Naruto-Hinata episodes

The ship of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga has long ago sailed and been canonized. But the fun part here is, Naruto and Hinata were not a thing when the franchise launched the sequel of Naruto.

Their budding romance only progressed when the war ended, which is typical since the peaceful era would give more time for the teens to explore this part of their lives. This guide will show you episodes where Naruto and Hinata were in. Enjoy the ride folks!

What episodes are Naruto and Hinata in together?

Among the hundreds of episodes of the Naruto franchise, I have picked for you the episodes Naruto and Hinata were in together. These episodes contributed a lot to the relationship of the two, and also made the fans thrilled and clutch their pillows as they watched the love story of the two slowly unfold.

  • S1 episode 480 – Naruto to Hinata
  • Boruto Episode 127 – Make out Tactics
  • Naruto Episode 148 – The Search for the Rare Bikochu Beetle
  • Naruto Shippuden episode 166 – Confession
  • Naruto Shippuden episode 500 – The Message
  • Naruto episode 27 – The Chunin Exam Stage 2

When did Naruto and Hinata first meet?

The day that Naruto and Hinata met was set back years ago, just when they’re still little kids. It was a sweet and rather sad encounter for the two, since Naruto was all alone by himself and Hinata, consumed by guilt and sadness, had just decided to run away from the burial of his uncle.

Just like the jolly person he is, Naruto cheered up Hinata, stopping her from crying and escorted her back to the Hyuga’s. When they arrived at Hinata’s house, Naruto praised how big her house was.

 He then asked her why she needs to cry when she already has a huge house. He also told her that even when he’s all alone, he never cried, not even once. This must be Naruto’s own way of cheering up Hinata because in later scenes he was seen crying when the village people bully him into hiding.

First Mission with Hinata

Naruto’s first mission with Hinata was the Bikochu Search Mission or if translated in English, The Search for the Rare Bikochu Beetle. You can watch this in Episodes 148-151 of Naruto.

In this arc, Naruto’s determination to rescue Sasuke stirred the emotions of the Team Kurenai or also known as the Team 8. In this team, Hinata Hyuga was a member, together with Kiba Inuzuka, his ninken, Akamaru, and Shino Aburame.

They requested Tsunade to assign them in a mission to aide Naruto’s Sasuke-rescue-mission. The team mentioned to the Hokage about a rare insect with significant tracking capabilities that can track anything as long as it has the target’s scent. They thought that the insect could be a vital tool to find Sasuke’s whereabouts.

 First Kiss (Naruto and Hinata first kiss episode)

Well, aren’t you all crazy about the NaruHina love team? The two shared their first kiss not in the series but in the movie aired in 2014, The Last: Naruto the Movie.

The movie was set two years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, when a villain that comes with the name Toneri Otsutsuki wants to destroy human civilization for weaponizing chakra. Toneri’s goal was to destroy Earth by colliding it to the moon and later on revive the planet using the Tenseigan (Reincarnation Eye) which he can gain from stealing the eyes of the Hyuga sisters.

Toneri successfully acquired the Tenseigan but was singlehandedly defeated by Naruto. Naruto used the Nine Tails Chakra mode into his fist, punching Toneri. Toneri was hurled into the distance by the impact, which made him absorb the sun’s energy, almost killing him. Naruto’s good will saved him from that certain death.

At the end of the movie, Naruto and Hinata went to the surface of the earth, hand in hand, while at the same time reminiscing memories they have with each other. This scene made a lot of fans cry their hearts out, as they all know that both Naruto and Hinata deserved this scene. The movie ends with Hinata and Naruto kissing under the moonlight. How romantic!

Hinata hits Naruto episode

You might think that someone really hates you if they unexpectedly hit you, well not in Hinata’s case. In episode 364 of Naruto Shippuden, Hinata slap Naruto’s cheeks to snap him back to reality when the death of Neiji almost made him give up.

It is an entirely powerful scene for Hinata to set aside her mourning and focus on the battle ahead as his dearest cousin Neiji Hyuga died from protecting her. It was a heartbreaking scene, seeing Hinata collecting her senses back while crying, then quickly proceeds to motivate the disheartened Naruto to return to battle by slapping him in the face.

Naruto meets Hinata after 2 years

In episode 33 of Naruto Shippuden, Naruto encountered Team Kurenai as he brooded over who to pick as the 3rd member of his team to finally proceed in rescuing Sasuke.

After Naruto’s failed attempt to bring back Sasuke to their village, Jiraiya decided to take Naruto under his wing. Two and half years of vigorous training, Naruto returned to the Hidden Village with a lot of potential to continue with what he started, to bring back his old friend, Sasuke.

As Naruto made his effort to ask his friends to be a temporary member of his team, Naruto met the Team Kurenai. He first met Shino, who put in a bad mood for not recognizing him right away.

Next came the rather dramatic arrival of Kiba, who Naruto instantly recognized.

Seconds later, a cute squeak revealed Hinata’s location to Naruto as she anxiously tried to hide away from him. He instantly went to her and looked closely at her, recognizing her instantly. This made Hinata blush furiously, then fainted right after.

As she woke up, Naruto persuaded her to become part of his team, but she misunderstood the context, thinking that he wanted to elope with her. This made her faint again. Goodness gracious, we just can’t get enough of your cute moments, Hinata!

Naruto and Hinata marriage

You can say that it was a long ride for our two favorite characters to finally get married and live a peaceful life, but that isn’t possible for a shinobi. In episode 501: The Message of Naruto Shippuden, the preparation of the wedding was shown, but the actual ceremony was animated in the The Last: Naruto the Movie.

Even on that happy occasion, Naruto, Hinata and the squad were faced with a huge problem, who gets to be present in the wedding and who has to patrol and guard the village. Kakashi himself thought that it was unfair to not let all Naruto and Hinata’s friends attend the wedding because of the village’s rule that even on special occasions like this, there must be someone on duty to guard the village.

 The 6th Hokage dejectedly asked the squad that the one who gets to pick the best wedding gifts gets to be included in the reception.

Hinata accidentally found out about this secret mission. She never thought that celebrating her wedding day would cause this much turmoil to her friends, feeling ashamed and sad at the same time. She goes to the Kakashi and tells him that the reception is cancelled, telling him that she doesn’t want anyone to be bothered and burdened by their wedding. 

Kakashi rejected the idea and told her that he would find a way to have everyone attend the wedding.

And at last, Kakashi beat the problem. He humbly asked Konoha’s allies to send ninjas to act as substitute village patrols during the wedding day. The other Kages, all happy to help the war hero, accepted the request of Kakashi. It was a happy day for Naruto and the squad after all!