Mace Windu Dark Side

While Star Wars is composed of several major characters, it is undeniable that Mace Windu is one of the most interesting, being a one-of-a-kind Jedi Masters. 

Being powerful and showing outstanding fighting prowess, many thought the Mace Windu had turned to the dark side. But it is more that he had learned to use the dark side to his advantage. 

Mace Windu is such an intriguing character to discover about. So, let’s discover the catch in the life of Mace Windu, along with his interesting connection with the dark side. 

Mace Windu Dark Side

Does Mace Windu use the Dark Side

Mace Windu doesn’t use the dark side. He was grounded and smart enough with his tactics, even though he utilized Vaapad. 

Although Mace Windu showed aggressiveness and does enjoy fights, he was smart enough to manipulate his opponents’ dark side power — using their strengths and weaknesses against them. 

Thus, Mace Windu was not connecting and manipulating the dark side carelessly. Redirecting the dark side was his primary strategy during his fights. Thus, this makes him a grounded lightsider. 

Is Mace Windu a Sith?

Buzzing theory in Star Wars concluded that Mace Windu is a secret Sith. Even though there are available pieces of evidence that can support the claims of the theory, some grounds still make it doubtful.

In fact, it should be a common behavior for Mace Windu to learn the Dark Side of the Force while also learning the Light Side, showing the characteristics of a double-agent.

Regardless, some pieces of evidence are convincing, leading to several theories.

Did Mace Windu push Anakin to the Dark Side?

Somewhat — no one can completely blame Mace Windu even if Anakin did turn to the Dark Side. However, Mace Windu greatly contributes to Anakin’s downfall. 

Being influential in Anakin’s life made many believe that Mace Windu has truly pushed Anakin to the Dark Side. However, the last decision still relied upon Anakin’s shoulders. 

Even though Anakin experienced negative rejections and felt constant fear, it doesn’t mean that turning into the Dark Side was the last option. So, the first to be blamed is him, in the end.

Does Mace Windu have Dark Side Powers?

Since Mace Windu doesn’t use the dark side, he also does not have dark powers. What he utilizes in fighting is his mastery of Vaapad. Or also known as Form VII.

Mace Windu Dark Side

Although he does not use the dark side, he somewhat leans on that during his fights. He was wise and brave enough to turn his enemies’ dark side into them, winning victories with his battles.

How did Mace Windu not fall to the Dark Side?

Mace Windu enjoyed aggressive form when fighting. That’s why there was always a strong and undeniable connection to the dark side. But, even that, he had the solid ground not to fall into the dark side.

It is greatly motivated by his experience of witnessing Jedi being buried in the darkness. Greatly, it is his decision not to make the same mistake the Jedi suffered from.

Through Juyo, Mace Windu uncovered a fighting strategy that doesn’t lead to the dark side: Vaapad. Not only did he make the great distance to the dark side, but he also discovered using his opponents’ dark side.

Ultimately, Mace Windu did not fall to the dark side because he learned about it, not ignoring or escaping it. Thus, it resulted in him recognizing his dark emotions and unveiling them in a healthier manner.

Why Mace Windu wouldn’t turn to the Dark Side

Mace Windu wouldn’t turn into the Dark Side because he knew what it would cause him. He gained that knowledge from witnessing the Jedi’s downfall to the darkness.

Even if Mace Windu did not suffer in the Dark Side by not falling on it. Instead, he fell to his death. Worse, he also betrayed his principles, which many believed were more sinister than falling into the dark side.

Is Mace Windu the worst Jedi that never turned to the Dark Side? 

Star Wars prequels clearly showed how unlikeable and arrogant Jedis are. Mace Windu being a Jedi, does not fall far from the attitude of Jedis. Even though he had resisted and manipulated the dark side, it didn’t make him a commendable person in the eyes of many.

Mace Windu Dark Side

 Fellow Jedis of Mace Windu are presented as prideful, cold, and blind to criticisms. True to that characteristic, Mace Windu has lived. 

Therefore, many believed that Mace Windu was the worst Jedi that never turned to the Dark Side. The only thing that was great to him was his mastery and fighting prowess. Even betraying his beliefs, in the end, makes him an unlikeable, flawed character.