Is Ichigo Gay?

Animes that feature many different characters are prone to fantasies and speculation, much to the glee of gossipers among the fandom. Bleach, and by extension, the protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, is no exception to this with its long standing fame, dedicated fan base, and numerous characters.

Well then, is Ichigo gay? Majority of the fanbase and, in fact, even the head artist and author of Bleach, Tite Kubo, would argue against this point. The author and the fandom are both in consensus that Ichigo is not gay; he is merely too young in the story to fully grasp the idea of romance and sexuality.

Is Ichigo Gay?

Ichigo is far from homosexual. Elaborating in this point, many forums speculating about Ichigo’s sexuality have ended in both sides simply agreeing that the protagonist is just too young to start discovering and acting on his sexual tendencies, heterosexual or otherwise.

A lot of people also agree that even if Ichigo was of age, he wouldn’t be wasting his energy on discovering if he prefers bananas or clams with him being the hero that is destined to save the world and all that. Bleach fans think that girls (or boys, though improbable) can wait until the world is safe before Ichigo lets them into his pants.

That being said, with the release of the final chapter of the manga, we definitely know now that Ichigo is 100% heterosexual. The final chapter of the manga portrays Ichigo and his old high school classmate, Orihime Inoue, to be married with a son who they named Kazui.

Who is Ichigo in Love With?

For most of the series, Ichigo can be seen as rather indifferent to the idea of love and romance. At the beginning, we can see Ichigo being rather protective of Orihime however, many would argue that that’s simply because of his nature to be protective of other people in general.

Orihime herself has suspected that Ichigo only thinks of her as a friend. We see her grow out of this mindset however as she slowly begins to develop. Be that as it may, Orihime also often has fantasies that prominently feature the orange-haired protagonist much like any other smitten lady.

In the end, we come to realize that Ichigo does have somewhat of a soft spot for our orange-haired heroine. Rukia, in turn, then introduces to Ichigo the idea of protecting Orihime in a formal manner.

Moreover, as the series goes on, we see that many of Ichigo’s rivals point out his protectiveness of Orihime, others even using this bond to leverage their plans against the protagonist.

Does Ichigo End Up With Anyone?

In the final chapter of the manga, chapter 686, Tite Kubo caused a controversy among the fans with how he decided to pair off the major characters of the story. Despite causing an uproar among the fandom however, this ending was seen by many as a satisfactory closure that fit the series just right.

When it comes to pairings in the bleach series, the most notorious one could be what is dubbed as “IchiRuki”, a moniker created by combining the first two syllables of Ichigo and Rukia’s names. This pairing also appears in many works of art and fiction largely purported by the fanbase.

Unfortunately, and much to the disappointment of many IchiRuki fans, Kubo chose to pair Ichigo with Orihime Inoue, who is the main character’s old high school classmate. Their marriage soon bore fruit as Orihime gave birth to their son who they named Kazui.

Rukia, on the other hand, would then be paired off with her long-time friend, Renji Abarai. Because both parents were prominent Soul Reapers, their child, Ichika, inherited a mixture of their powers.

The manga may have concluded but the debates about the merit of such a marriage remains very much active. Kubo Tite himself has expressed that romance wasn’t his main focus in creating Bleach and thus only was able to give it more focus as the story draws closer to a conclusion.

During the early parts of the series, romance wasn’t an issue for the creator since most of the plot consisted of Ichigo trying to master his supernatural powers and trying to stop Aizen’s plans. Nonetheless, during his adventure, many fans took notice of his moments with either Rukia or Orihime.

Many fans believe that in the case of Orihime, her supernatural sense made Ichigo naturally want to protect her since she was a prime target. On the other hand, Rukia needed far less protection but did have to heavily rely on our protagonist for comfort and emotional support.