Is Star Wars Rebels Worth Watching

Star Wars Rebels is an animated series that fills the gap between the events of ‘Episode III’ and ‘Episode IV.’ It is not easy to decide which one to watch between this and the other two recent animated Star Wars series. So before jumping into it, it would be best to consult others who have watched the series.

Star Wars is worth watching. It is more kid-oriented like The Clone Wars, but that did not stop it from being amazing. So, your time will not be wasted when you watch this series.

If that was still not enough to convince you, here is more information about that series. Your doubts will be gone after you read this.

Is Star Wars Rebels Worth Watching

Is Season 1 of Rebels Good?

Rebels Season 1 got a score of 96% from critics and 76% from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes. From that, we can deduce that Star Wars Rebels Season 1 is good.

“The force is indeed strong in this one,” says Brian Lowry, a top critic from Variety. 

Meanwhile, Eric Goldman from IGN Movies said it had a few stumbles. But overall, Rebels’ first season was a “rousing success.”

That could be a reference to the relatively slow pacing of the story. Some scenes are also quite “boring” for the lack of a better term. But the overall watching experience is incredible.

Why was Star Wars Rebels so Good?

Robert Lloyd from Los Angeles Times says that the scenes are smartly designed no matter how sentimental or cute the business the characters are up to. And since the scenes are cinematically staged, it is not hard to enjoy.

Is Star Wars Rebels Worth Watching

Another reason why Star Wars Rebels is so good is that it grew along with the audience over the four seasons. 

In the first season, it is kind of childish. But as the story progresses, the story deepens and darkens. Let us illustrate this point.

The stakes are lower in the first season since they are just against droids. Then they were up against more dangerous foes. And so, more characters are killed in battle.

Spoilers, in the final season, one beloved character was tortured. Then, another one died.

This gradual change into more mature themes was done so excellently on Rebels. Top that off with gorgeous visuals, Easter Eggs, and classic characters. That’s a recipe for a great show.

Is Rebels better than Clone Wars?

Both Rebels and Clone Wars are amazing in their own right. Rebels is a better show in general, but Clone Wars is the “most Star Wars” of all Star Wars shows.

So, which one is better is purely subjective.

Nevertheless, here are some reasons why Rebels may be better than Clone Wars.

Rebels is more focused; thus, you can enjoy it regardless of your background in Star Wars. Meanwhile, The Clone Wars stretches all over the Galaxy. And so, you can get lost if you are not that invested in the series.

In relation to that, Rebels had more relatable character arcs. That’s because the series focused on a core family rather than a long list of characters.

Is Star Wars Rebels Worth Watching

Star Wars: Rebels is also more consistent in quality. The ratio between bad episodes and good episodes is better on Rebels than on The Clone Wars.

Is Star Wars Rebels Important to watch?

Star Wars Rebels happened between the events of Episode III and Episode IV. And it is canon.

That said, Star Wars Rebels is essential viewing. The series connects to the rest of the Star Wars Universe. It expands the Mandalorian lore, explains the origin of the Rebellion, and introduces the Inquisitors, among others. 

 Star Wars Rebels sets up what’s coming to the Star Wars franchise. So it is a must-watch.

Did Star Wars Rebels have a lower budget?

When compared to The Clone Wars, it did have a lower budget. The Clone Wars averaged $1 million per episode for the animation alone. Meanwhile, Rebels had a budget of around 500,000.

That’s the reason why The Clone Wars had smoother and better animation. 

Still, Rebels did its best for the budget that it has. And that paid off as fans love the series so much it is almost toe-to-toe with Clone Wars.

Was Star Wars Rebels Successful?

Thanks to its final two seasons, Star Wars Rebels became the first recipient of the Saturn Award for Best Animated Series on Television. From that, we can conclude that Star Wars Rebels was successful.

Is Star Wars Rebels Worth Watching

You can say that with more confidence when you consider how much lower its budget is compared to The Clone Wars.

Fans now call Rebels the “underappreciated series.” But based on its popularity, it is not underappreciated at all.

The verdict is Star Wars Rebels is a good show, and so it is worth watching. So get your popcorn ready, and may the force be with you.