Star Wars is a very popular franchise. It is so successful that it has penetrated even the video games market. There are two iconic games for this franchise, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR )and Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).

KOTOR is a single-player role-playing game (RPG), while SWTOR is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Also, combat in KOTOR is round-based, while combat in SWTOR is real-time combat. As with many things, what is better depends on your preferences.

Why is it important to compare the two games?

Perhaps you are a Star Wars fan, and you want to experience what it is like to be in the franchise’s fictional universe. Video games will allow you to experience that.


However, unless you are a Twitch streamer or a YouTuber, and that’s your main source of income, you may not have time to play all the games that you want to play. So, you have to pick only one for each franchise most of the time.  

For Star Wars, your two best options are KOTOR and SWTOR. KOTOR is remembered as a gold standard for the RPG genre and a high point in Star Wars games. Meanwhile, SWTOR is a game that withstood the test of time and is now past its 10th anniversary.


KOTOR and SWTOR are both Star Wars games, and they exist in the same timeline. Also, both players and the developers called the single-player aspect of “SWTOR KOTOR 3.” But that does not mean the games are alike.

KOTOR and SWTOR are completely different games. To restate the obvious, KOTOR is a single-player RPG, while SWTOR is an MMORPG. These two genres have different gameplay and mechanics.

What is the difference between KOTOR and SWTOR?

KOTOR is a single-player game, and SWTOR is a multiplayer game. That is the biggest difference between the two.

Following that is the combat system. KOTOR uses a round-based/real-time hybrid approach. Meanwhile, combat in SWTOR is real-time, so players’ reflexes and presence of mind are as important as items and skills. 

The general consensus is the battles in SWTOR feel more satisfying than the battles in KOTOR.

Since they are from different genres, the balancing is also different. In KOTOR, you can spec your character however you want to. On the other hand, SWTOR only allows you to pick classes and advanced classes, and your character can only use weapons available to that class/advanced class.


SWTOR also offers more real estate; there are so many areas to explore. While there are a considerable number of planets in KOTOR, they are tiny. Furthermore, all of them are placed in the game for quest purposes.

You can say that the time these games came out is the important factor here. Since SWTOR came at a later date, it was able to utilize technologies that have newly emerged.

Of course, being an MMORPG also adds to that.

Should I play KOTOR or SWTOR?

If you want to play alone and battle enemies controlled by the computer, go for KOTOR. On the other hand, play SWTOR if you want to play with other people and have PvP options.

Is KOTOR worth buying? 

The Star Wars community loves KOTOR so much they wished SWTOR would be “KOTOR 3” when it was announced.

Even though this is an old RPG game, it is still challenging. That’s mainly because the game does not hold your hand.

It does not warn or dissuade you from going into a fight you are sure to lose. Health recovery items are scarce. And there are puzzles that you can only try once – if you fail, you can never claim the rewards.

Therefore, yes, buying KOTOR will be worth it. 

Is SWTOR worth playing in 2022?

Yes, SWTOR is worth playing in 2022. The game just reached its 10th-anniversary last year. And in February, it released a new expansion that will take you on a new adventure.

The game’s release on Steam and the merging of servers into 5 big servers also made the game feel livelier.

Also, the creative director of SWTOR said they don’t plan to let go of SWTOR anytime soon. So, you can expect more updates to come to the game. 


What exactly does KOTOR have that SWTOR does not?

KOTOR’s story quality is a lot better than the stories on SWTOR. The writing on it is so good that even the side missions are interesting. Many agree that SWTOR’s best storylines are only on par with KOTOR’s storyline. 

Everything that you do in KOTOR also feels like it fits with it. And so, it makes the game more consistent and immersive.

KOTOR also has a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired combat and stats system, making it more appealing to D&D fans.