Pokemon Platinum Happiness Checker

In this Pokemon Platinum, a hidden value from 0 to 255 called Happiness or Tameness or Friendship is used to define how satisfactorily you’ve tamed each of your Pokemon.

You can check the Happiness level on Pokemon Platinum by going to the Pokemon center, talking to a girl there, and she will give you Poketch, then you can head over to the Friendship Checker. Tap and hold on to the Pokemon you want to check the Happiness level; keep in mind that they are more friendly if they have more and larger hearts.

Pokemon Platinum has to be the absolute toughest Pokemon game and obtained generally favorable reception gaining as the 56th highest ranked Nintendo DS game on Game Rankings. 

Hatching a Pokemon from an Egg will begin them at a higher level of Happiness. You can double up the Happiness level by catching them in a Luxury Ball or holding a Soothe Bell, and both will quadruple all Happiness earned.

How Do You Check Your Pokémon’s Happiness in Platinum?

You can check your Pokémon’s Happiness in Platinum using the Poketch App in three steps.

Step 1. Head inside the Pokemon Center

Pokemon Platinum Happiness Checker

It would be best to head inside the Pokemon Center to find a girl you need to talk to obtain the Poketch.

Step 2. Speak To a Girl From Eterna City

Pokemon Platinum Happiness Checker

Speak to a girl from Eterna City, and she will give you the Poketch.

Step 3. Select Your Pokemon

Pokemon Platinum Happiness Checker

After receiving the Poketch, head over to the Friendship Checker, then select the Pokemon you want to check the Happiness.

This checking happiness can also have an alternative method: checking it on Route 123 and asking a man there for your Pokemon, or talking to other Fan Club Members who can tell you the Happiness level.

Where Can I Check My Pokemon’s Happiness Level in Platinum?

You can check the Pokemon’s Happiness Level in the Poketch, Footprint Man, or Hearthome City Fan Club.

Pokemon Platinum Happiness Checker

Use the Pokétch app that you can obtain by heading over to the Pokemon Center and speaking there with a girl.

You may also check it on Route 213, and you will locate a house with a man inside. Illustrate this man one of your Pokémon, and he will look at its footprint and measure its happiness level.

You may also check it if you talk to one of the Fan Club members who will have her tell you the happiness level of your lead Pokémon.

Which is the Easiest and Best Method in Checking Pokemon’s Happiness Level in Platinum?

The easiest and best method to use as Happiness Checker is the Poketch App called you can obtain the Friendship Checker in Eterna City. You can select there what Pokemon you prefer to know the Happiness level.

The Poketch App is also the most used method and best known for Happiness Checker in Pokemon Platinum. 

Pokemon Platinum Happiness Checker

You have to follow three easy steps: first, head inside the Pokemon Center; second, talk to a girl from Eterna City to get the Poketch App; and third, go to the Friendship checker and select your Pokemon that you want to know the happiness level.

How Do You Ensure to Raise Happiness in Pokémon Platinum When You Check It?

To ensure that your Happiness level is rising, you can walk 256 steps with the Pokemon in your active Party or give Vitamins to your Pokemon.

Pokemon Platinum Happiness Checker

You can also raise the Happiness level of your Pokemon if you use it in an important battle. You may also level up your Pokemon.

The increase of Happiness level will get void if you do not also focus on the things that can decrease it. You can decrease your level if your Pokemon faints in battle or if you use Energypowder, Heal Powder, Energy Root, and Revival Herb.

How Do You Get a Pokémon to Max Happiness in Platinum?

In this game, a hidden value from 0 to 255 named Happiness can determine how nicely you’ve tamed each of your Pokemon. 

Remember that you can increase the Happiness level of your Pokemon if you take good care of it. Raise your Pokemon well and keep your Pokémon in the player’s party.

You may also use items on your Pokemon, and conveying it groomed will increase Pokémon’s friendship. Do not let your Pokemon faint, and using bitter herbal medicines will decrease a Pokémon’s friendship.

The Soothe Bell raises the Happiness gained from walking around. It has a lower capture pace, on par with the Pokeball, but improves your Pokemon’s happiness. 

However, maxing out happiness is quick and efficient. These can take 36 hours to mature, and an utmost of 5 berries is well managed.

You would enjoy about 30-40 berries to raise something to full happiness. If you tap and hold your Pokémon and give two large hearts, its Happiness is maxed.