Is Luffy a Virgin?

Fandoms speculating whether or not their favorite characters have “done the freaky” is hardly a new thing. Anime, in general, is a genre much more susceptible to these speculations and, of course, not even the dearest protagonist of the famous series, One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy is safe from the eyes and imaginations of the audience.

The question is, is Luffy a virgin? The fandom considers the answer to this question a resounding “yes”. The head artist and writer for One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, himself has gone on record to say that the only thing Luffy is in love with is adventure… and meat.

Is Luffy a Virgin?

At this point and every other point in the story of One Piece thus far, Luffy’s focus has only been on retrieving the treasure. That goal is enough to occupy almost 100% of his mind, leaving no room for him to think about conquering, let alone fornicating with women. The only competitor to this space has been gorging himself on obscene amounts of meat to eat.

So then what’s the next question? Do we ask if Luffy will ever be interested in women as he grows older and more mature? That is yet another question that doesn’t seem to have a definitive answer in the current state of the story. Only time will tell if Luffy ever matures enough to find himself a mate while searching for the legendary One Piece.

Does Luffy Have a Girlfriend?

File:Strawhat crew jolly roger.svg

In his adventures, Luffy has made strong connections with a number of women. Two of the women in his company, namely Alvida and Hancock, have fallen for our straw hat wearing protagonist while another two, namely Rebecca and Shirahoshi, have an extreme amount of admiration for him.

We can also say that, while Nami, Robin, and Vivi may not be infatuated with Luffy, they all share a strong sense of camaraderie between them and are canonically pretty close friends with one another.

Reiju has always had an immense amount of respect for Luffy and continues to be grateful to him for helping her brother, Sanji. Marguerite only became close to Luffy during the Amazon Lily Arc.

Ever since the inception of One Piece, Luffy has never shown any interest in the opposite sex. We know this since Boa Hancock, who is known as the most beautiful woman in the universe of One Piece, has been blatantly shot down despite her obvious romantic interest in Luffy.

Having said this, is it accurate to say the Luffy does not appreciate the opposite sex? The answer to that is no. The explanation comes from Eiichiro Oda himself. In SBS One Piece volume 88, Oda gets asked about Luffy’s view on beautiful women.

According to the author, Luffy may not show any interest in females in his current mental state but he does appreciate when the opposite sex appears to him as beautiful. It could be surmised that Luffy merely calls beautiful women as such in an effort to describe the people around him and not to give anyone compliments.

Additionally, the author expressed that Luffy wouldn’t call someone beautiful in order to get women to see him in a romantic light. To Luffy, beauty isn’t a standard, it’s merely something to help him distinguish the differences among his friends and peers.

In reiteration, Luffy is aware that Vivi, Robin, and Rebecca are beautiful specimens of women, only for him this only serves as a way to be able to distinguish the difference between each of them. He does not see their beauty as qualities to be judged, let alone conquered.

Who is in Love with Luffy?

Originally, Hancock has had a rather antagonistic relationship with Luffy. This perception changed when she witnessed his innocent and selfless nature along with the notion that he hadn’t judged her despite uncovering her past as a slave. This shift in perception for Boa eventually led to budding feelings of romance towards Luffy.

Evidence of Boa’s affection for Luffy can be seen in her behavior whenever she is around him. She tends to blush easily and has a hard time looking him in the eye. She also frequently daydreams about getting married to Luffy. This extreme feeling of affection for him has caused Boa Hancock to go against the World Government on several occasions.

We also see a disparity in Boa’s behavior in the Battle of Marineford where she declares that any and all men are her nemeses. This stance shifts as soon as Luffy arrives at the scene however, where she then focuses on simply protecting Luffy. 

After the battle, Boa then helps a heavily injured Luffy until he recuperates. She does this tirelessly and so devotedly that she refuses to eat food until she sees Luffy fully recovered.

Boa Hancock maintains her loyalty towards Luffy despite his blatant rejection of her offer to get married. We also see some of Boa’s efforts for Luffy reciprocated as how fiercely he declares that he will break into Impel Down for Hancock. We also see Luffy give Boa a hug while remarking that she had saved him twice, during Impel Down and on the rescue of his brother.