How Rare is Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon Go

Pokemon like Mewtwo is an example of a legendary Pokemon, and it is difficult to catch and difficult to find. And obtaining or even looking for its shiny variant multiplied its rarity even further. 

A Shiny Mewtwo is rare and can only be obtained during events that may only happen once a year. The odds of getting a Shiny Mewtwo in a Pokemon Go Mewtwo event is 1 out of 20. 

It might look like getting a shiny Mewtwo is not so rare in Pokemon Go, but there’s a catch. You can catch legendaries from tier 5 raids, and tier 5 raid bosses are more difficult to defeat. 

Also, players can only do raids in Pokemon Go once a day, and a raid event for a legendary Pokemon lasts only for a week. In 2021, the Mewtwo event was held from July 16 to July 23. 

For a whole week, those who wanted to obtain a Shiny Mewtwo have participated in raids once a day. The trade-off for a legendary shiny Pokemon’s rarity is its availability. 

If you failed to catch the Shiny Mewtwo during the span of the event, you would still have a chance of obtaining them probably on the same date the following year. On the other hand, remember that Shiny legendaries in Pokemon Go have a 100 percent catch rate as long as you don’t miss any of your Pokeball throws. 

Also, you will only see shiny raid bosses if it is shiny or after the raid. 

Rare Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon Go

What is the Rarest Shiny Pokemon?

In Pokemon Go, the rarest shiny Pokemon considered by some of its players is the shiny Detective Pikachu. Detective Pikachu is a Pokemon character with a special hat that looks like a detective. 

Detective Pikachu isn’t officially released as an obtainable Pokemon. It is available in-game during the Detective Pikachu celebration event but only appeared in a cameo. 

However, some players reportedly encounter Shiny Detective Pikachu just as the event has ended. Some say that the game’s coding is the one that prevented the appearance of Detective Pikachu in the wild and is ready to be captured. 

But when the event ended, developers may have somehow turned off the limiter codes for a short time. Detective Pikachu became available for capture, even if it is not officially a catchable Pokemon in the game. 

It is why Shiny Detective Pikachu is even rarer, and only a few players in the world got themselves one.

For the officially released rarest shiny Pokemon, the possible rarest shinies are Tauros, Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d, and Kangaskhan. All of the mentioned shiny Pokemon have an appearance rate of 0.2 percent, along with Shiny Lunatone and Solrock.

 Then, the shiny Unown G and Unown O are the next rarest, with an appearance rate of 0.8 percent. The other rare shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with an altered appearance like, for example, Pichu with a hat. 

They can be found and obtained through participating in specific Pokemon Go events. 

Rare Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon Go

Can You Still Get Shiny Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?

If you are playing Pokemon Go after July 23, 2021, you can no longer obtain a Shiny Mewtwo. Your only chance to obtain one is when the event comes back, probably in July. 

However, there are always legendary Pokemon raid events monthly. You can choose to try your luck and get every Shiny legendary until the Mewtwo event comes back. 

Until then, you can try and grind for more materials and Pokeballs to make sure you are ready when the time comes. 

Rare Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon Go

What is the Best Shiny Pokemon?

The preferences of each Pokemon Go player are mostly different, so there’s no correct answer. For individual Pokemon stats, know that even if a Pokemon is shiny or not, it is no different from its non-shiny counterparts. 

If you were to base the best Pokemon to its CP in Pokemon Go, Slaking would be the best with a 4,431 max CP, followed by Eternatus with 4429 CP, and then Mewtwo with 4178 CP. For the strongest Pokemon, you can go for Mewtwo, Mew, and other legendary types of Pokemon. 

And as for the Pokemon with the best stamina for gyms, you can pick Blissey to do the job. The Pokemon with the best attack stat in Pokemon Go is Mewtwo, and for defense, it is Articuno. 

Now that you know what Pokemon are the best in some categories, pick the Shiny counterpart to know the best Shiny Pokemon for you. 

Rare Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon Go

How Do You Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go 2022?

Unfortunately, there’s still no news about getting Mewtwo in the year 2022. All Pokemon Go players that want to get a Mewtwo can only wait for event announcements. 

Pokemon Go has social media platforms from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and others to check out every day. There, you can find official statements and announcements and find out when a Mewtwo event is to take its place.