Is Naruto dub good?

It is a common debate around fanbases of which version is better, the subbed anime or the dubbed anime. Dub is the short term for dubbing which is the recording of a new vocal track in a different language to replace the old one.

Dubbing is created to accommodate a non-native viewers. Sub is the short term for subtitling, which refers to translating the dialogue into written text on the screen.

The role of the voice actors actually plays a big part in the watching experience the anime offers. Say for example, a big franchise like Naruto also depends on its dubbed and subbed versions to catch more views, as the viewers tend to have different preferences in watching the anime.

Most viewers complained about the dubbed versions ruining the whole anime, but in the Naruto series, the dubbed version of Naruto is fairly good too compared to other dubbed shows.

Is Naruto better in English?

Naruto is better in Japanese, although the trouble of not reading something while constantly viewing the scenes is convenient. The Japanese voice actors did a good job in portraying each role, the same I can say with the dubbed version, but the latter is unbeatable compared to it.

But as I have mentioned earlier, viewers have their own sets of preferences. I recommend you to watch at least one episode of Naruto in subbed, then watch another in dubbed. In this way you can compare the two versions based on your own experience.

Where can I find the dubbed version of Naruto?

Here’s a compiled list of sites wherein you can stream and download the dubbed version of Naruto legally. These sites are the authorized platforms for you to stream your favorite anime, so better list this one down!

  • Amazon Anime
  • Crunchyroll
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Anime Planet
  • Funimation
  • Adult Swim
  • AnimeLab

Streaming the anime in legal sites would help increase your security against potential scammers and cyber attackers that can steal your information without you knowing. Watching anime legally supports the industry and will help them to create more series and shows in the future for us to enjoy.

Will Naruto ever be fully dubbed?

Naruto is completely dubbed now. Since Naruto ended four years ago, the producers have finished dubbing the series. You can watch it on legal streaming sites mentioned earlier. 

The original Naruto series dubbed version started airing on September 10, 2005, and finished four years later, January 31, 2009. The sequel, Naruto Shippuden, started airing its dubbed version on October 28, 2009, and ended on October 7, 2019.

Is Naruto dub better than Naruto sub?

The Naruto dubbed version is inferior compared to the Naruto sub. But again, this answer is not a fact since it will always be according to your preference to know which version is the best.

But if you’re here to research before watching the anime, I will highlight the cons and pros of watching in dub and sub versions.

The subbed version will always be one step ahead in terms of the translation accuracy. Here’s one example, Naruto’s famous verbal tic, “Dattebayo”, which if translated in English, means “Ya’know”, the dubbed version translated it to “Believe it”.

Well, that’s not accurate, isn’t it? Lots of fans complained about it, listening to Naruto’s trademark being poorly translated by the dubbed team.

The subbed version sometimes includes notes in the subtitles to help viewers understand some of the terms and jokes that may not be understood by the foreigner viewers. This helps a lot and will not leave the viewers confused by whatever term the anime has thrown to them.

The subbed version feels more natural to watch compared to the dubbed version. But some English dubbed anime excels the subbed version, this happens rarely. 

Fight scenes are much easier to watch in dubbed since there are a lot of action scenes happening and you would not want to miss them because you’re busy reading the subtitles below.

The Naruto dubbed version changed factors in the original anime that you can consider important and add life and meaning to the show to accommodate the young audiences. This is what you call censorship. 

Is dubbed Naruto censored?

Yes, to avoid restrictions, the dubbed version of Naruto was pretty heavy on the censorship to scenes which are deemed to be not fit to young audiences. Here’s some scenes that were changed because of the censorship.

Rock Lee’s Drunken Fist. The dubbed version avoided showing Rock Lee being wasted due to an alcoholic drink. In the dubbed version, Rock Lee is seen drinking with a mysterious drink which turns him silly.

Sasuke and Naruto’s First kiss funny scene was cut in the dubbed version. The smooch was considered too much and the producers decided to remove it completely from the episode. 

Characters’ smoking habits were censored. Shikamaru and Asuma are frequently seen with a cigarette stick in their mouths, in the dubbed version, it was changed to a lollipop.

Scenes that have a high display of violence were also toned down a bit in the dubbed version. Blood and some of the weapons that are considered dangerous were removed in the scenes to make it look less violent to the eye.