Naruto Characters with Glasses

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Glasses in anime have always been a part of a comic trope sometimes bordering on a humorous fetish some characters in anime might have. More often than not, characters designed with glasses are depicted as people with above-average cognitive abilities. Famous shonen anime like Naruto also does not shy away from such an expression and design concept for their characters.

With a series as big and famous as Naruto, there is a number of sides and main characters with glasses, however the most famous of the bunch would be Karin, Kabuto Yakushi, Shino Aburame, Aoba Yamashiro, and Sarada Uchiha of the next generation.

Who Wears Glasses in Naruto?

Glasses and bifocals often have varying effects in anime depending on the nature of the character wearing them. A good guy with glasses has the tendency to appear meek and timid while a villain wearing specs may have a more sinister appeal thanks to the eyewear. Male characters that wear glasses tend to be depicted as a combination of cunning or smart while females who wear bifocals tend to be viewed by the audience as shy but adorable.

For a series as famed as Naruto, this for of character design is no exception although the appeal did present itself with a few twists. For example, Karin who wears glasses is what many would call a beautiful woman but behind this appealing persona is a person who can be a bit crazy sometimes.

Another example would be Kabuto, a ninja with exceptional abilities and fearsome cunning only to be revealed as a villain plotting the downfall of not only the Hidden Leaf Village but of his own master as well.

Other notable mentions would be a fan favorite side character, Aoba Yamashiro, the insect adept shinobi, Shino Aburame as well as Sasuke and Sakura’s descendant, Sarada Uchiha who belongs to the Boruto series.

Why Do Anime Characters Wear Glasses?

The eyes of a person were famously dubbed as the windows to the soul. By that analogy, that would make glasses the windows of the windows to the soul. But many people fail to realize that being useful, especially when it comes to visually challenged individuals, is merely one of its many functions.

In real life, bifocals now serve more than their primary purpose which is to improve the wearer’s vision. Various styles of glasses have since become a trend and have eventually made their way into being an accessory to complete a look or aesthetic.

The same is true for many different anime characters. We often see characters in their most basic appearances be it with or without glasses, that when we do see something off-brand for their look, for example, a non-glasses wearing character suddenly wearing bifocals, the most common reaction can be described as shock value along with a slight sense of comedic feeling.

Can the Uchiha Wear Glasses?

Many fans of the series would call this a wrong question to ask. That is because it is not about whether or not the Uchiha clan could wear glasses, it is about whether or not they should.

As many fans already know, the powerful ninjutsu exclusive to the Uchiha clan, the Sharingan, is a skill that strains the eyes of the user to be able to copy any particular jutsu. From this, we can infer that the Uchihas having bad eyesight is not necessarily attributed to being afflicted with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or even astigmatism. Their bad eyesight is actually caused by the use of their power.

Additionally, the only people we actually see lose their vision in either the manga or anime are all a part of the Uchiha clan or are a descendant in one way or another thereof. Remember that using the Mangekyo Sharingan, the highest form of Sharingan known to the clan, can make you go blind.

Why Does Kakashi Wear a Mask?

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Kakashi has always been one of the more mysterious characters in the Naruto series. Many would say that his air of mystery only contributes to his appeal, which easily makes him one of the heartthrobs of the anime even though his face is covered up 99.9% of the time. Despite his fame and appeal, many still ask: why does he wear a mask?

We know for sure that it isn’t because he’s insecure about his looks. On the contrary, in fact, many people seem to be awestruck when they do get the rare chance to see his bare face. In hindsight, one reason why he keeps his mask could be that he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself with his natural beauty.

The closest thing fans of the series have as to the reason why Kakashi keeps his mask can be seen in the non-canon spinoff series of Naruto, “Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth” where it is revealed that Kakashi wears his mask to hide his frequent nosebleeds while reading his favorite book.