How to Meet Egirls

E-girls (also called gamer girls) are quite easy to find, that’s if you know where to look. Taking the right steps make it easy to spot a gamer girl, whether you’re looking for her online or offline.

Many gamer girls feature in gaming forums and other online communities unnoticed. In most cases, these girls take on masculine names to avoid being sexualized by their male gaming partners.    

But that doesn’t mean that e-girls don’t want to hang out with a guy: they want to.

In this guide, you’ll find vital info about how to meet an e-girl that shares many of your gaming interests. 

How to Meet E-girls

Check out few tips to help you meet e-girls with ease:

Become an active gamer

Most e-girls are active gamers and the best place to locate them in in an online gaming community. Several online games provide a chat feature to enable gamers communicate and share ideas. 

But it’s worth noting that e-girls may be reluctant to talk to a stranger online. You must build your status as a regular gamer first. 

If you’re lucky, the e-girl will reach out if she likes you. 

Join forums of female gamers

Few online gaming forums have an all-female membership. It becomes easy to contact a gamer girl if you can gain access to any of these forums.

Maintain regular conversations with these girls. Over time, at least one of them will warm up to you. 

Visit a gamer dating site

Several dating sites for gamers are springing up, and many of these websites feature gamer girls looking for partners. All you need to meet a gamer girl through this site is to register and start searching. 

Make sure you’re sure the person you choose isn’t a fraud. Some guys pose as females to scam people online, so be careful. 

Through video chat group gaming sessions

Many online games only have text chat enabled, but others take communication further by including video chat support. Connecting with an e-girl through video chat is the easiest and least risky online method. 

How to Date a Gamer

These are the top sites right now to locate e-girls without stress:

1. Kippo

The Kippo app runs a simple design and allows gamers meet other geeks for a relationship, dates, or more. iOS and Android devices can access this app, and it keeps garnering thousands of downloads. 

You can easily browse profiles on this site and communicate with other members. The site also allows users pick several profiles to look through, select personality traits, and much more. 

Browsing through the app is free and it provides an opportunity to make strong connections with a gamer girl.

2. Gamer Dating

On Gamer Dating, users have access to connect with gamers after an easy sign-up process. Millions of gamers are on this site, but you will have to subscribe to a premium membership to access all features. 

3. Girl Gamer Dating

Girl Gamer Dating allows users connect with other gaming geeks without revealing their personal information. The site runs every feature for free and you can chat, join forums, and access other features with ease.

4. Soulgeek

Users of Soulgeek can access detailed profile fields, making it easy to search for the perfect gamer girl. The site also supports an auto-search feature that allows users sift through multiple profiles in a short while. 

5. EHarmony

The EHarmony site is not dedicated to gamer girls but has several filters to search for your desired partner. You may sign up and check profiles for free, but the site requires a subscription to send direct messages. 

EHarmony has several sections with loads of gamers and geeks. Looking around before paying to send messages is a smart way to discover if this site has what you need.  

Where Can I Find E-girls?

Games and tech goods stores

Gamer girls are more likely to visit stores for gadgets, consoles, and other tech goods. Visiting any of these stores in your neighborhood makes it easy to meet gamer girls face-to-face. 

Gaming conventions

Several gaming conventions hold at least once every year, giving gamers an opportunity to try out new consoles and titles. But such events also provide an opportunity to meet e-girls offline. 

Gaming clubs

Special clubs set up for gaming geeks are common in schools. You can easily become friends with a gamer girl through such clubs. 

Socializing with the gamer girls in your club also provides you an opportunity to know other gamer girls too. If you’re fun to be with, you could even get an invite to a gamer girls-only LAN party. 


Meeting the right e-girl isn’t easy if you don’t search the right places. Most e-girls like communicating online but won’t shy from meeting you in person too. 

Make sure you don’t try to sexualize a gamer girl when you eventually find one. Many e-girls believe they are stigmatized against by the opposite sex, so be careful in your approach. 

Take cues from the tips in this guide, and you’ll find it’s easy to locate your dream e-girl without trouble.