Is Nagato Related to Naruto?

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Naruto is an anime series with a multitude of characters each with their own stories. Due to its fairly numerous cast, these characters and their designs then tend to look similar to each other without actually having any relation with one another. Many people and fans of the series have also asked if Naruto and Nagato are related to one another.

Nagato is related to the Uzumaki clan. This fact means that, in one way or another, we can say that Naruto is his descendant as well. Evidence of this fact is that Pain / Nagato also has incredible prowess and capacity when it comes to controlling his immense chakra.

Are Nagato and Naruto Cousins?

Many people are wondering, are Nagato and Naruto cousins? Fans of the anime already know the Nagato is, at least, a descendant of the Uzumaki clan very much like Kushina. Since Kushina is of the Uzumaki clan as well, by association this makes Naruto a member of the Uzumaki clan as well (as if that wasn’t obvious with his surname). This means that Naruto and Nagato were at least related but they weren’t likely to be cousins since they belong to different generations. If they were to be labeled, Nagato would be Naruto’s uncle.

Another thing of note would be that both Karin and Nagato were thought to have Uzumaki lineages, however, both of them don’t know much about the Uzumaki clan as the clan had been wiped out.

Who is Nagato Related to?

Nagato was known to be a shinobi of the Amegakure and is also a descendant of the Uzumaki. Nagato was also one of the original founders of the Akatsuki along with his friend and fellow war orphans Yahiko and Konan in an effort to bring peace to the wartorn shinobi world.

However, when Yahiko died, Nagato would then take up the mantle and use a new alias, Pain. He would then lead the Akatsuki following a different path from his deceased friend, one that would force the people into peace at any cost.

When Nagato was young, he lived with his parents, Fuse and Ise, on the outskirts of Amegakure. He was also only just a young boy when Madara Uchiha implanted his Rinnegan into him without the knowledge of his parents.

During the war, his family took shelter in their home on the outskirts to keep clear of fighting surrounding them. One day, two shinobis from Konoha broke into their homes looking for food. The entire family tried sneaking away but to no avail. They were discovered and in an effort to buy more time, Nagato’s parents attacked the two shinobis.

Startled, the two shinobis then defended themselves but ended up killing Nagato’s parents in the process. Realizing that they were just civilians taking shelter in the outskirts of the village, the two ninjas tried to apologize to Nagato and get him to calm down. Overcome with grief and anger, this was where Nagato first used his Rinnegan given by Madara.

Nagato’s parents, Fuse and Ise, were both members of the Uzumaki clan much like Karin and Kushina as evidenced by their flaming red hair. The Second Shinobi War left the Uzumaki clan in shambles and with no way to survive except by scattering and seeking shelter in other nations.

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Did Naruto Know Nagato is an Uzumaki?

Naruto is the first and only son of Minato Namikaze (the Fourth Hokage) and Kushina Uzumaki (second Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails). Naruto’s birthday was not something to celebrate since this is also the day when his parents died all while trying to save the village and contain the Nine-Tails set loose by Tobi into their newborn child.

As an orphan, Naruto received an allowance from the village in order for him to provide for himself. Through the years, Naruto grew up without having any idea who his parents were and was only told of his lineage thus receiving his mother’s surname.

Though his father was regarded as a hero, Naruto was not since the village knew that his body housed the Tailed Beast that once ravaged their homes. Because of this, Naruto was openly ostracized and resented by the village. It was from this social isolation that he sought acceptance and recognition, things he gained by playing pranks around the village until he eventually got stronger.

Due to Naruto’s limited knowledge of his own family and lineage, he wasn’t able to fully grasp how important and pivotal his existence was until he got older. He didn’t realize how acclaimed the Uzumaki clan was up until the latter half of the Fourth Shinobi War. Because of this, many fans agree with the fact that he wasn’t aware of his connection to Nagato or even Karin.

Who is Naruto’s Sister?

Canonically, Naruto is an only child. He is the first and only son of Kushina and Minato who both, unfortunately, dies when Naruto was really young. This is mainly how Naruto started his story as an orphan of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Be that as it may, there are many fan fictions about Naruto having a younger or, typically, an older sister who is said to have one half of Kurama sealed within her. Her name varies from one story to another but her role is generally the same: to share the burden of having a Bijuu sealed within her and Naruto as siblings.