How Strong is Starkiller?

Darth Starkiller, often referred as The Apprentice or just Starkiller, is the fictitious hero of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed computer games and novels, which is within the Star Wars extended (Legends) world. Darth Starkiller was born Galen Marek. Marek is the child of a fleeing Jedi who was abducted, reared, and trained under Darth Vader when his father was killed by Vader. Marek is given the Sith moniker “Starkiller” because of his unrivaled Force might. He is utilized for destructive purposes.

Starkiller’s qualities may outstrip those of other potent Force users there in the Star Wars universe. He was able to rip a lightsaber from Vader’s grip with very little effort when he was still a kid, but that’s just the beginning. Darth Starkiller with Luke Skywalker are nearly identical. The main difference between them is Luke’s use of the Light Side of the Force vs Starkiller’s use of the Dark Side. We feel it will finish in a tie if they use lightsabers.

Is Starkiller the most powerful?

Starkiller proved to be a formidable fighter, and Vader employed him as a covert assassin. He could employ powers like force flash and force infuriate, which are incredibly difficult for even the most powerful force users, at an early age, and he did so regularly. He was also an expert with a lightsaber, which he could magnify with force.

He can hold his own against someone like Darth Vader or Mace Windu, among others. It’s worth noting that he’s a video game character, therefore he’s overpowering. To be pleased and enjoy the game, players must employ such bizarre powers. Despite everything, he performed incredible accomplishments. With him, the force was extraordinarily powerful, and his years of practice under Vader had developed him among the most capable force users in the galaxy. His strength is comparable to that of Darth Vader, Palpatine, Yoda, and Luke Skywalker.

How strong is Starkiller in the Force?

He had enormous authority. Even the powers of Darth Vader were afraid of him. He was able to forcefully divert an already collapsing star destroyer to the earth. He’s beaten kazdan paratus, rahm kota, and Shaak Ti, and he’s even faced Darth Sidious himself. Starkiller was such a formidable figure that Vader contemplated making him his personal Sith apprentice. Vader intended to enlist Starkiller’s assistance in assassinating the Emperor, knowing that the young man possessed the necessary abilities. Vader had secretly taught Galen in the hopes of his becoming a real Sith disciple.

Is Starkiller stronger than Luke?

Luke is regarded as among the finest Jedi fighters, and Starkiller has lately gained popularity among fans. The issue is, what might occur if Luke as well as Starkiller got into a fight? Who would come out on top? Anything might happen at any time. Both are formidable warriors, although they specialize in distinct areas. One thing they all have in common is a strong connection to the force. Some think that because Starkiller employed the violent nature of the force, it would be victorious over Luke, who usually uses the light side. That isn’t the case since Luke is powerful even without engaging the evil side of the force.

In an alternate reality, Starkiller and Luke squared off, and Starkiller compelled Luke to wield the violent nature of the force, similar to Palpatine. Luke had no choice but to use the evil side in order to save his comrades. That one occasion, Luke did utilize the evil side of the force.

Is Starkiller stronger than Rey?

Star Killer isn’t considered canon. But what if he was? The winner would be Star Killer. He does feats that no other Jedi has ever attempted on film. With his force powers, he can destroy star destroyers. Luke’s finest effort was to shift an X wing. Palpatine has the freedom to navigate a dozen seats and toss them towards Yoda. Star Killer, on the other hand, could transport warships weighing millions of tons of dead load. Despite the fact that he prefers sheer power over esoteric talents (which is all he can achieve considering his upbringing and the historical period he lived in), he is significantly stronger than Rey.

Is Starkiller a good guy?

Galen is a complex and strong figure. Regrettably, as per Disney, he is no longer a member of the original canon, but he remains a fantastic figure throughout the Star Wars world in my headcanon. Now, most of the other Force Unleashed titles had some in-game choices, but we’ll assume you choose the official (at the time) “become the nice guy establish the rebel alliance” path. The majority of the principles presented here can be implemented in either direction.

Who beat Starkiller?

Starkiller is proven to be in a comparable position as Asajj Ventress once he is separated from the reality-bending constraints of the video game world and inserted in a more realistic medium (like the novel). He can mingle with the experts and present a risk, however he is not among them. Is he, however, more powerful than Vader? Certainly not.