Is Naruto Demonic?

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Myths, legends, and supernatural beliefs have always been a great source of inspiration for many creative pursuits. Anime is no exception when it comes to making stories out of the most trivial of beliefs. Naruto as well is inspired largely by many supernatural beliefs unique to the culture of Japan.

But a lot of people wonder, is Naruto demonic? Naruto is not demonic nor is he a demon. When it comes to the plot and setting of the story, as well as Naruto’s background, Naruto has merely been under the influence of a very powerful being sealed inside of him due to various and unfortunate circumstances. 

Is Naruto a Demon?

The Nine-Tailed Fox appears in various anime and is also depicted by Naruto as a powerful being. This creature draws inspiration from the Japanese yokai called “Kitsune” believed to be a fox capable of shapeshifting and is highly intelligent. This yokai is believed to get stronger and wiser the older they live. According to folklore, Kitsunes have the ability to shapeshift as humans and are capable of blending into societies, and are often seen playing tricks on humans using their intellect. Other stories in folklore also depict them to be faithful guardians and even lovers.

Kurama, the Narutoverse equivalent of a Kitsune, is called by the characters a Tailed Beast which are often associated with demons. However, upon further research, these Tailed Beasts are not demons but are instead beings of highly concentrated chakra that gained sentience.

Is Naruto Possessed by a Demon?

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The Tailed Beasts, otherwise known as Bijuu, are “demons” that exist in the universe of Naruto. People from the Narutoverse refer to them as demons but the lore corrects that way of thinking since the Tailed Beasts are merely creatures born from chakra that gained sentience.

Many people believed that these beasts of chakra would bring about the end of the world if they were released and so they were sealed inside babies in an effort to halt their plans. The people who had the beasts sealed within them were later known to be the Jinchuriki, each harboring one of the Tailed Beasts.

The different Tailed Beasts we see in the world of Naruto are all born from one original creature only known as the Ten-Tails. Lore has it that the Fourth Hokage subdued this beast of chakra and sealed the beast within himself to become the First Jinchuriki. Before he passed, he split the Ten-Tails into nine different beasts of chakra and scattered them in order for them not to run amok.

The beast we see inside of Naruto is the Nine-Tails, bearing the name of Kurama, and is mainly the source of Naruto’s incredible prowess when it comes to harnessing chakra. Soon after we know about the lore of the Tailed Beasts, we also know who their respective Jinchurikis are.

How Many Demons are Inside Naruto?

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12 years before the very first Naruto series takes place was when the Nine-Tails was sealed inside Naruto. Originally, it was Kushina, Naruto’s mother that hosted the Nine-Tails within her body. This was going to be the case until one day when Kushina was giving birth to her son, someone managed to slip in and unleash the beast from within her when she was most vulnerable.

The third Hokage and the rest of the Sanin did their best to evacuate the people from the village which was just dirt and rubble as the beast of chakra sowed destruction wherever it went. Kushina wanted to re-seal the Tailed Beast within her once again but she was too weak to do so. In a last-ditch effort to save the village and prevent further destruction, she then sealed the beast inside her child, paying the price with her life. Thus, a new Jinchuriki by the name of Naruto Uzumaki was born.

What is Naruto Based on?

Even though Naruto depicts many modern elements when it comes to storytelling, no one can deny the cultural influences Japan has had in the development of its universe. From the architecture, the environment, and even the core of the story which revolves around the Tailed beasts, there is any number of Japanese inferences that we can throughout the anime.

The Tailed Beasts in particular are directly inspired by the yokai from Japanese mythology. The term “yokai” roughly translates to mysterious phenomena and are generally used to call various supernatural creatures within the Japanese mythos ranging from typical ghosts to cats living for thousands of years to household item gaining sentience on their own.

Kurama is one such character that is inspired by the Nine-Tailed demon fox yokai otherwise known as a Kitsune. The demon fox or Kitsune is revered in Japanese folklore since it is not a typical yokai. The Kitsune is depicted as intelligent and is capable of growing stronger the longer it lives. The number of its tails is said to denote its age, strength, and wisdom. For how wise and strong the Kitsune is, the fox is generally looked upon as a trickster in Japanese folklore as it uses its intellect and shapeshifting abilities to trick humans