession, Tobirama is killed by Orochimaru at the very end of naruto Shippuden. It’s suggested that he was in his 60s or 70s at the time but this information is not very reliable. 

This implies that Tobirama is at least several years older than Hiruzen, but it isn’t clear how old Tobirama was when he died. We know from the databooks that some characters are in their 20s while some are in their 40s. If you look further into this information you will find out that the stories are somehow inconsistent with the information provided in the databooks.

One of the most prominent examples would be Hashirama and Madara, we know from both the anime and manga that Madara is older than hashirama but according to their entry date in the databook, he should be one year younger than him. Also, another weird thing about Tobirama is that his birthday falls on the same day as Minato’s, September 21st.

If you take a look at tobirama’s databook entry, it says that he died when he was 70 years old. But there are some fans who point out that this information is inconsistent with the anime and manga since Tobirama would be in his 60s or 70s during the Kyuubi attack.

While some believe that Tobirama is indeed in his 70s during the Kyuubi attack. It’s said that he dies of illness after being crushed by the stones. But this information is too vague to rely on so we can’t take it for granted.

Who Killed Tobirama?

There are a lot of misconceptions about who killed Tobirama, not only because the information is vague but also because it’s open to interpretation. There are some fans who say that Tobirama died from his disease, while others argue that he was in fact killed by Orochimaru when they fought in the war.

Tobirama is a character that has very little screen time and he doesn’t have a big impact on the story, but despite this fact, there’s a lot of information about him. The question here isn’t how old Tobirama was when he died but rather who was it? Who exactly killed Tobirama?

Some say Orochimaru was responsible, while others say that Tobirama died from his disease. Both Orochimaru and Tobirama fought each other during the great shinobi wars but it’s unclear who won their battle.