Sasuke time travel

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation can’t get enough of throwbacks that they decided to really go back in time during the episode of Sasuke and Boruto’s time travel. Yes, you got it right! They went back in time during the Time Slip arc of the Boruto series.

As the shinobi world progressed with science and technology stuff, time travel wouldn’t be impossible to accomplish, right? But Sasuke’s time travel, unlike any shinobi techniques, is not accomplished by waving of hands and scrolls of seals. It was accomplished due to a certain device called Karasuki.

Can Sasuke do time travel?

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main antagonist slash protagonist in the Naruto franchise. Many viewers adored this cold and angsty character because of his good looks, overpowered abilities, and the determination to avenge his fallen clan.

Sadly, Sasuke can’t do time travel. He can do the Space-Time Dojutsu thanks to his all too powerful eyeball, Rinnegan, but Time travelling is not one of his expertise.

But due to a technology created by the Otsutsuki clan, Sasuke experienced time travelling in the Boruto series.

How did Sasuke time travel?

Sasuke travelled through time with the use of the artifact, Karasuki, a time travelling tool created by the Otsutsuki clan. As Urashiki Otsutsuki activated and went inside the void the relic created, Sasuke and Boruto dived in to chase the Otsutsuki, resulting with them getting tangled with the time travelling too.

The Otsutsuki clan is an ancient enemy of the shinobi realm. In Boruto’s generation, the Otsutsuki’s goal was to steal the Nine Tails’ chakra from Naruto Uzumaki, the current Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village and the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. \

The village and the people who are close to Naruto, gathered in groups to protect him from Otsutsuki attacks that may occur.

In one of these attacks, Sasuke and Boruto got mixed up with Urashiki Otsutsuki’s plan to assault the Hokage. Urashiki plans to travel back in time by using a time travelling tool designed by their clan which was recently discovered by the archeologists of Konohagakure.

This occurrence presents an easier task of stealing the Nine Tails from Naruto for Urashiki. Stealing from the current Naruto can really be a challenge, but from a 12 year old who’s inexperienced and weak, it is a piece of cake.

Fortunately Sasuke and Boruto were just in time to stop this plan of Urashiki. As Urashiki activated and released the seal of the relic, the two dived into the void created by it, entangling themselves in the journey back to the past.

Did Sasuke travel back in time?

Yes. Sasuke travelled back in time, precisely in the time where Naruto is still a young amateur shinobi. As I have mentioned earlier, Sasuke Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki were accidentally brought in the past by the relic, Kurashiki.

At first, Sasuke and Boruto are clueless on Urashiki’s plan of going back in time to steal the Nine Tails from Naruto. Sasuke only realized it the moment they were both transported back to the past and saw that Naruto’s face was not in the Hokage Rock.

The relic, Karasuki, confirms that they were indeed in the past.

Urashiki, who was thrown away too soon during the transportation, arrived a few days later in time. 

What episode does Sasuke time travel in?

Episodes 128-136 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations cover the story arc of Sasuke and Boruto’s travel through time. Here’s a detailed list of the said episodes.

  • Episode 128 –  Urashiki’s Target
  • Episode 129 – The Village Hidden in the Leaves
  • Episode 130 – Genin, Assemble
  • Episode 131 – The Power of the Nine Tails
  • Episode 132- Jiraiya’s Assignment
  • Episode 133 – A Village without Sasuke
  • Episode 134 – The Power to See the Future
  • Episode 135 –  The Last Battle, Urashiki
  • Episode 136 – Crossing Time!

Did Jiraiya know that Sasuke time travelled?

The Legendary Sannin saw it right through Sasuke and Boruto’s facade. It was heavily insinuated in the anime that Jiraiya knew all along that Sasuke and Boruto were both not from his timeline.

It was a major rule in Karasuki’s time travelling manual not to reveal your identity to anyone who you are extremely close with, as it can disastrously affect the timeline, resulting in minor to major changes in the future.

This rule made Sasuke and Boruto hide their identity from the people of Konohagakure while accomplishing their mission of protecting Naruto from Urashiki Otsutsuki.

But the Legendary Sannin, who looks to be stupid but actually a cunning old man, saw right through Sasuke and Boruto’s pretense. He seemed to understand the need to hide their identity as he relentlessly covered them up from Naruto and Sakura’s accusation and uncertainty.  

In episode 132, there were two scenes which proved that Jiraiya knew the two’s true identity. During Naruto and Boruto’s training to defeat Urashiki, Boruto displayed his knowledge in using Rasengan which left Naruto dumbfounded.

Naruto then furiously nagged Boruto on who taught him Rasengan, Jiraiya stopped Naruto, telling him that maybe Boruto has a secret that he didn’t want to disclose to them. 

The second scene was the one who really made the fans excited. It was the conversation between the two masters, Jiraiya and Sasuke. Jiraiya asked Sasuke curious questions about them, and later on asked the ultimate question: Could Sasuke be Sasuke Uchiha? Jiraiya eventually let go of the topic, leaving Sasuke all sweaty from the conversation (interrogation).

And lastly, in the last episode of the Sasuke and Boruto time travel arc, it was finally confirmed that Jiraiya knew them all along. As they part ways, Jiraiya requested to have both his and Naruto’s memories of them be erased by Sasuke’s genjutsu (Illusionary technique).

Jiraiya explained his reason using a book quote, ‘’A novel is much more interesting if you don’t know how it ends”, saying that he doesn’t want any inkling knowledge on how his story will end, as the arrival of Boruto and the adult Sasuke is enough confirmation that the shinobi world was saved by Naruto.