How to Evolve Trade Pokemon on Emulator

Trading Pokemon in Pokemon games is one of the most prominent and fun features. Whether players are playing on a Nintendo device or an emulator, it is possible to evolve trade the desired Pokemon.

To evolve trade a Pokemon on an emulator, you have to make sure that the emulator has a game link feature to connect to other Pokemon games. Then you can open the link feature of an emulator, whether online or local, to trade with others or yourself. 

Another known method for evolving trading is using an editing tool like Pokegen, where you can edit a saved Pokemon and turn it into their evolved form. It can sound like it’s cheating, but for players who can’t trade with others, it probably is not.

Evolve Trade Pokemon on Emulator

Is it Possible to Trade Pokemon from an Emulator?

Yes, it is possible to trade Pokemon by using an emulator. However, it’s not always the same case for some emulators. 

It depends if the emulator you will use has a compatible trading feature. Still, most Pokemon emulators today have a functional trading system that you can always use.

Even Gameboy emulators, an older Pokemon emulator, have a trading system. But since a Gameboy doesn’t have an online feature originally, you would not be able to trade online using the emulator alone. 

Still, it is possible to trade online by using external software like Hamachi to trade and even battle with other players. The later emulators for Nintendo 3DS Pokemon games have an inbuilt feature to trade with others. 

Also, they have their servers where players can connect to. 

Evolve Trade Pokemon on Emulator

How Do You Trade Pokemon on PC Emulator?

Firstly, you have to search for the proper emulator for your specific Pokemon game. For example, you may use VBA for Gameboy Pokemon games, Desmume for Nintendo DS games, and so on. 

Then, you should have a legitimate copy of the game that you have extracted yourself so you can avoid any lawsuits against you. Then, you now have to download and open the program and select your Pokemon game file. 

You can trade Pokemon with yourself or with other players. First, to trade Pokemon with yourself, you must open two Pokemon games simultaneously. 

Usually, you can do that by going to the ‘tools’ tab of an emulator and seeing if it has a trade feature available. 

How Do You Evolve a Trade Pokemon?

There are two possible scenarios to have when Evolving a traded Pokemon. One is that the Pokemon traded only evolves through trading, and the other is when You can evolve Pokemon through leveling or stones.

You can evolve some Pokemon like Haunter only through trading, and you can get a Gengar the moment you or other players receive a Haunter. You will immediately see a ‘is evolving’ text after receiving such Pokemon. 

If, however, you want to prevent this from happening, you only have to let the Pokemon hold an everstone. It will prevent your Pokemon from evolving after trade or leveling. 

On the other hand, if you can evolve a Pokemon through other means, you have to do it manually by playing the game after trading. Make sure that you save your game progress afterward. 

Also, you can bypass everything else mentioned above and evolve your Pokemon instantly by editing your Pokemon game’s save file. Players use software like PkHex or PokeGen for this. 

However, if you want to ensure that your Pokemon is legit after editing, you have to look for other tutorials on utilizing that software. Otherwise, you have to do it all only through an emulator. 

Are Emulators Legal?

Yes. all emulators you will use for playing Pokemon are completely legal.

The problem only arises when players download Pokemon ROMs instead of purchasing a legit copy and extracting it themselves. You can be held liable against the law with that type of action. 

It is similar to downloading paid albums, movies, and other types of media. Simply put, you are committing piracy if you are doing that. 

Emulators are software only for running games like Pokemon. It is not the game itself, and that’s why you can use it every time. 

Evolve Trade Pokemon on Emulator

How to Evolve Trade Pokemon on Emulator Android

You can evolve trade Pokemon on Android emulators the same way on PC. There are many emulators on android that can run Pokemon. 

For now, the only latest emulator that you can run on Android is Citra, which is a 3DS emulator. You can trade Pokemon using emulators on android, but the settings for all of them are different. 

The only known way is to look for long tutorials online. For example, in Citra, you have to get a Citra account first. 

You can also check out the similar space app to connect two Pokemon games in android.

Evolve Trade Pokemon on Emulator

Can You Trade Pokemon from Emulator to Switch?

Yes. But you have to transfer Pokemon from an emulator to other Pokemon games first.

And then, you may transfer them to a Pokemon bank or Pokemon home after. Access it through the Switch, and then you are done.