How to Turn on Adventure Sync iPhone 12

The Adventure Sync feature for Pokemon Go is one of its most convenient features for many Pokemon Go players. It allows the players to record and see the distance traveled by a player even if the Pokemon Go app isn’t open. 

To turn on the adventure sync in iPhone 12, you must go to the phone settings first. After that, you will have to find the ‘adventure sync’ option and turn it on from there. 

Remember that while Adventure Sync is on, your battery will drain a bit faster, so you must be prepared for it. Also, take note that the feature utilizes your Iphone’s GPS.

After using Adventure sync, players can benefit from additional Pokemon eggs and hatch them as they reach a milestone of 2km, 5km, or 10km. The players can get Adventure Sync- exclusive eggs when they reach weekly fitness goals in-game.

Adventure Sync iPhone

How Do I Turn on Adventure Sync on My iPhone?

Turning on the adventure sync is easy. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below.

Adventure Sync iPhone

Step 1: Go to the main menu.

First, you have to go to your menu on your iPhone 12. After that, open your Pokemon Go app and find the settings on your screen. 

Usually, the appearance of its icon looks like gears or a gear. Tap on it immediately and proceed to the next step

Adventure Sync iPhone

Step 2: Go to Settings 

Inside the settings, you can find other settings for music, sound effects, and many more Pokemon Go app-related settings. You have to scroll down to find the settings you want to adjust. 

Adventure Sync iPhone

Step 3: Find’ Adventure Sync’

You can easily find the adventure sync option on the same page. When you see the adventure sync option, there will be a blank circle beside it. 

If it is turned on, a checkmark will appear inside the circle. If it is turned off, then the circle will always be blank. 

You can tap on the text or the circle next. After that, a prompt will appear that says ‘turn it on, and ‘Maybe later. 

Then, another prompt will appear when you tap on the ‘turn it on’ button. It contains ‘missing motion permissions’ that are not required for you to turn on to use the Adventure Sync.

Instead, you may tap on the close button and tap ‘ok’ on the next prompt. A short message prompt will appear saying that the Adventure Sync is enabled. 

Why Doesn’t My Pokémon GO Have Adventure Sync?

A probable reason your Pokemon Go has no Adventure Sync is that you are using an outdated version of the app. You may visit the App Store to update your Pokemon Go app to its latest version. 

Another possible reason is device compatibility. Even if a device has a Pokemon Go app installed, the Adventure sync will not be available if the device doesn’t support the feature. 

It will only work on devices with health apps like Apple Health or Google Fit. Or it might be because you are running a battery-saving app on your phone. 

Battery-saving apps usually restrict apps or fast features from draining the phone’s battery. You may try turning it off and see if you can turn adventure Sync on. 

Adventure Sync iPhone

How Long Does Adventure Sync Take to Update?

Adventure Sync Updates were initially thought to be hourly. But for many Pokemon Go players, the Adventure Sync is constantly updating as the player walks around. 

The update is almost real-time, and you can see the current distance you traveled so far. It may also take longer if your device’s internet connection is slower and if there are things that block your GPS access. 

What App Does Adventure Sync Use?

The Adventure Sync uses fitness apps like Google Fit and Apple Health. Players can connect the Pokemon Go app with the compatible fitness app.

The fitness apps can also record the total traveled distance of a Pokemon Go player because of the Adventure Sync integration. The measured distance will usually be in Kilometers. 

Does Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Work with Apple Watch?

Yes. Pokemon Go’s Adventure Sync still works with the Apple watch.

But still, it is not a known thing that Adventure sync works with the Apple watch. You have to stop the ‘workout’ in Apple watch to use the Adventure Sync effectively. 

If you’re running a workout, you always have to open the Pokemon Go app to ensure that the Adventure Sync is usable. 

Adventure Sync iPhone

How Does Pokémon GO Adventure Sync Work?

The Pokemon GO Adventure sync is a mode in the game. You can record your traveled distance in kilometers using this optional feature. 

Players may use this mode even if the Pokemon Go app is not open. With the Adventure Sync active, players can earn some ‘Buddy candy’ and hatch Pokemon eggs in the process. 

It can be connected to Apple Health or Google Fit to monitor the walking activity and the progress. A weekly milestone will be available, and you can get rewarded when you reach a certain distance within a week.