Longest UNO Game

Card games such as UNO are fun to play for many people. Sometimes, card games can get so immersive that it can take the players a long time to finish them.

The longest card game, according to Guinness, lasted for about 170 hours, and Axel Barth, Sarah Birke, Don Kalal, Michael Ott, Rudi Scheunemann, and Sebastian Stoehr did it in 2011. However, there’s no known world record specifically for the longest UNO card game yet.

Still, some UNO players have shared their experience with their card game session duration. The players said that it takes them at least an hour or two to play a game of UNO.

There are also online streamers that play the online UNO card game for hours. An example is the YouTube channel ‘LetsPlay,’ where they play the game of UNO, and the most extended session lasted for almost 3 hours. 

Longest UNO game

What is the Longest Uno Card Game?

Since there’s no official world record for the longest UNO card game, the longest UNO card game is yet to be made. Now, UNO game streamers may have already made a world- record in UNO playtime. 

The only problem is that UNO players today are rarely active online. However, there are many UNO gameplay records on the Internet.

All it will take now is for someone to find the longest UNO card game available. The task of finding out the longest UNO record is easier said than done.

It might be why there are still no official records so far.

Longest UNO game

Does UNO Have a Time Limit?

Yes, UNO games have a time limit, but only per round. However, the whole session of a UNO game does not have a time limit.

It means that the game can last as long as the players are willing. That’s also why UNO is played by individuals who have a long event or party.

The UNO card game is the perfect card game to have if you hang out with some friends for an extended period. 

How Long is the Average UNO Game? 

According to UNO forums across the Internet, many UNO players have experienced playing the game for hours.

The range of playtime is between 1 hour to 5 hours. Based on the example hours, 3 hours would be the average time playing the UNO game.

Of course, it doesn’t represent all the UNO players, and the results may vary. Do note that UNO is played in most countries globally, and the players are from different age groups as well.

Longest UNO game

What is the World Record for Having the Most Cards in UNO?

A world record happened in 2006 where 330 players participated in a UNO tournament to celebrate UNO’s 35th anniversary. If there are at least 7 cards for each player, the estimated UNO cards are 2,310 pieces.

After hours of the game, a ‘big winner’ remains. Her name is Lucinda Kowalewski of Poca, and she received prizes such as Xbox 360, tickets to West Virginia power games 2007, and a lot more.

Who has the Most Hours on Uno?

Although the most extended UNO session has yet to be found out, there is an actual leaderboard in most time spent playing the online version of UNO. The leaderboard is found on the website of the team ladder.

The most hours counted were 14,908 held by the steam user ‘Odin’ from Ireland. The next most extended hours played is by the user ‘dashel’ from Ukraine, which is 13,967 total hours. 

Longest UNO game

How Does Someone Win at UNO Cards?

The goal for UNO players to win the game is to be the first one to score 500 points. Players can achieve it by playing multiple UNO rounds and being first to play all the cards.

The card deck of UNO is made up of 108 cards. There are the ‘Wild’ cards, ‘Wild Draw Four,’ and 25 cards for each of the four colors red, blue, yellow, and green.

Then the colors have numbers of 0 to 9. One zero card is available and two each for numbers 1 up to 9. Then there will be 7 cards distributed to each player.

After that, the card at the deck’s top will be flipped and put aside to make the pile smaller. 

There’s also the player with their 2nd to the last card. That player should have to shout or say ‘UNO’ to warn others.

A player who got rid of their last card first will win the hand and score points from the cards held by other players. The action cards will have 20 points for the count, while the ‘wild’ cards will provide the player with 50 points.

As for the number cards, players will count the corresponding numbers. If a wild four-card or a drawcard is used to go out, the next one will have to draw the corresponding number of cards.

The player must do the card draw before the total scores are compiled. Then, the first player that reaches the 500 point mark will be the only winner.