How to Unlink Facebook from Pokemon Go

Logging in to Pokemon Go using Facebook is convenient. However, there are times when users want to deactivate or not use their Facebook accounts but still want to play Pokemon Go. 

Users can do it via the Facebook platform, Pokemon Go app, or phone settings to unlink Facebook from Pokemon Go. Then you can select the unlink option in the Accounts menu options or Account settings in Facebook.

The whole process of unlinking Facebook accounts is quick. You can do it within a minute or even faster. 

Also, remember that you can link your Facebook account once again whenever you want. So, you can proceed with unlinking your Facebook account without any worries. 

However, note that when you unlink Pokemon Go from Facebook, you will also unlink it from any other Niantic games since Pokemon Go is a Niantic game. 

Unlink Facebook from Pokemon Go

How Do I Unlink My Pokémon GO account?

There are three known ways to unlink your Pokemon Go account. The first one is by using Facebook, and the other one is through your phone’s settings app or by using the Pokemon Go app.

To start unlinking using Facebook, you have to log in first and go to your account settings. You can find the account settings by clicking the small inverted triangle in the upper right of the Facebook page. 

For those using Facebook mobile, you can find the settings after tapping on the three lines. Then scroll down and look for settings & privacy, and tap it immediately.

Tap or click on settings afterward. Then, find Apps and Websites and click or tap them once more.

You can immediately find the apps and websites option in the left-hand sidebar in the web browser. While on mobile, you can find it under Permissions.

You will see all the lists of apps that you have integrated with your Facebook account. Then, find the Pokemon Go app and click or tap it after. 

Unlink Facebook from Pokemon Go

If you can’t find the Pokemon Go app in the list, click or tap on “see more” to expand the list. If you can’t find the app, it might be unlinked already. 

For the settings app unlinking method, go to your settings and then find and tap the” Accounts” menu option. Then, tap Facebook, and remove ‘account.’

You will know that it is unlinked if you don’t see the Facebook account there. But you will also remove the Facebook integration for all the apps on your device. 

Finally, you can also try to do it in your Pokemon Go app. There’s a main menu option in the map view that looks like a Pokeball.

Unlink Facebook from Pokemon Go

After you tap it, there will be a settings option that looks like a gear. Under the “Account” section, deselect the “linked” checkbox of Facebook, and then you’re done.

Unlink Facebook from Pokemon Go

How to Unlink Facebook from One Account to Use in Another? 

You can unlink a Facebook account and use it in another Pokemon Go account. You can do this by involving another email, preferably a Gmail account for another Pokemon Go account.

First, link your previous account to a Gmail account. Then, log in to your new Pokemon Go accounts using your Gmail credentials. 

After that, you have to unlink the Facebook account in the previous account. Then, log in to your new Pokemon Go account using another email, and you can link your Facebook account from there. 

Unlink Facebook from Pokemon Go

Unlink Facebook AND Google

If you unlink your Facebook and Google account to your Pokemon Go account, you can still log in through other methods. The other login methods are Apple, Pokemon Trainer Club, and Niantic Kids.

When unlinking your Facebook and Google accounts, you have to make sure that any alternate accounts can be accessed or linked. Then you have to unlink Facebook and Google one at a time. 

And when you unlink one of the first, you have to link another account to make sure that the progress of your Pokemon Go journey is saved. 

Unlink Facebook from Pokemon Go

How Do I Log In to My Pokemon Go Account Back?

After unlinking your Facebook account to your Pokemon Go account, you can log in similar to what you have always done. First, you can fill up the credentials, account name, email, and password. 

Then click or tap login. You can never log in using your Facebook credentials anymore, so that it can be a Gmail account, iOS apple ID, Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) account, or Niantic Kids account. 

When you have already logged in, You might alter the settings or different, like the volume, sound, and music. It is completely normal, and you can adjust them the way you want to. 

On the other hand, If you can’t log in using your new account, the first thing to do is check your internet connection and make sure that you type all of the accurate credentials information. You may also message or call their customer support service if nothing else works.