How to Breed 6iv Pokémon

Pokemon breeding is a feature in many Pokemon games where players can get an egg by leaving two Pokemon to ‘breed’ in a Pokemon Daycare center. Players use the breeding feature to get the most powerful Pokemon with ‘6iv’ for online battles.

To get a 6iv Pokemon, players breed two-high iv Pokemon, one male, and one female. They often include a destiny knot item or involve a Ditto, a neutral gender Pokemon. 

There are many ways to make a Pokemon stronger in-game. The most common way is to raise an effort value and breed a Pokemon with good individual value. 

A 6iv is a Pokemon with stats such as HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed that has an excellent 31 individual value or ‘iv’ in all 6 Pokemon stats. Thus, the ‘6’ and the ‘iv.’ 

The way to obtain more effort value (EV) and individual value (iv) of a Pokemon is different. You can get a higher EV by raising Pokemon through battles and medicine. 

And to get a perfect 6iv, there’s no other way but to breed for it. Breeding until getting 6iv Pokemon will take a long time to accomplish. 

It is always not guaranteed to get good Pokemon stats, and iv raising is more reliant on random number generators (rng) than ev raising.

Breed 6iv Pokémon

How Do You Get 6 Perfect IVs?

Getting a 6 Perfect iv Pokemon is a long manual process but not impossible. However, there are steps to follow to get what you want. 

Read the steps below to get started.

Breed 6iv Pokémon

Step 1: Get a 6IV Ditto 

One does not simply get a 6iv ditto by catching it in the wild or other areas. Firstly, remember that aside from breeding for good ivs, getting a 6iv Ditto is very rare. 

An average player can get a 6iv ditto with a chance of one in one million or something close to it. You can borrow or trade the perfect 6iv Ditto from a friend or any willing individual. 

Also, you can have a chance to obtain a 6iv Ditto through raid battles which are only in Pokemon Sword and Shield, what’s special about getting a 6iv Ditto because it drastically makes breeding for competitive Pokemon battles a lot easier. 

And since Ditto can breed with almost any Pokemon, it is advantageous if you have one. Also, remember that You can only pass down 5 stats from a parent Pokemon by using a destiny knot. 

Breed 6iv Pokémon

Step 2: Use Destiny Knot 

A destiny knot is an item that will ensure that your offspring Pokemon will get at least 5 perfect stats from your perfect iv Pokemon like 6iv ditto and more. 

It will not matter who holds the destiny knot item. You can give it to a parent Pokemon of your choosing. 

Breed 6iv Pokémon

Step 3: Use Another Pokemon with Other IV’s

It would be best to use other Pokemon to pair with other Pokemon for breeding. So make sure that you have good ivs to maximize the chance of the offspring inheriting the good iv stats. 

Breed 6iv Pokémon

Step 4: Breed the Two Pokemon

Go to a daycare center in the Pokemon game after making sure that 2 Pokemon of the opposite gender or Ditto have your desired iv stats. Leave your Pokemon there and wait.

You can wait for 15 minutes and talk to the Pokemon daycare counter to receive your egg. 

Breed 6iv Pokémon

Step 5: Breed its Nature

There are many kinds of Pokemon nature, and like ivs, it can be inherited by the offspring through an everstone. A Pokemon nature can also affect a Pokemon stat.

 Each Pokemon nature provides 1 increased stat and 1 decreased stat. There are also items called mints that affect a Pokemon’s nature. 

What are the Chances of Breeding a 6IV Pokemon?

The chances of breeding a perfect iv in a Pokemon is approximately 1/55 or can be less or more. If 1 iv has a chance of 1/55, you have to multiply this with 6 because there are 6 total Pokemon stats. 

How Rare is a Perfect IV Pokémon?

The rarity is one of the fifty-five chances. So on average, you have to get roughly 55 eggs and expect a perfect IV Pokemon.

Remember that it is only 1 stat, and there are a total of 6 stats in a Pokemon. There’s a 1.8 percent chance to obtain it through breeding to get a perfect iv. 

The condition for this is you must have two perfect iv-parent Pokemon.

How Hard is it To Get a 6 IV Ditto?

Continuous raid battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield are needed to obtain a 6iv Ditto. However, a year or more may take an average player to obtain it. 

If you want to obtain a 6iv ditto, you can instead request other players to trade their extra 6iv Ditto. 

Breed 6iv Pokémon

Is it Possible to Have 31 IV in All Stats?

Yes. The methods, as mentioned earlier, are the only known way to get 31 iv in all stats. 

However, the whole process is tedious and will take a lot of effort. Many players have also given up and used hacking tools instead to edit a Pokemon stat. 

It is not recommended to hack, especially if you are breeding for battling other players online.