One Piece Spoilers

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One Piece is a manga series written by Eiichiro Oda that has gone on to garner hundreds of thousands of fans throughout its decades of airing. With already more than one thousand volumes worth of manga and over a thousand episodes on its anime adaptation, plotlines can get convoluted and messy.

SPOILERS WARNING! This article will be discussing various events that happen in both the manga and the anime so please click off if you don’t want to be spoiled. This article will be discussing who dies in the anime as well as the possible endings of the series and what happens to Luffy in the end among other topics of interest.

Who Dies in One Piece?

We don’t often see Eiichiro Oda feature death when it comes to his characters in One Piece. That is also the reason why whenever death is featured, it leaves a huge impact on fans and audiences. Here are some of the most devastating deaths in One Piece you may witness.


Kuina was a character with a simple background. Her father was a dojo master and she hails from Shimotsuki village. Despite her youth, Kuina was considered to be one of the strongest members of her dojo. However, shortly after making a declaration to a young Zoro that she will become the greatest swordswoman, she met her untimely demise.

Why and how she died is still unclear to fans though. It also seems that we have yet to see a clear explanation about her “death” from Oda himself so it could theoretically still be possible Kuina is still alive.

Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden was known as one of the most influential characters involved in the Wano arc. To see him meet his end was an event that shook the fanbase. Especially after seeing his backstory.

Even though his death was alluded to in the Zou Arc, many are still dumbfounded by how Kozuki was slain. This death is probably one of the most impactful in the series the fans have seen thus far.


Pedro was a character we see very prominently in the Whole Cake Island Arc. We are first introduced to him as a guide for the Straw Hats in navigating Whole Cake Island. Fans believed that Pedro was going to be a part of the crew for the long run.

Imagine the fans’ devastation when Oda confirmed that Pedro has indeed passed. We finally get to see another interesting addition to the crew only for him to slip through the cracks and depart to the afterlife.

Edward Newgate

Edward Newgate, also known by his famous moniker Whitebeard, was prominently featured in the Battle of Marineford. Having the title of Strongest Man in the World, he single handedly stood against the World Government and the Marines to save his Golden Boy, Ace.

As we see him fall, he reveals one game-changing piece of information, both for the fans and characters of the franchise: he affirms the existence of One Piece. Shortly after this sequence, he was slain by Teach and had his powers stolen.

Portgas D. Ace

After being defeated by Teach, Ace was taken and was about to be killed by the Marines. This event was the catalyst for an all-out war as the Whitebeard Pirates fought as hard as they could to save Ace, Luffy joining the fray to save his brother.

Much to the despair of fans and the characters alike, Ace succumbed to Akinu.

Who Killed Nami?

We don’t actually see Nami get killed in the anime or manga of One Piece, however we have seen her harm herself on one occasion during the Arlong Park Arc.

During the Arlong Park arc, we see Nami running back to Arlong and accusing him of taking her money. Arlong denied Nami’s accusation and threatened her in retaliation. He also told her that she would simply have to start from scratch again if she wanted her village back.

Going back to the village, Genzo was rallying the people to fight against Arlong for backing out of the deal he and Nami contracted. Nami tried to stop them from fighting but was powerless to do so. Hopeless, Nami collapsed to the ground and started stabbing her arm where the Arlong tattoo was up until Luffy stopped her.

This arc concludes with Luffy and his crew defeating Arlong and Nami finally swearing to be a part of the Straw Hats crew.

Does Sanji Find All Blue?

Onepiece Sanji Japanese - Free image on Pixabay

In the universe of One Piece, All Blue is a sea of legend. It is rumored that All Blue is where the North, East, West, and South seas meet and is said to be where all the most magnificent fish can be found.

This unimaginable resource of ingredients is obviously the dream of every chef, Sanji is no exception and his intel tells him that All Blue is somewhere within the Grand Line.

Sanji has all but confirmed the existence of All Blue. During a filler episode, Sanji sees salt for all the seas brought by Aqua Laguna and compares the salt to All Blue. He then discovers that just a small amount of the seasoning can make a drastic improvement to a dish that even far surpasses his cooking prowess.

What is the Possible Ending of One Piece?

The creator and writer of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda himself, has gone on many interviews stating various claims as to when the manga, and by extension, the anime, will reach its conclusion. The conclusion of One Piece, as well the events therein, have long been speculated by fans and critics of the franchise alike.

Many have speculated what kind of ending awaits them at the end of the series. Fans can simply sit tight since Oda himself has gone on record to say that he already has an ending planned ever since he started writing One Piece. Be that as it may, he has also gone on record to say that the series has simply gone on as long as it has since he wasn’t ready for it to end just yet.

After following the story for so many years, Eiichiro predicts that fans would simply be disappointed if he ended the series on a predictable note. He shares this sentiment and then says that he wishes the ending to be a surprise for everyone who is an ardent subscriber to the story.

Does Luffy Die?

In the series and manga, Luffy has not died yet. However, Oda has gone on record before that Luffy does die somewhere along the story of One Piece. He has expressed that he doesn’t want Luffy’s character to be bound by duties as an elderly man and wishes his impulsive, innocent, youth to be immortalized as it is.

In the events of the anime, there came a point that Luffy gave a significant portion of his life force in an effort to save his kin. Many speculate that this event may just be the cause of Luffy’s youthful departure. Many also consider this as Oda’s way of dropping hints at Luffy’s imminent death.

Who is Zoro in love with?

Many would say that Zoro is a simple man who enjoys a good drink. Many would also say that he enjoys drinking a little too much. Many would also say Zoro loves his drinks as much as Luffy loves meat and Nami loves money. This is merely one of Zoro’s obsessions in his life with the Straw Hats.

A lot of fans of the franchise can also say that Zoro is extremely attached to his swords. He often calls his blades his partners and even keeps them close to him when he sleeps. His swords carry a lot of sentimental value to him after all, since they were given to him by people who are important to his life and growth as a swordsman.

Plenty of people also speculate about his weird dynamic with Tashigi since she bears an uncanny resemblance to his late childhood friend Kuina. So far though, their interactions have only resulted in fights and aggression but many still speculate a possible budding romance between the two.