Sasuke after war

Naruto Shippuden has introduced us to hundreds of life lessons and emotions. One of them is the ability to redeem oneself even after committing actions of utmost evil.

Sasuke’s path to absolution is among those lessons. Our angsty yet cool character decided that he would not return to the village but travel the world. He found this way as the only method to atone for his sins, and he also wanted to become what his brother did, protecting the village from the shadows.

What did Sasuke do after the Ninja war?

After the Great Ninja War, Sasuke returned home but not as one of its people but a notorious Class S criminal of the leaf. He stayed behind bars for three days when the current Hokage, Kakashi, decided to pardon him for his crimes.

Breaking the Infinite Tsukuyomi played a big part in his release and of course, Naruto’s testimonial to his behalf. He also rejected the artificial arm that Lady Tsunade have made for him as his amputated arm will serve as a reminder of his sins.

Sasuke also decided that he won’t be staying in the village but travel the shinobi world. He expects that by traveling the world, he would see perspectives he can’t see before. This journey of him would be his atonement to his sins. 

In Naruto Shippuden, why did Sasuke become evil?

Just like Naruto, Sasuke too has his grim background. When Sasuke’s still a child, his clan was annihilated by his own brother, Itachi Uchiha. This left him broken, traumatized, and also very enraged, promising himself that he would find and kill his brother to avenge his family, no matter what happens.

In order to execute his plans, he needs to gain power exceeding his brother’s. Joining Orochimaru’s side was one of his ways to gain power, he was tempted by Orochimaru’s curse mark as it gave him immense power.

Years later, Sasuke left Orochimaru’s side by sealing him inside his head after the failed attempt of Orochimaru to enter his mind. This event opened a lot of opportunities for Sasuke as it made him free from Orochimaru.

After this breakthrough, Sasuke continued with his goal, to kill Itachi. He proceeded to confront Itachi, and the fated battle between the two brothers finally happened. The battle ended with Itachi’s death.

Later on, the beat up Sasuke was picked up and restored to health by Obito. During this encounter, Obito told the truth behind the massacre of his clan.

Years ago, when the nine tails attacked Konoha, it was the Uchiha clan who were believed to be the mastermind behind the attack. The leaders of Konoha punished the clan by separating them away from the village. 

Later on, Itachi was influenced by one of the leaders to kill the whole clan because of the coup d’état that they were staging. Itachi, who wants to maintain the peace of Konoha, was determined to carry out the killing of his clan.

This new information led to Sasuke’s hatred towards the leaders and the village itself. He blames the village for putting his brother in a delicate position wherein he needs to pick between the village’s peace and the lives of his clansmen. 

He decided to kill the leaders too, and the whole village as well. This scenario was considered as the reason why Sasuke became evil. 

Does Sasuke regret his actions?

It was never shown in the anime and the manga Sasuke’s regret over the bad things he had done before and during the Great Ninja War. But the lack of sentimental notes from Sasuke was outweighed by his eagerness to become a better man with a different ideology.

His acceptance of Naruto’s principles and the way he apologized to people he hurt was enough evidence that he now neglected his past self and behaviors.

Sasuke’s family after the war? (Who is Sasuke’s dad?)

Sasuke belonged to one of the strongest clans in the Hidden Leaf Village, the Uchihas. His father, Fugaku Uchiha, was the head of the Uchiha clan as well as the head of the village’s Military Police Force. Years after the Great Ninja war, Sasuke was blessed with a child with Sakura Haruno, a former comrade.

Sasuke and Sakura named their kid, Sarada. It is speculated that Sarada’s name was a homage to Sasuke’s deceased brother, Itachi. “Sa” – Sasuke, “Ra”- Sakura, “Da”- which is the kanji of “Ta” from Itachi.  

Sasuke’s family was unlike any other shinobi family in the village. Sasuke left home when Sarada was still a small child because of a top mission that was entrusted to him, leaving Sakura to take care of the needs of their child alone.  

Years after Sasuke did not return home, Sarada grew up always searching for his father. It came to the point where Sarada thought that Sasuke never cared for them, because of how Sasuke left them for years.

But Sarada’s uncertainty of Sasuke’s love was finally cleared when she saw the lengths Sasuke would go to protect her. A circumstance also arose when Sarada thought that she was not her mother’s biological daughter. 

This was also cleared as people who are close to the family confirmed with evidence that Sarada was indeed the legitimate child of Sakura and Sasuke. 

Why is Sasuke always away in Boruto?

Sasuke’s always on the move because of his eyes. He possessed both of the most powerful eyeballs in the shinobi world, the Mangekyo Sharingan and Rinnegan. 

If he makes his stay in the village permanent, lots of dudes with evil plans will visit and try to steal away the eyeballs from him. Sasuke decided to move away instead of endangering the village’s safety.

He was also ordered to investigate the increasing problem with the Otsutsuki’s clan since he was the only one who can leap between dimensions. These missions made his absence in the Boruto series prominent, leaving him no choice but to be away from his family for the sake of the village’s safety. 

Sasuke after losing Rinnegan

Sasuke lost his Rinnegan in episode 218 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations titled Partner. After the incident, Sakura sadly informed Sasuke that he lost the Rinnegan’s power due to the injury inflicted by Momoshiki.

During the battle to end Jigen, Momoshiki woke up from his vessel, Boruto, giving him the chance to wreak havoc on the already battered group of shinobis. In this scene, Momoshiki stabbed Sasuke’s eye with Boruto’s kunai.

Momoshiki realized that the Rinnegan should be destroyed because of how it can give the user abilities of switching places and creating portals to other dimensions.

Many fans viewed this scene as a way of nerfing the war heroes, Naruto and Sasuke, as Naruto also lost Kurama in this episode. It was hypothesized that nerfing the two would give more focus for the main protagonists of the show, Boruto and his squad.

Sucks for Naruto and Sasuke, losing both of their hard earned powers and buddy just to direct the spotlight to their kids.