Jean Makie

Jean Makie is one of those human beings who became famous by default. I say that because she only came to the limelight after she married and later divorce CNN legendary anchor john king for a few years. Unfortunately, the marriage, which produced two adorable children, didn’t work out.

The latter led to their eventual divorce. Even though their divorce made news, the reason behind t remains a well-guarded secret, more than a decade later. Without further ado, here’s a handful of facts you need to know about Jean Makie, John King’s first wife and the mother of his two children:

Who is Jean Makie?

As earlier mentioned, Jean Makie is the ex-wife of legendary CNN New anchor John King. Before their divorce, Jean and John somehow managed to keep their marriage under wraps, for obvious reasons. Their rather secretive marriage led to the birth of two adorable children named Noah King and Hannah King.

Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t withstand the test of time, which led to their divorce. After that, John King proceeded to change his religion before taking a second wife. From that point, it did seem as though Jean Makie fell off the radar, probably to focus on rebuilding her life after her four-year marriage hit rock bottom. From that point, the only people who might have information about her whereabouts are close friends and family. The two were married up until 2008.

What is Jean Makie best known for?

As I mentioned earlier, very little is known about Jean Makie. Even when she was married to the mega-celebrity in John King, Jean Makie still managed to keep everything she did, including her hobbies and career under wraps. Her privacy went a tad bit deeper when she fell out of the limelight.

John King

That said, it’s safe to conclude that, despite having a career and a life, Jean Makie is best known for being John King’s wife. And from the looks of it, it does seem as though she isn’t interested in the public knowing anything past that, something she’s made quite clear.

What is Jean Makie’s net worth as of 2021?

There is absolutely no record, online or otherwise, that shows Jean Makie’s net worth. Since very little is known of Jean Makie, especially after divorcing John King, her net worth isn’t that much of public interest. Even if the public was interested, hypothetically speaking, there would still be no way to show Jean Makie’s net worth since she’s chosen to keep her personal life, including her finances, a well-guarded secret.

Unlike Jean, her famous husband is said to be worth approximately $7 million with an annual income of $400,000. Whether John King pays child support to Jean Makie or not remains a mystery that’s most probably never getting solved. But since there hasn’t been any public animosity between the two, especially after their split, it’s safe to assume that they’re doing a great job co-parenting.

Is Jean Makie on social media?

Jean Makie isn’t active on social media. Like I mentioned several times earlier, she seemed to have made a solemn promise to keep everything about her life out of the public eye. Even if she does have any social media presence, which we highly doubt, then she must be going under a nickname that only her close friends and family know about because we did search but nothing showed up.

At this point, it’s safe to conclude that Jean Makie loves to keep her privacy, a decision that we’ll respect. That said, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we stumble upon something interesting about John King’s ex-wife, Jean Makie.

What’s the relationship between Jean Makie and Dana Bash?

As soon as John King and Jean Makie’s divorce was finalized, John started seeing his co-worker, CNN chief political correspondent Dana Ruth Bash. Unlike Jean Makie, Dana Bash lives her life in the full glare of the public. She is also out there on social media posting both work and private pictures and videos for the world to see.

Dana bash, born Dana Ruth Schwartz, got married to john king barely a year after dating and together they had a son. Dana didn’t have any children from her previous marriage that lasted between 1998 to 2007. She was initially married to Jeremy bash before their romance hit rock bottom.

Dana Bash and John King

Also, Dana Bash’s marriage to John King didn’t withstand the test of time as it withered and died after only four years. But, the best thing that came out of their union was a lone child whom both of them dot over. Even though their marriage hit rock bottom, both Dana and John remain cordial both on and off-screen. It does seem as though they have that co-parenting thing on lock.

Now that we’re familiar with everything about dana bash, it’s time to answer the big question. What’s the relationship between Dana Bash and Jean Makie? Well, it’s hard to tell if they have one. But since they both have children by John King, it’s safe to say that they might have a semblance of a relationship. As I mentioned, these celebrity families have covered their private lives so well it’s hard to tell what’s going on in their day-to-day lives.

Dana Bash