My Boyfriend Is Attracted To Transwomen

You won’t believe this, but my boyfriend is attracted to transwomen. Yes, really! It’s the most ludicrous thing that I’ve ever heard. How could one be attracted to both women and transwomen?

If your boyfriend is attracted to transwomen you will go through a very strange and awkward psychological condition. It makes no sense; they’re opposites of each other (in his mind). I’ve tried explaining it to him, but he just won’t listen. I don’t know the way that she was dressed and the fact that she has a penis didn’t strike me as odd at all.

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I’m Not Sure Why He’s Attracted To Transwomen

I am not sure but I guess it’s not my place to judge. He doesn’t seem too happy about her. Maybe she cheated on him and he doesn’t know how to forgive and forget? It sounds like a pretty serious relationship if you ask me. I’m just his girlfriend, so I have no right to tell him what he should do. I mean, it’s not my fault that she has a penis (I know for sure now).

Is This Okay Or Something That Should Be A Concern For Me And Our Relationship?

I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but I’m not sure if he does. It sounds like he doesn’t really know if she would make a good girlfriend. It makes me feel like maybe I’m not good enough for him. Yes, I am his girlfriend, but he doesn’t see me that way. Maybe this isn’t the best thing for him after all.

He might get bored of her and move on to someone else. Why date someone who doesn’t compliment your life? It’s really not that hard to say, “I don’t think that I’m ready to get into a serious relationship.” There are plenty of people out there who are single. Maybe he should get back on Tinder.

What do I do if he doesn’t stop seeing these women when we’re dating or in the future when we get married?

I tried explaining it to him, but he seems determined. I don’t know what to do if this continues when we get married. My parents are not going to be happy with this situation. It’s definitely something that needs to be addressed before the wedding takes place because my family will want all of our business out in the open.

Am I Overreacting, Too Sensitive, Or Just Jealous?

I know that I’m not jealous, but I think that my boyfriend is. Maybe he’s ashamed of me? This makes me feel like my whole life has been a lie. How could he be attracted to someone who looks different from him? You would never guess it if you saw us together in public, though.

I know my boyfriend comes from a different background than me, but I’m not sure what kind of culture he’s trying to fit into here. It makes sense because there are certain cultures that accept it more than others, but I just don’t think that it’s right. Why can’t he just be normal and attracted to a woman who has a vagina? It would make things a lot less complicated for everyone involved.

What I can Do In This Situation?

I can try to change myself to his liking, but I’m not sure that’s the right choice for me. I have no problem with transgender or cross-dressing individuals, but this is going too far. I’ve tried explaining it to him, but he doesn’t understand what I’m saying half of the time.

Yes, my boyfriend is not happy with his life at all. I’m not sure what’s been going on in the past few years of his life, but it’s not my business to ask about it. I don’t want to stress him out anymore than he already is, so I have left it alone for now. Maybe time will take the pain away from all of this.

There are other girls out there who might be willing to date a guy like this? Maybe they’re more open-minded about things. I’m not sure if I want to be with someone who is ashamed of their own girlfriend, though.

I don’t know if it’s the best idea for me to stay in this relationship, but he means everything to me. He’s really sweet and cute when we’re together, so it makes it hard for me to leave him. I don’t want to lose him over this, but it’s important that he realizes how I feel about all of this.

Maybe I’ll try to talk to him in a few weeks about this because things have been a bit too stressful to deal with lately. It’s going to be hard, but I want us to stay together no matter what. There are so many good things that come from our relationship, and it would be a shame to end things over something like this.

I don’t know if I can get used to dating someone who is attracted to transwomen because of how serious the topic actually is. There are plenty of other guys out there who could treat me well, so why stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t accept me for me?