How to Recharge a Puff Bar

Puff bars were designed to take after the very popular and marketable JUUL which is basically an e-cigarette designed for one time use. The brand also offers many appealing flavors for the youth.

They are also not subjected to the federal policy that aims to regulate the manufacturing and selling of flavored e-cigarettes. Why? Because Puff bars are meant to be disposable and this fact is how they managed to find a loophole in the regulation of such products.

How Can I Recharge a Puff Bar?

Many people don’t really pay much attention or challenge the idea that the Puff Bars are disposable but a few tech savvy individuals still thought about whether or not you can recharge them. The simple answer would be yes but the goal is almost not worth the amount of precision and tedious work that will go into doing the job.

First thing you’ll have to do is to remove the circuit board by disassembling the speaker. After that you’ll need to pull out the battery which will have two important wires you’ll have to interact with in a bit. You’ll also need a USB cable to serve as a charging cord.

  • Check the bottom of the Puff Bar. You’ll likely see a crevice at the base. Gently lift the cover using any tool you can fit into it. Once, lifted you shoul see a tank and the battery inside.
  • Very carefully tug at the two of these components until you’re able to coax them out without removing or separating them from the body. Just make sure that you’re able to clearly see the sensors and worse. Take a mental note on how the wires are positioned since you’ll be putting them back in that order once you’re finished.
  • Detach the small tape that keeps the wires together and attach them to the circuit of the speaker on their respective terminals. Double-check that the wires and the terminals are correctly aligned. Otherwise, you’ll heavily damage your device.
  • Once you’re done aligning the terminals and the wires, it’s time to secure them to keep them in place. You can do this with a simple tape. Charge the puff bar for around 7 – 10 minutes and try to draw from the device.
  • If the smoke is not as thick as you would like, you can charge the pen for another 3 – 5 minutes.

There might be some juice left once you deplete the battery. Without a functioning battery, the coil will not heat and the device will not produce vapor.

While it is possible to revive and recharge the device, you should not expect it to last long and can only do this procedure one or two more times at most.

Besides, considering all the meticulous steps and troublesome tasks you have to do to recharge a Puff Bar, it might be a much better option for you to just buy a new, disposable pack.

Can You Recharge a Puff Bar?

Generally, Puff Bars come with pre-charged batteries so you won’t have to worry about having to plug them in before you can use them. Because they are manufactured as disposable vapes, they are not made with a port that will allow them to recharge. This is why Puff Bars cannot be recharged through normal means.

Despite the Puff Bar’s non-rechargeable design however, some vapers still managed to do the impossible and found a way to pump some energy back into their disposable vapes.

This method of recharging involves a USB cord with the wires stripped and the micro-USB port completely cut. The Puff Bar is dismantled in order to reveal the battery and the terminals to which the cables from the USB cord will directly attach to.

Even though vape shops can tell you that this method definitely works, understand that there are also risks that come along with trying to make this unconventional method of recharging work. Some risks you have to be wary of are:

  • There is the ever-present risk of the battery short-circuiting if the wrong wire is attached to the mismatching terminal.
  • The base of the Puff Bar is not something easily accessible and is firmly attached where it is. Removing the base may require a bit of force but if you’re not careful, you may just end up breaking the entire device.
  • There is also a risk of the device exploding if the parts are not properly maintained throughout the procedure. This explosion can also not only damage the device but could also result in physical injuries.

Why is My Puff Bar Blinking?

Most disposable vapes have a light built in that indicates that the device is in use. This built-in light turns red when the device senses that the battery is running dry on power.

The light could also blink instead of turning blue which basically tells you the same thing. When this happens, the vape may not respond to you when you try to inhale or draw from the device.

Disposable vapes are designed in such a way that the battery tends to last longer than the juice it contains. If you ever spot that the light in the Puff Bar starts blinking, it may be an indication that the power in the battery is running low.