Kotor lightsaber colors

The Star Wars franchise introduced many cool characters and things to the world. Among them are the lightsabers, special swords that are made of plasma instead of steel. Some people have tried creating lightsabers in real life, but honestly speaking, it is only in video games that you can wield one.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic allows you to use lightsabers. They come in different colors, so you can choose one that suits your preferences in visuals. To change the lightsaber color, you need to equip the lightsaber with a color crystal.

Visuals and graphics contribute a lot to a gamer’s experience. You can’t really enjoy a game if you don’t like what you see on your screen. So, customization options like changing the lightsaber color are very much appreciated.

Kotor lightsaber colors

Excited to learn how to get the lightsaber color that you really want? Continue reading then.

What Dictates the color of the lightsabers in KOTOR?

Lightsaber crystals allow you to customize the lightsabers in the game. There are two types of this – Color Crystals and Enhancing Crystals.

Obviously, Color Crystals allow you to change the color of your lightsaber. There are five different color crystals: blue, yellow, green, red, and violet. And for PC players, the colors orange and turquoise are available too.

You can use only one Color Crystal per lightsaber. 

Also, unlike in the movies, the color of your lightsaber does not dictate which side of the Force you are on. Meaning characters on the light side of the Force can use red lightsabers. The color of the lightsaber also does not enhance it in any way; it is only for aesthetics.

On the other hand, Enhancing crystals upgrade your lightsaber but do not change its color.

How to change a lightsaber’s color?

Lightsabers – including short and double-handed ones – have three slots for crystals. To do so, you need to go to any workbench and select the lightsaber option. 

Two slots are reserved for Enhancing crystals and one for a Color crystal. Select the middle one and choose the Color crystal to put in it. 

The color of the Color crystal determines what color the lightsaber will be. For example, a yellow Color crystal will make the lightsaber yellow.

When satisfied with your setup, select the assemble option at the bottom of the screen. That should do it.

Kotor lightsaber colors

Where to find each color crystal?

You can find a blue color crystal in Crystal Cave and Sheruk’s remains in Dantooine. One is also given to Jedi Guardian.

A yellow color crystal is given to Jedi Sentinel. Like the blue crystal, you can also find this in Crystal Cave in Dantooine. Furthermore, you can find it in Brejik’s remains in Taris and in Dark Jedi’s remains in Kashyyyk, Tatooine, and Manaan.

Green color crystals are in Crystal Cave in Dantooine and in Sith Interrogator’s remains in Korriban. One is also given to Jedi Consular.

Red color crystals can be found in more places. You can find it in Crystal Cave, Juhani’s remains, and Sheruk’s remains in Dantooine. Also, you can find it in Dark Jedi Master’s remains, Darth Brandon’s remains, and a Strong Box in an Unknown World, and in Sith Master’s remains in a separate Unknown World.

Violet color crystals are obtainable in Dark Jedi’s remains in Kashyyk, Krayte Dragon’s lair in Tatooine, and Clay Urn in Korriban. 

Is the Black Lightsaber really in the game?

No, there is no black color crystal or black lightsaber in the game. What some people say in GameFAQs are just unproven rumors.

What are the two PC-exclusive lightsaber colors?

There are two more lightsaber colors in the PC version of the game. 

You can find an outpost at Yavin IV where you should fight and defeat Trandoshan gangsters are pressuring a Rodian merchant. The merchant Suvam Tan will show you his top-of-the-line stock to thank you. That includes two new color crystals, “Heart of the Guardian” and “Mantle of the Force.”

The “Heart of the Guardian” makes the lightsaber glow orange while the “Mantle of the Force” makes it glow turquoise. Unlike the five normal color crystals, they affect the properties of the lightsaber in some way.

How to get Darth Bandon’s special red double-handed lightsaber?

Under certain circumstances, Darth Bandon leaves his special lightsaber in his remains. It is a red double-handed lightsaber that treats nearly all Enhancing crystals differently.

Kotor lightsaber colors

You can make it drop by fighting Darth Bandon on Manaan after leaving the underwater Kolto factory. Manaan must be the third planet you obtain a Star Map on after Dantooine – so essentially, the fourth planet you obtain a Star Map on.

Enemies that drop colored lightsabers.

Here is a list of enemies that drop colored lightsabers when killed or beaten:

  • Brejik
  • Sheruk
  • Juhani
  • Dark Jedi