Pokemon Daycare Leveling

Whether or not you are a competitive Pokemon battler, you have to raise a lot of Pokemon. However, you can only have a party of six Pokemon at max. That permits you from leveling more than one team at once.

Pokemon Day Care is a feature introduced way back in Generation 1 games. It allows you to leave your Pokemon in a place where they will continuously gain experience points. You can use this feature to level more than 6 Pokemon at once.

Pokemon Daycare Leveling

Realistically speaking, Day Care is used more as a breeding facility than a training facility. Leaving two Pokemon of opposite sexes and compatible monster groups results in an egg you can hatch to obtain a new Pokemon. That is very handy for online battlers.

Still, players use Day Care for leveling purposes in rare cases. 

Suppose they are doing a Nuzlocke, for instance. In this type of gameplay, their Pokemon can “die,” so already leveled up benched Pokemon are much appreciated. In this case, Day Care is a place players visit often.

Does putting Pokemon in daycare level them up?

Yes, if you put a Pokemon in the Pokemon Day Care, they will level up. Even if you put them there to breed, they will gain levels if the checkboxes are ticked.

With that said, it is not recommended to use Pokemon you are keeping at a certain level for breeding. 

As long as the Pokemon is not yet level 100 – which is the highest they can go, they will level up in the Pokemon Day Care.

How to level Pokemon quicker in the daycare?

According to Serebii, Pokemon left in the Day Care gain one experience point per step your character makes. So, don’t expect them to level up if you deposited them there then went to sleep.

That said, you have to walk and walk and walk to level up your Pokemon faster. There are two ways to approach this.

One is to go to places where you can walk freely without interruptions. Walk back and forth repeatedly, then check the Day Care if your Pokemon has leveled up.

That process is not recommended since you can level up your Pokemon faster if you include them in your team and fight wild Pokemon.

Here’s a better approach:

Step 1: Separate your Pokemon into two

Pokemon Daycare Leveling

Choose the 6 Pokemon that you want to train yourself. Then, select the Pokemon – 2 at max – you want to level passively through the Pokemon Day Care.

Step 2: Deposit the Pokemon in the Day Care

Pokemon Daycare Leveling

Drop the two Pokemon you chose in the Pokemon Day Care. Then, withdraw the six Pokemon you want in your team from the PC. 

Step 3: Train the Pokemon in your Party

Pokemon Daycare Leveling

Train the six Pokemon in your party like you normally would. When doing that, you will inevitably take steps. Again, that makes the Pokemon in the Day Care gain experience.

That said, with this method, you can level 8 Pokemon at once. It will save you lots of time.

How does the daycare work in Pokemon in leveling?

Pokemon left in the Day Care will gain experience points per step your character makes. So, avoid using Fly if you can.

Note that steps don’t count only movement done by walking and running. Movements made while riding a bike or others also count.

Pokemon left in the Day Care will stop gaining levels and experience points once it hit level 100.

How do Pokemon level up in daycare BDSP?

Day Care and Nursery may seem like the same thing. But, at least in the world of Pokemon, they are not.

Original Gen IV games, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, had a Day Care. You can leave Pokemon there to either breed or level them up. In the remakes, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you can’t do that.

Since Sun & Moon, Nursery has replaced Day Care. This facility is only for breeding since leveling up your Pokemon has become easier than ever.

Unlike the original Generation IV games, BDSP has a Nursery instead of a Day Care. So, you can no longer level up your Pokemon using this feature.

How much XP do Pokemon get in daycare?

One step is equal to one experience point the Pokemon in the Day Care gets. So, walk all around the map if you want to speed up the process.

You can also hit three birds with one stone. As stated above, you can train your other Pokemon to level up 8 Pokemon at once. 

But you can also add at least one Pokemon egg to your party. That way, you can train 7 Pokemon and hatch one egg while you are at it.

Pokemon Daycare Leveling

How long do you have to leave your Pokemon in the daycare?

That depends on many factors. For example, what is your target level, and what level is your Pokemon currently at?

Different species of Pokemon also need different amounts of experience points to level up.

There’s no definitive answer to the question. But unless you only want to level up your Pokemon by 1 or 2 levels, they have to stay in the Day Care for a while.