Rebels Advanced Training Event Tier 3

The Basic/Advanced Training Event in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes are tutorial events. They help new players learn how to use the abilities and synergy of Rebels. The knowledge they will get from there would be useful for winning future battles.

Tier 3 of the event is so hard that it would not be surprising if no one beat it in one try. As per the advice of players who have gone through that, you should keep the enemies stunned. Also, you may need to fish for good RNG.

For sure, you are among the people who failed and are now looking for guides on how to pass this challenge. You are lucky to find this article. Here are more details about this very difficult tutorial event.

Rebels Advanced Training Event Tier 3

What is the purpose of the Rebels Advanced Training Tier 3?

The tutorial event aims to teach players the abilities and synergy of the rebels. But it goes beyond that.

It wants you to read the kits of all characters in the field – both yours and your enemy. Then, figure out their interactions, and formulate a strategy based on that. It’s like knowing how each chess piece moves.

On another – but related – note, you need to finish the Rebels Training event to unlock the Empires event.

What characters do you need to use in the Rebels Training Event Tier 3?

You can’t use your own characters in this event. Instead, you have to use the team that the game gives to you. That team consists of the rebels from the Skywalker saga.

The team is composed of Commander Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and R2.

Beating the event using the smokescreen strategy

You can use R2’s smokescreen to stealth everybody except Commander Luke Skywalker. Leave him out because you will need his counter to apply stuns to enemies.

And speaking of that, your goal is to keep Palp, Thrawn, and Vader stunned so they can’t do anything. To achieve that, you can use Commander Luke Skywalker’s basic stun, R2’s basic stun, and Han Solo’s special stun.

Also, keep Leia invisible and protected because she hits hard.

Whittle down the stormtroopers, TIE fighter pilot, then the last three. If RNG works in your favor, no toon should die. 

Rebels Advanced Training Event Tier 3

You may have trouble doing it because the Stormtroopers would both use Taunt. Use the Force to block their Taunt. Alternatively, use Commander Luke Skywalker’s buff immunity on the Stormtroopers, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Beating the event without R2’s smokescreen

You can get away with not using R2’s smokescreen if you know what to do.

If you analyze this event, you will find that it’s about controlling the fight using stuns and Turn Meter reduction. Furthermore, you have three main goals to succeed. They are as follows:

  • Prevent both the Stormtroopers from using Taunt
  • Not let Palpatine and Thrawn attack, ever
  • Stop Darth Vader from using the culling blade

So, your characters have specific things to do to accomplish this mission.

Use Han to spread stun using his special and drop Turn Meter on anyone getting too close using his basics.

Commander Luke Skywalker’s role is to use his special to kill Turn Meter and put buff immunity on the Stormtroopers, so they can’t Taunt. His basics also apply stuns and defense down. Spread that around.

Since you are not using R2’s smokescreen, use his basics to apply more stuns.

Kenobi is for taunting the enemies at the start. Then, he becomes expendable.

On the other hand, you should not lose Leia, as she is your primary attacker.

Who should you prioritize to kill in Rebels Advanced Training Event Tier 3?

Palpatine and Thrawn are the biggest threats in this event. Needless to say, you should prioritize killing them.

Darth Vader is the next most important person, so kill him after you are done with the first two.

You can pretty much ignore the TIE fighter pilot but kill him after Darth Vader. And finally, kill the Stormtroopers.

Tips to make the Rebels Training Event easier

First of all, follow the kill order provided above. And so, do not attack the Stormtroopers – the tanks – unless they are the only ones left. It’s only acceptable to attack them if you are putting buff immunity on them, dispelling a buff, reducing turn meter, or stunning them.

Rebels Advanced Training Event Tier 3

Also, do not attack the enemies you have already stunned unless they are the ones you are trying to kill first. Also, don’t use stun on them if they’re already stunned. Spread the stun (and the TM removal) to prevent your enemies from ever attacking.

Does RNG have a huge impact on Rebels Advanced Training Event Tier 3?

Yes, as mentioned in the smokescreen method, it would determine the outcome. If the RNG did not work in your favor, you could lose 3 characters in just 4 moves. But if it does, you’d have a chance to clear this event.