Ivy Sherman and Eric Mabius married for 15 years

Ivy Sherman and Eric Mabius have been together for almost twenty years and have been married together for fifteen years. They had dated for five years after they got together in 2001. They got married in February of 2006. 

Eric Mabius and Ivy Sherman went to the same school growing up and later on started dating each other in 2001. They dated each other for five years and then decided to get married in 2006. They both have been married for 15 years and have two young sons.

Who is Ivy Sherman

Eric Mabius and Ivy Sherman went to the same school growing up and later on started dating each other in 2001. They dated each other for five years and then decided to get married in 2006.

It was in June of 2006 that they welcomed Maxfield Elliot their first son, who is now fifteen years old. They had their second son Rylan Jaxson in 2009, Who is now twelve years old.

Eric Mabius, husband to Ivy Sherman was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He studied and received a degree in film studies from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville. In regards to Ivy Sherman very little is known about where actually she studied and what she studied. But, we know that Eric and Ivy went to the same high school together.

Ivy Sherman is an extremely reserved and private person who has been able to keep her personal information away from the media very well. There is little to no information regarding her date of birth, age, birthplace. Regardless of her being the wife of a famous actor in America, no information can be found of her external family or who her parents are. 

How did Ivy Sherman and Eric Mabius get together?

Eric and Ivy went to the same school together and grew up in the same neighborhood. The two first met each other in a health education class. Eric Mabius once told the US magazine “If someone told me I was going to marry someone from high school, I would have told them that they’re out of their minds”. 

Eric Mabius did exactly that and married Ivy Sherman. The two love birds started dating in 2001 and got married in 2006. They got married in front of their family, friends, and loved ones in a very gorgeous ceremony. Ivy Sherman and Eric have been married for fifteen years without any sort of negative rumors like divorce or anything of that sort. They have a strong loving family with two beautiful young sons.  

Eric Mabius & Ivy Sherman’s marriage and life since that

Eric Mabius and Ivy Sherman have a very successful married life unlike many other couples from the entertainment industry. They have kept their personal life and marriage away from the spotlight and cameras in every aspect possible.

The couple lives in Topanga, Calif in their house with mountain and ocean views front and back. It is a five-bedroom home with three bathrooms, a pool, and a cabana. They have three bunnies and a dog as pets. Eric nurtures an orchard in the family home. The house has a lot of land space with around fifty to sixty trees. Eric enjoys growing fruits and veggies and playing around with dirt. They make pies and ice cream from the peaches they get from the garden. 

Eric Made his professional film debut in an independent dark comedy film, Welcome to the Dollhouse in 1995. He became famous for his role as Daniel Meade on the  ABC comedy series “Ugly Betty“. He has been in many movies like Cruel Intentions, Resident Evil, and others. He has been in the Showtime series The L Word and many other tv-shows.

Ivy Sherman’s husband was in the US Luge team in the 1980s and was named as one of the honorary captains for the US Luge team in the 2010 Olympics. Eric also took part in a pro- Barack Obama music video by Will.i.am in 2008 titled “We Are the Ones”.

Eric loves to spend time with his two sons and tries to be close to the family as much as he can. He spends a lot of time outdoors. He said in an article that he loves the master bedroom in his home in Topanga. It has a fireplace and balcony with an ocean view. The family of four spends a lot of time together and enjoys it.

Ivy Sherman herself doesn’t have any social media activity. She likes and enjoys keeping her private life to herself as it seems. But Eric on the other hand has an Instagram account where he shares photos now and then.

Celebrity Couples in the entertainment world

Eric Mabius is a famous American actor with a huge following around the world. It is usually hard for couples to maintain their personal privacy while getting this much attention from the public and media. Ivy Sherman has been able to maintain that control over her personal privacy and the privacy of the relationship.

It is assumed that couples that are affiliated or from the entertainment industry cannot maintain their personal happenings away from the media and every little thing is blown out of proportion. So for celebrity couples to have a successful and long-lasting relationship, they must keep a very low profile regarding their personal life.