How To Summon Slenderman?

The Slenderman is a fictional character that was created in 2009 by the Something Awful forums. Since then, there have been many video games, fan art, and even an indie film about him! It’s an extremely tall man with long slender arms and legs, wearing a black suit, who stalks children.

But what if we told you it’s actually possible to summon Slenderman? This article will give you some tips on how to summon this creature for your own personal use!

How To Summon Slenderman?

How To Summon Slenderman in Your Room?

Step-1: Turn off all the lights in your room 

Step-2: Put up a poster of Slenderman or anything about slenderman. You could even make one yourself! 

Step-3: Turn off the lights again and talk about slenderman in chat rooms.

Step-4: If you see a tall, dark figure in your room, then you did it!

Step-5: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !!! He is coming for you…

How To Summon Slenderman With Paper

Step-1: Take a pencil and paper.

Step-2: write these words on the paper “my name is (your name)” three times.

Step-3: go to a mirror, look at yourself in it and say your name out loud three times while continuing to stare into the mirror.

Step-4: take a picture of yourself or draw your face on another piece of paper.

Step-5: put the picture in front of you face up on a table facing the mirror so that it looks like you are staring at yourself in the mirror.

Step-6: turn off all lights and light some candles.

Step-7: chant (or whisper if haven’t raised your voice since step-1)

“Slenderman, Slenderman come here. I summon thee.” seven times.

Step-8: have a friend open the door facing the mirror. slide open the mirror and say “don’t turn around Slenderman is behind you!”

Step-9: if all goes successfully Slenderman will appear and should be able to hear and see you.

Step-10: Slenderman will ask you who you are and you must reply with your name, if he does not know your name then he can kill whoever is present at the ritual.

Step-11: say “I want to (insert wish here)” as loud as you can.

step-12: say “thank you Slenderman” and Slenderman should leave.

Step-13: if Slenderman does not leave Say again.

Step-14: don’t forget to close the door behind him and light some more candles.

step-15: turn your lights back on.

Step-16: take praise for having been able to successfully summon Slenderman.

step-17: you must repeat the ritual every night of a full moon for 9 consecutive nights.

step-18: be happy because if it was successful, the more likely reason is that you are special.

Step-19: Try not to anger Slenderman because if you do, he may appear and kill all those around you.

How To Summon Slenderman With A mirror?

Step-1:Get a mirror, camera, and at least 1 buddy.

Step-2: set up your camera on a tripod or something so it is pointing towards the mirror. make sure everything is in plain sight and nothing will ruin the shot like an arm or anything (note: do not actually put your arm in shot)

Step-3: you and your friend get in front of the mirror and one of you has to call slenderman until he comes.

Step-4: once you see slenderman in the mirror, drop your jaw and just stare into the camera no matter what happens (don’t scream or move)

How To Summon Slenderman in Real Life?

How To Summon Slenderman?

1. You must find a dark forest at night or an abandoned building under the moonlight.

2. Find a long stick and whisper “I have found you” 3 times into it. 3 times only!

3. Drag the stick across the ground as shown in the video for 1 minute straight, even if nothing happens do not stop.

4. Cover yourself in dirt and roots, chant “Slenderman” 5 times without a break.

5. As the last word leaves your mouth, you will feel ice-cold hands grasping at your ankles, do not scream or it may get angry and kill you!

6. A large creature with tendrils for fingers will appear in the darkness, all you have to do is say “no” or “please go away.”

7. He will grant your wishes and leave you be for another year.

8. If he does not leave… well… good luck with that!

9. When leaving the forest/building, never look back at slenderman or he will haunt you forever!

How Do You Summon Slenderman in Minecraft?

Step 1: You can also summon Slenderman in Minecraft by going into a forest at night and finding a long stick.

Step 2: Then, whisper I HAVE FOUND YOU to the stick THREE TIMES ONLY!

Step 3: Slenderman will appear behind you and just run away from it or say NO PLEASE GO AWAY.




Some think Slenderman Is a real demon, others believe him to be an imaginary character created on 4chan, and some people say he doesn’t exist at all. Regardless of his origins or existence, it seems that many are willing to risk their lives in order to find out more about this faceless creature who has haunted our dreams for years now. We can help you summon Slenderman if you’re brave enough!