How to fix UNO crashing?

Uno is one of the most appreciated board games played all around the world. Players face different kinds of issues when games like these are played digitally.

Up until now, creators are unable to find a permanent solution to solve the crashing issues faced by players while playing UNO. One of the common yet temporary solutions is reinstalling the game. 

How to fix UNO crashing on XBOX

When UNO was launched in XBOX in 2016, players faced different issues regarding crashing. The makers of the game thought that the crashing is being caused by the player’s account, not because of the console. 

Different players suggested different techniques. Some of the players said that using a different account instead of using their own helped them overcome the crashing-related issues. 

This helped some of the users but the majority couldn’t solve their problem.

Some of the players suggested on the forum that going out of the network can solve the issue. Meaning that the player facing the issue needs to go out of the network and choose an “offline” setting in order to fix this problem.

Once the setting is chosen, the player needs to come to the main menu and wait for a bit. When the online services are disabled, the player can repeat the beginning steps. 

While repeating the steps, the player has to choose “online.” Just like the previous one, this method worked for a few and didn’t work for the majority. A player can try the above methods but these are temporary solutions. The crashing needs a permanent solution.

Currently, UNO is not playable on Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and so on. Ubisoft is trying their best to solve the issue as they have received thousands of complaints.

Known issues of UNO crashing

When board games like UNO are being played in a digital form, players face different kinds of issues. Crashes are one of the most common issues faced by most players. 

Some of the reasons are: 

  • When a player has a computer that’s the spec is not enough for the game, the game will most likely crash. If the overlocking is way too high then the game can crash.
  • Another most common issue is choosing the wrong settings. A lot of players select the wrong setting which eventually causes crashing. In some cases, graphic cards with low power can cause crashes.
  • A player may also face crashing if the operating system is not upgraded. Along with that, the drives need to be upgraded as well. 
  • If a player is playing the game online then the network has to be fast. Otherwise, the game will keep on crashing. 
  • Another rare problem that is faced by some of the players is issues with digital rights management. UNO might also crash if it is running in the wrong mode. 
  • Sometimes antivirus can do bad instead of doing good. It can keep your UNO from crashing. 
  • A lot of the VPN slows down the online activities which can eventually cause the game to crash. 
  • If a player has too many tabs open while playing the game online, it can also cause the game to crash. 

How to prevent UNO crashing?

Even though there isn’t any permanent solution to this issue, a player can solve it temporarily by following the given procedures. When UNO crashed while joining the game online:

If UNO crashes while creating a game or joining an online game, then disable your ongoing anti-virus system. After that, relaunch the game.

Some of the users mentioned that anti-virus software like Bit Defender causes UNO to crash. If you are unable to open the game then try uninstalling the anti-virus software instead of disabling it. 

  • Messages like “NO network” or “Can’t connect” while joining:

Some of the players have complained that when they tried to play with 2 or 3 players online, they received a message saying “no network.” But when they checked their devices, they found out that the network was perfectly fine. 

In this case, the player is not able to connect with the host which is causing the crashing issue. The player can modify the settings of their Router in order to make a NAT setup that is open. 

  • Unable to load the game:

If a player faces issues like being unable to load or open the game, he or she can uninstall and then reinstall the game. This can temporarily solve the issue. 

  • Crashing or hanging during multiplayer

Uno is a game that is created to play with multiple players. When a host goes through a transition, it takes a few seconds to transit. 

If the game hangs during this time, waiting is the only solution. 

How to stop UNO crashing on startup?

Two basic steps can be followed to stop UNO from crashing on PC.

  • All the background apps need to be closed. First, the task manager has to be opened. After that, go to the background processing tab and kill any overlaying apps. 
  • Disabling a feature called windows sonic has solved the issue for a lot of people.