Saddest Beatles Songs

The saddest songs by the Beatles evoke not only varying degrees of sadness, but also melancholy in its delivery and backstory. The songs that are mentioned in this article have different types of interpretations of being a sad song. Hey Jude, a song about divorce; Here Comes the Sun, a song about light after a long period of darkness; Let it Be, a song about moving forward; and Blackbird, a song about African American struggles in the United States.

Hey Jude

Hey Jude is a song written by Paul McCartney in response to John Lennon’s divorce with his wife, Cynthia Powell. Near the end of their marriage, Lennon had an affair with Japanese artist Yoko Ono, and left his wife for her. McCartney wrote the song for Lennon’s child, Julian, who was 5 years old at the time. Going through a divorce as a child is not easy, and McCartney wanted to write a song that would help him find solace when going through his parent’s divorce. A child that goes through their parent’s separation may think that love does not exist since it did not work out for his or her parents. The song, albeit sad, encourages Julian to, “let her into your heart,” and “start to make it better,” to create a positive outlook from a seemingly bad situation. 

Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun is a song written by band member George Harrison. He found inspiration when writing this song because winters in England felt long to him. Poetically, many individuals symbolize winters usually as harsh, dark, cold, and sad. In juxtaposition to spring, that represents, hopefulness, brightness, and happiness. So when spring finally came it felt like the light at the end of the tunnel. Actually, during the coronavirus scare that started in 2020, many people found solace in the song, since the pandemic felt like the dreary winters Harrison took inspiration from when writing the song. And when some patients were discharged when they left the hospital, they would play this song since they were able to come out of the dark place of going through having survived the coronavirus while some people did not.

Let it Be

Let it Be is a song written again by Paul McCartney. One night when McCartney was feeling anxious, his mother appeared in his dreams and spoke “words of wisdom,” that brought him peace when he felt like he needed it the most. The reason why his mother appeared in his dreams and was not a phone call or flight away was because she passed away from cancer when he was only 14 years old. Mary, his mother’s name, is thought to be the Mother Mary that is mentioned in the lyrics. The song was also part of the last Beatles album, which suited the theme of the last album. It is about leaving your problems behind and to stop dwelling on them and to move forward. The song is sad and bittersweet in nature because it tells its listeners to accept things and “let it be,” as they are because nothing can stop something that has already been done.


Finally, Blackbird is the last song on this list. This song is written about the civil rights struggle for African Americans after reading about the race riots in the Spring of 1968 in Little Rock, Mississippi Alabama. Paul McCartney, the writer of this song, heard about this struggle and decided to write a song that would be a metaphor for black civil rights struggle in the United States. During the 60s in America, there were civil rights movements going on for African Americans to have the same rights as white Americans since they have also lived on the land of the free just as long as they have. Because the Beatles are a British band, the word bird does not mean the typical avian creature. In England, bird actually means girl. The meaning of “take these broken wings and learn to fly,” can be interpreted as to take the generations of struggles that you and your family had to endure of being suppressed and “learn” to break free from those metaphorical chains. Although the song is set to a melancholy tone and is sad because it touches on the inequality of colored people, it is similar to Hey Jude in the sense that it encourages its listeners to overcome and grow from the current experience.


The Beatles is an iconic British band that has had global success and released many songs. While the band has explained some of the lyrics to their songs, they also have left out some explanations to have listeners interpret the lyrics themselves. The varying opinions of each songs’ meanings are different, and the songs mentioned in this article is simply one writer’s interpretations of their saddest songs. The Beatles will always remain a memorable, diverse, and iconic boy band for future generations.